The Power of Plant-powered Essential Omega Fatty Acids

Essential omega fatty acids, crucial for heart health, brain function, and overall well-being, aren’t just found in fish oils. You can source these vital nutrients directly from the plant kingdom. Flaxseedschia seeds, and walnuts are power-packed with Omega-3s, while hemp seeds and algae oils offer a well-rounded profile of omega fatty acids. Embrace a plant-based approach to nutrition and discover a sustainable, healthy way to boost your omega intake. It’s time to let nature boost your health!

Sustainable + good-for-you
Plant-based omega-3 sources, such as algae, are more sustainable and environmentally friendly compared to traditional fish oil. Algae-based omega-3 supplements eliminate the need for large-scale fishing practices, helping preserve marine ecosystems.

Our top picks:

Viridian Vegan EPA & DHA Oil from Algae

  • Sourced from marine algae
  • Contributes to heart and brain health
  • Orange flavour

Credé Flax Oil 250ml

  • Richest vegetable source of Omega-3
  • Cold-pressed 
  • Essential for brain development and joint health 

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly omega-3s

It’s important to know that not all plant-based omega-3 supplements are vegan; some contain bovine extracts and gelatin, especially in soft gel capsules. But, many options are perfect for vegetarians and vegans, offering a good alternative to omega-3s from fish.

Our top picks:

A Vogel VegOmega-3

  • High bioavailability
  • Small, convenient capsules are easy to swallow
  • Packed with linseed oil, seaweed oil and natural vitamin E 

Phyto Pro Liquid Omega

  • Vegan-friendly omega oil supplement
  • Cold-extracted from sustainably farmed marine algae
  • High in both EPA & DHA

Suitable for fish allergies
For those with fish allergies, our plant-based omega-3 range is a safe choice. It lets you enjoy the benefits of omega-3 without the risk of allergic reactions from fish-based supplements.

Our top picks:

Biolife Evening Primrose Oil

  • Reduces pain and treats inflammatory conditions
  • Contains Bovine (Beef) derivatives
  • Free of inactives and artificial additives

Solgar Super Starflower Oil Softgels

  • Reduces pain and treats inflammatory conditions
  • Contains Bovine (Beef) derivatives
  • Free of inactive and artificial additives

Suitable for all ages
Plant-based Omega-3 is safe and beneficial for everyone, from kids to seniors. Enjoy the health advantages of omega-3 at any age!

Our top picks: 

Now Foods Pumpkin Seed Oil Softgels

  • Natural pumpkin seed oil supplements
  • Excellent source of plant-based omega-3s
  • Can promote your immune system

Botalife Black Seed Oil Capsules

  • 1000mg black seed oil capsules
  • Anti-inflammatory & antioxidant benefits
  • Beneficial for the immune system
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