Understanding How to Shop CBD by the Spectrum

What’s your biggest barrier to getting into the use of CBD? To be able to reap the (almost) infinite benefits from this natural, incredible substance? At Faithful to Nature we have found that a gap of education has revealed itself as the biggest deterrent in people being able to find the balance that suits them!

The first step to buying CBD is understanding  

  1. The 3 “strengths” available on the spectrum, how they’re made and their benefits.  
  2. Bioavailability (or how fast the product gets to work in your body) plays a major role.  
  3. Choosing the right CBD is important to match the results you’re looking for. 

So, let’s cover the basics of the 3 top selling CBD products on the market: 

1. CBD Isolates : The Mild One

This is the most gentle CBD available because of how it is made – the clue is in the name – isolates. Products labelled CBD isolates or that contain CBD isolates in the ingredients use a method of extraction that isolates the CBD (cannabidiol) molecule. Then, the pure CBD molecule is formulated with a natural carrier oil to create the desired results – the subtle feeling of calm and balance. 

Oral Bioavailability: 13% 19% 

Great For: those who have never used cannabis products and are looking to slowly activate their endocannabinoid systems before looking for a more tailored CBD experience to suit their needs.

2. CBD Broad Spectrum : The Middleman

Products labelled Broad Spectrum offer a compounded benefit thanks to “The Entourage Effect” – when cannabinoids and other natural compounds create a beneficial effect when brought together. Broad Spectrum products are created by successfully extracting as many natural compounds from the hemp plant as possible, together. Important to note: some products recreate The Entourage Effect by blending CBD isolates and natural compounds (like essential oils) together in an “artificial process” – you may still benefit more compared to CBD Isolates but the process is always best the natural way. However, if you are looking for a very specific blend with particular benefits or looking to avoid particular sensitivities to terpenes – this might be a good option. 

Oral Bioavailability: 30% 100% 

Great For: Those looking for gentle targeted effects while reducing sensitivity to certain canna components, for more cost effective balance, or as a stepping stone to Full Spectrum CBD.

3. CBD Full Spectrum : The Mighty Healer 

This is the highest strength CBD available on the market, also benefiting from The Entourage Effect – thanks to its method of extracting almost all of the naturally occurring compounds from the hemp plant all together. Although it is in a higher price range, you could arguably spend more on Isolates or Broad Spectrum to seek the results a Full Spectrum product could provide. 

Oral Bioavailability: 100% 300%

Great For: All-round targeted full-body support with a cost effective price per mg, and those looking to invest in long term health support. 

Bonus: Also See Special Formulations of Full Spectrum CBD 

Certain methods of creating Full Spectrum CBD products can make them even more powerful; including microencapsulation and liposomal technology. These methods ensure that the CBD is delivered effectively, preventing a loss of absorption in the body. 

Oral Bioavailability: 900% 3000%

Great For: CBD lovers making a life-long, most cost effective investment in the curation of your body’s balance and health potential. 



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