Ten Quick Detox Tips for the New Year

Ten Quick Detox Tips for the New Year

If the festive season motto of “eat, drink and be merry” is taking its toll on your wellbeing and your waistline, you’ll be pleased to know there are so many quick and easy ways to get your whole system back in balance.

These simple detox tips will soon have you feeling brand new!

Tip 1: Lemon Love

Lemons might taste acidic, but they actually have pretty powerful alkalising properties. A cup of warm water with a slice of fresh lemon will instantly help to alkalise your body’s pH.

Read more about following an alkalising diet here – we have some great alkalising goodies available at our online store, and there are some fab recipes here to inspire you.

Tip 2: Tea Time

Replace your morning cup of coffee with a cup of organic green tea instead. You’ll still get the caffeine kick you’re craving, but it will come with a potent antioxidant boost that will strengthen your immune system and kickstart your metabolism.

Tip 3: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Be sure to drink plenty of fresh water every day. This will help to flush out toxins, and will also keep your skin healthy and clear from the inside out. We recommend investing in a home water filter, or a reusable water bottle with a built-in filter, to ensure the water you’re drinking is pure and free of harsh chemicals.

Tip 4: Massage Magic

A nice deep massage by a skilled therapist won’t just leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed; it will also stimulate your circulatory and lymphatic systems, helping your body’s tissues to process toxins more effectively. So treat yourself and enjoy all the health benefits that come with it!

Tip 5: Fab Fibre

Sprinkle a little psyllium or digestive bran into your morning cereal or smoothie. A daily dose of natural fibre will help to bulk up waste material and make elimination easier and more regular.

Tip 6: Pick Up the Probiotics

These magical microbes will help to get your whole digestive tract back in balance, by getting rid of harmful bacteria and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. A healthy, happy digestive system is key to a well-balanced and cleansed body. Try a natural probiotic supplement, or enjoy more fermented goodies in your diet, like refreshing kombucha or tangy sauerkraut.

Check out our full range of probiotics and prebiotics online.

Tip 7: Sweat it Out

Regular exercise is absolutely essential. And we’re not talking about a grueling gym session; it’s summertime, perfect for hiking, swimming and jogging out in our beautiful natural surroundings. Take advantage of the gorgeous summer weather and enjoy a fun outdoor workout, which will help you sweat out toxins while giving your digestion and metabolism a boost.

Tip 8: Beauty Sleep

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury! Without enough sleep your immune system and energy levels will take a knock, and you’ll be left feeling sluggish and unhealthy. Lack of sleep can also lead to unhealthy, irregular snacking as your body tries to compensate for low energy levels; which means sleep deprivation can even make you gain weight! Be sure to get enough sleep every night, and try to stick to a bedtime routine as closely as possible, so that your body gets into a natural rhythm.

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Tip 9: Detoxing Smoothies

Smoothies that are rich in fresh veggies and leafy greens will help to detox your system. Try replacing one meal a day with a fresh smoothie to reduce the toxic load on your digestive system; check out these delish fat-fighting smoothie recipes for some inspiration!

Tip 10: Mind, Body, Spirit

While you’re taking care of your body, don’t forget to look after your emotional and mental wellbeing too. Daily yoga, meditation or even quiet time with a cup of herbal tea will help to calm your mind and ease stress. Find out how to max your meditation routine with some gorgeous accessories from our online store.


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