Author: Andrea Fedder

Sun Printing: Team Up with Mother Nature for this Easy DIY

Just in time for the sunshine – here’s a brilliant way to take advantage of these sunny days. If you’re anything like me and find real struggle in sitting still, this sun printing DIY project will slow you right down. When you’re done, you’ll have a homemade eco bread bag to show for your afternoon in the garden. Did you know: Keeping your bread in a cotton bread bag can actually keep it fresher for longer because the cotton is breathable while stopping the bread from drying out. Even more reason to go with natural fibre bread bags. If you have little ones in the...

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Moon Sand: The Easiest DIY Kinetic Sand to Keep Kids Happy for Hours

Sand from the moon? Well, no. But as astronomically cool and totally dreamy to play with? Yes! This astronomical craft has a tactile softness, the ability to hold form and then also crumble apart easily, the array of colours and the addition of essential oils make it a highly engaging, creative activity. One of the best things about it – it’s a non-toxic way to provide hours of entertainment for the little ones! This DIY kinetic “sand” or playdough used to be made with baby oil – but the coconut oil version is as effective, and minuses the petroleum. You can make a...

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Easy Eco Beeswax Seashell Candles

A flickering flame at the center of a dinner table amid a lazy evening’s tapas spread creates the kind of charming ambiance our midsummer night’s dreams are made of. When seated at home with a flickering flame from a homemade beeswax candle cradled in one of our ocean’s collectible treasures, that’s when life reaches new balmy eco heights. Here’s how to make these ridiculously easy DIY seashell candles, plus a handful of other tips and tricks for general eco candle making. WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Beeswax chunks String or twine Essential oils (I went with SOIL’s grapefruit and lemongrass for...

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Natural vs Synthetic Vitamins: The Great Debate

We take an indepth look at what to consider before choosing your vitamin brand. Always take your vitamins, say the grannies and doctors the world around. But questions begin to surface: “Which ones?” “And how many?” and “Don’t I get enough of this from my food?” In our race to become such a highly capable society and species, we’ve also inadvertently over-complicated something that once was quite simple. Nature; food, water and sun, was once our only source of nutrients. But with the degradation of soil quality and increasingly demanding careers and lives, scientists and pharmaceutical companies have figured...

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The Palm Oil Debate: Should Palm Oil Products Be Labelled Vegan or Not?

THE PALM OIL DEBATE: SHOULD PALM OIL PRODUCTS BE LABELLED VEGAN OR NOT? WE SHARE OUR STANCE AS AN ONLINE RETAILER The ubiquitous vegetable oil has been a contentious ingredient for several years, sighted as a key contributor to the destruction of rainforests. In recent months the palm oil debate has made a resurgence in the world of conscious consumption, in particular, within the vegan community. Many are of the opinion that products containing palm oil should not be listed as vegan due to the impact it has on biodiversity, the poor stewardship of natural habitats and resulting animal...

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