A Guide to Managing Your Infradian Rhythm

For women, the best way to optimise their health is to move, eat, sleep and supplement in ways to support (or consider) each phase of their infradian rhythm – since it is a vital biorhythm that governs not only many of our behavioural patterns, but also influences everything from our libido to PMS and cramping, fertility, weight management, metabolism, fitness, productivity, thickness/length of hair, gut health, ageing and having beautiful unblemished healthy skin!

A Few Take-homes About Your Infradian Rhythm:

  • A woman’s infradian rhythm runs from 1-28/35 days with 4 distinct phases.
  • The best way to monitor your infradian rhythm is to track your menstrual cycle. Your menstrual cycle starts the day you start bleeding and then follows 4 different phases over the next 28 to 35 days. 
  • Different things will work for you during each different phase. 

The 4 Phases of Your Infradian Rhythm: 

Days below are a rough indication – they will change every so slightly according to the length of your own personal menstruation cycle.  

  • Menstruation phase (day 1 – 5)
  • Follicular phase (day 6 – 14)
  • Ovulatory phase (day 15 – 17)
  • Luteal phase – (day 18 – 28)

You can use the following 4 adaptogenic superfoods throughout your entire cycle to give your body ‘agile’ nutritional support. 

These four adaptogens will be able to adapt to your body’s needs during each phase with daily use  and synchronously adjust their nutritional support to your unique body’s biochemistry. 

  • Menstruation phase: Soaring Free Hemp Seeds = for complete holistic hormone health, reduced oxidative stress and curbed sugar cravings.
  • Follicular phase: Soaring Free Ashwagandha = combats cortisol ie. stress hormone, supports the immune system and restores hormonal imbalances.
  • Ovulatory phase: Soaring Free Maca = supports the entire endocrine system and sex hormones.
  • Luteal phase: Soaring Free Mucuna =  boosts serotonin and dopamine production ie. happy hormones for a more stable mood.

Get more of these superfoods during your (1) Menstruation Phase: 

  • Hemp seeds for whole protein, low GI carbs & healthy fats (Omega 3 & 6).
  • Raw cacao is high in magnesium (which reduces PMS), iron (for energy levels) and antioxidants (for inflammation).
  • Spirulina for whole alkalising protein and multiminerals.
  • LEAN Superfood Protein Shake combines whole protein and omegas (stabilises blood sugar and curbs cravings) and alkalising greens (anti-inflammatory and boosts immune system).

Get more of these superfoods during your (2) Follicular Phase: 

  • Baobab for fibre and prebiotics that aid digestion and will speed up your metabolism.
  • Raw Cacao  for fibre, iron, magnesium and vitamin B for improved energy levels both physically and mentally. 
  • Camu / Camu Berry for vitamin C and other supporting vitamins and minerals.
  • Spirulina / Hemp seeds for protein, iron, vitamins and other minerals.

Get more of these superfoods during your (3) Ovulatory Phase: 

Get more of these superfoods during your (4) Luteal Phase: 

  • Mucuna stimulates serotonin and happy hormones to elevate your mood.
  • Maca for low GI carbohydrates and adaptogenic support to balance hormones and PMS symptoms.
  • Medicinal mushrooms for broad-spectrum immune-boosting micronutrients and bioavailable vitamin D.

Time to get your body’s rhythm in check! Let us know what works for you in the comments below.

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