Earth-Friendly Home-cleaning Tips

It’s incredible how small changes in our everyday routines can greatly impact our world. By choosing earth-friendly home cleaning, you’re doing your part to protect the environment and creating a safe and healthy home for your loved ones. Non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products are gentle on both surfaces and skin, making them perfect for families with little ones or furry friends. And best of all, you can feel proud knowing you’re making a positive difference in the world by reducing your carbon footprint. So let’s choose to make a small change for a better future, starting with our cleaning choices.

Our top 5 tips on Earth-Friendly Home-cleaning

1. Try homemade cleaning solutions

Leave harsh cleaners behind in favour of solutions you can make at home. For many cleaning jobs, you can use ingredients that are already in your fridge or pantry, such as baking soda, white vinegar, salt, and lemons. One of our favourites is making an all-purpose home cleaner with castile soap, water and essential oils. Mix one tablespoon of castile soap for every cup of water and add 10-15 drops of essential oils to add a pleasant fragrance and help disinfect surfaces. 

2. Switch to eco-friendly laundry detergent

Laundry detergent doesn’t need to be highly scented and chemical-laden to get your clothes clean. For a more sustainable cycle, look for laundry products that are free from artificial fragrances and dyes, as these are often the culprits behind skin irritation and allergies. Our top favourites are Triple OrangeSoPure, and Earthsap!

3. Choose natural sponges.

Typically made of synthetic materials, most sponges need to be tossed in the garbage when you’re done using them. For a more sustainable solution, switch to sponges made from natural, biodegradable materials such as cellulose or cotton fibres. The Ftn All-Purpose Cellulose Sponge works just as well as conventional sponges but can be cut up and tossed in with your compost at the end of it’s lifespan.

4. Freshen the air 

Houseplants can improve air quality. They breathe in and neutralise the toxins lingering in your home and breathe out fresh oxygen for you and your family to enjoy — whether you realise it or not. The Microgarden range has everything from air plants to plant pods that you can grow on your kitchen windowsill! 

5. Opt for reusable cleaning cloths

Toss your cleaning cloths into the washing machine rather than the garbage can. Consider using reusable cloths to wipe down surfaces in place of paper towels or single-use cleaning wipes. After wiping down your surfaces, throw the cloth into the washing machine so you can reuse it again and again. 

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