5 Straightforward Steps to Removing Negative Thoughts

“It is not always possible to do away with negative thinking, but with persistence and practice, one can gain mastery over them so that they do not take the upper hand.”- Stephen Richards. 

Learning how to let negative thoughts pass through your mind without sticking around and impacting your mental health. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try these methods: 

1. Breathe

First, try to calm your mind by taking deep, meaningful breaths. Think of your negative thoughts like cars passing through traffic: background noise, moving further and further away. This will allow you to take control of any anxiousness as a result of intrusive negative thoughts. 

2. Set Boundaries 

Don’t allow yourself to accept, ponder, or reason with negative thoughts. Set a limit on the space negative thoughts can take up in your mind: let yourself know that they are not welcome and see them out.

3. Focus on an Activity

Working out, going for a walk, a morning meditation – all these can lift your mood and keep you concentrated on your wellbeing. With added positive thoughts fed to yourself (by you!), you can improve your outlook on life and how you respond to what’s happening around you. 

4. Change Your Scenery

Walk out of the space you’re experiencing negative thoughts – whether it’s for a short drive, walk, or into another room to do a simple task. Change your environment to allow for new inputs.

5. Take Charge

Negative thoughts are often intrusive, made to induce fear and insecurity in your mind based on the things happening around you. Reply to your negative thoughts with authority and confidence with phrases like “I can do this – that won’t happen – I am capable – I am worthy.”

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have: don’t let it be filled with thoughts that bring you down and don’t allow you to feel your best, mentally. 

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