Here’s What to Expect in 2019

The focus of innovation in the conscious consumption space is certainly not trend based. The environmental and health issues facing the planet are now so interrelated and pressing that they are most certainly not going away. The core points of differentiation that the smarter companies will be focusing on are here to stay.

In 2019 I expect we will see (a lot) of the following:

Plastic is so un-fantastic.

The less plastic you have on your goods, the more fantastic they are going to be in the eyes of the consumer. Faithful to Nature is leading the way with it’s recently launched own-brand that is 100% plastic free. Even the glue used on the boxes is an eco-adhesive.

Boxes that are ENTIRELY #plasticfree!!

Faux it to make it.

When it comes to sustainability, the most inconvenient truth that we are aware of right now is the consumption of meat.  And the leading innovators in the health food space are all over this. Whether its pulled jackfruit or mushroom biltong that floats your boat, you can expect to see many more delicious snacks in the health food aisle this year that are meaty in taste and flavour but packed with plants.

Natures Charm Young Green Jackfruit Confiture

Algae is hotter than ever

Whilst no longer the new kid on the block, the popularity of seaweed grows as our love for sea vegetables continues to soar. Except now it’s getting fancier; manufacturers are finding more ways to help us get these amazing macro-nutrients into our diets. Expect to see a lot more wakame, nori, kombu and kelp in your kitchen basics like butters and oils, and of course in your snacks.


Sea Biscuits ✨ made from sea lettuce, oats, olive oil and ocean water

Dates. (Which you can eat by yourself 😉 )

I am of course talking about the fruit, rather than special nights out with your BAE, because those will never go out of fashion. Dates are seriously hot property right now as the beeless movement (not just for vegans) gathers momentum. The radical drop in the honey bee population is the spark that ignited the flame here. Fuelled with our growing awareness of the pitfalls of sugar, dates are fast becoming an adored natural sweetener.


Mental health is taking centre stage, as it should, and the mindful products that support the practice are carving their space on health shelves. Products like crystals, incense, diffusers and meditation cushions are no longer just for the dusty hippie shops on the corner. Plus, concepts like slow food and slow brewed drinks are being revered for their support in consuming with more zen-like consciousness.

Soul + Space Palo Santo Stick

Hemp is going mainstream.

Hemp seeds are being heralded as the new chia seeds as ‘complete proteins’ that are packed full of essential fatty acids. And while hemp has no psychoactive effects, the legalisation of cannabis in more and more countries is easing any discomfort around this incredibly versatile plant. CDB oil has become a household name, but hemp is also finding its way into beauty and lifestyle products at a dizzying pace.


Shelf stable probiotics.

The importance of gut health will continue to sit at the forefront of health and wellness trends for the next few years and so it's an obvious next step that probiotics are finding their way into our pantry foods, skincare and cleaning products. It makes total sense to start your day off with probiotics in your granola or nut butter, and I really believe this is just the start of supportive integrative eating.


What do you see becoming a hit in 2018? Drop us a comment below!


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