New Years Detox Tips to Flush Your System

Feeling a little lacklustre after all the indulgent merriment has passed? A couple of weeks of rich foods likely higher in sugar and fat will do that to a body. As you edge your way towards a brand new year, it can be hard to fill yourself with conviction on all those resolutions when you’re already feeling a little green around the gills. Luckily this one is a simple fix. All you need is a good full body detox to flush your system of all those built up toxins leaving you right as rain to start the new year. Who’s with us?

WARNING: A full body detox has been known to leave its participants tired and grumpy. Be prepared for some side effect symptoms like headaches, lethargy, changes in your bowel movements and the odd skin eruption. Toxins are whiny creatures and just like to make their exit known and can put some strain on your liver, kidneys and skin as your body eliminates them.

The bad guys that caused you to feel so yuck

At this time of year, it’s usually being too polite to decline your aunt Mildred’s store-bought mince pies and the punch stretched out with a little fruit juice concentrate. But after the festive season it could also be worsened by any of the following:

  • Unsavoury air possibly from poorly filtered office environments or smokey hangouts
  • Chlorinated water
  • Refined foods high in sugar, flavourants and colourants

Here’s a simple guide to understanding the symptoms and effects of detoxing to prepare you for what your big cleanse.

How to detox like a pro

Detoxing isn’t just about drinking gallons of green juice and omitting all else for 3-5 days straight. Flushing out toxins is a complex process and you’ll want to support the elimination through your skin and boost the organs doing all the extra heavy lifting. Here are some simple things that may help.

Step 1: Be a gatekeeper

Here’s the part where you act like a bouncer to a really fancy establishment that’s been overrun by riffraff. While you gather the guys who don’t belong there and give them the boot – you have to make sure they’re not sneaking anymore in through the back door. Sugar cravings are no joke and once you’ve gotten used to eating refined foods, you’ll be more likely to concede to just one more chocolate truffle. Be firm and cut out as many sugary foods, refined carbs, meat, coffee and alcohol as possible. Up the ante on fibre rich fruits and veggies instead to help alkalise your heavily acidic body.

Step 2: Keep the rhythm

The secret to a good detox is much like a successful conga line. If a bit in the middle breaks away or a handful get distracted by the buffet table – the whole shebang disintegrates into many little snakes all doing on their own ensemble of badly co-ordinated dance moves, which gets no one anywhere fast. Some things you can do to keep your entire body’s detox dance working smoothly:

Dry brushing: By stimulating your lymph glands you’re helping to slow off the old skin and allow the rejuvenated skin to come to the surface easily. A body loofah or exfoliating sponge works wonders. Try the:

Deep soak: This can help to open up pores, draw some more toxins out and soothe achy muscles in the throes of detox. Good soaking assistors you want to try:

Cupping therapy: This ancient custom based on Ayurvedic healing uses tiny suction cups to stimulate circulation and get your body’s energy flowing again. Give these favourites a try:

Step 3: Support!

Your body may be a powerful beast but these organs are working overtime and can certainly use a little extra strength and support. Your liver is the champions here doing all the sorting between which nutrient stays and which toxin goes and your kidneys are doing a lot of the flushing out so arm them with some backup during a detox.

Once you’re armed with the perfect backing cast you can begin your total body detox. Drinking plenty water is a given so make sure you have a refillable water bottle close at hand, topped up and ready for hydration.

Check out this easy guide to 10 fab things to make your detoxing go super smoothly. Everything from a good night’s sleep and a sweaty workout are important things to consider when taking on a full body detox.

Be kind to yourself and don’t forget to be thankful to your miraculous body that can hold you throughout the party season, and, with the right support, bounce back into shape so you’re ready for the new year.

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