Embrace safer period care practices

The days of treating periods as a taboo subject are long gone. Take the time to embrace your menstrual cycle and find the right non-toxic products to support your body.

Education surrounding periods
Many people get periods monthly, and knowing exactly how to support yourself when you do, can make this time more comfortable and productive. 

If you rely on conventional pads and tampons, there’s a benefit in knowing what is in the ones you use. There are growing concerns about the potential risks these have for numerous reasons:

Synthetic materials: Conventional period products can contain harmful materials like rayon, polyester and bleached cotton, which can cause problems for intimate areas.

Harmful chemicals: During the production process of conventional pads and tampons, trace residue of chemicals like dioxins, chlorine, and phthalates may appear in the final products. These have been linked to adverse health effects, including hormone disruption, reproductive issues, and increased risk of certain cancers.

Choosing safer alternatives
The good news is there are period support ranges that are safer to use. You can find products that use raw cotton in their production or use reusable solutions that don’t harm you or the environment.

There’s also been a recent surge in preference for reusable items like reusable menstrual cups, which support you for hours, and menstrual sponges, which act as a sustainable alternative to conventional tampons.

Period hygiene and upkeep
In addition to wearing comfortable period support products throughout the day, it’s essential to take care of your intimate areas with the proper hygiene practices and gentle washes that don’t interfere with your natural pH levels.

Make sure the products you use are unscented and free of harsh ingredients. You can also keep your intimate areas ventilated with period garments that keep you comfortably moving without suffocating you.

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