You put so much effort into keeping your family’s home clean, safe and hygienic – but how “clean” are your household cleaning products really? When you think about the harsh chemicals that go into most commercial detergents, we’re sure you’ll agree that the only real “clean way to clean” is with pure natural alternatives! And the best news is, natural cleaning needn’t be expensive or fussy; it can be as simple as opening up your medicine cabinet and choosing your favourite essential oils. These little beauties aren’t just sweet-smelling – they’re also loaded with highly concentrated antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic powers that would put any commercial cleaner to shame! A few drops of essential oils go a long way, and one oil can do the job of several ordinary cleaners – so not only are they healthy and safe, they're also highly economical. There are so many wonderful, delicious-smelling essential oils available to help you clean your space the natural way; we struggled to choose our five favourites, but here they are: