Author: Robyn Smith

Everything Matters – The Truth About Sustainability

SEEING THE CHANGE NEEDED There’s no planet B. Or a magical drain that leads to an invisible dimension where anything we pour down it just disappears; or a never-ending hole in the ground that just consumes anything we put into it; or a body of water that is not connected to anything around it. The fact is that there is no getting away from ourselves, our habits, our beliefs or our lifestyle. One could also get very deep and extend this to the revered spiritual law, first coined by Hermes Trismegistus, ‘As above, so below, as within, so without, as the...

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Robyn Shares Her Top 13 Faithful Finds

Faithful to Nature is celebrating its 13th birthday this October 2019! Yes, we’ve reached a cosmically historical number on our journey of growth. As we all know “ONE” is the first number of the number list. It represents birth, new beginnings and self-motivation. The number “THREE” is the number of creation and completion. It signifies the past, present and future with a sacred focus on harmony, wisdom and understanding. WOW. So incredible that we can get to 13 years and look at our past, present and future. The initial fears of stepping out and doing things differently and the hardships that we’ve to overcome; to...

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The One Trait You Need to Create a Successful Life

If you had to look around you and select one thing that the most successful people in all your different networks have in common, what would you choose? Luck, will, money, talent, time…?   What if I told you that the thing that all these successful people have in common is courage, and that this is the single most influential trait that could make all the difference in living your life to its fullest potential.  Real impact in our own, and others, lives happens when we step out of our comfort zone. It takes courage to be authentic, it...

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The Power of Personal Will & How to Harness It – Robyn Shares Her Experience

I’ve been finding myself talking about will a lot recently. This has come up in conversations where friends and clients have been asking for advice on how they can heal the constant feeling of frustration that their lives are not flowing. This often manifests as a continual feeling of dissatisfaction and there is what I call a “soul ache.” It feels like a constant tug within trying to pull you away from your current “busy-ness” and towards your real purpose and impact. It’s like an itch that you are just unable to scratch. I would say I have lived...

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Ditch the Drama & Increase Your Energy Levels

The entire universe is alive with energy. We are surrounded by energy. We are energy. And this energy vibrates. All particles are merely vibrations of energy and even the atoms that form objects and the substances that we call solid are made up of 99.9999% space. By having this realisation, we start to understand that we are constantly surrounded by a universe of choices; like attracts like and particles of a similar vibration will be attracted to one another. So, here’s something to mull over; What is your vibration? What kind of a vibe are you giving off? How...

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