Author: Robyn Smith

Our founder shares her top eco products of all time

In reflecting back on the last 11 years of this amazing journey that has been manifesting and building Faithful to Nature, I gave some thought to the products that have really been, I guess, what you would call pillars for me throughout this time. I have a soft spot for products that provide genuine “green innovation”. These are the really clever inventions. They make the lives easier for those of us who choose to align ourselves with this way of life and simultaneously make our planet healthier. Of course, being deeply fond of this land I get to call home,...

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Our Top Ten Favourite Foods to Fight Cancer

The National Cancer Institute in the US estimates that roughly one-third of all cancer deaths may be diet related. But that probably won’t surprise you – as you know we are what we eat. Nature has provided all we need in abundance from the antioxidants that neutralize the damage caused by free radicals to the powerful phytochemicals that scientists are just beginning to explore. There isn’t a single element in a particular food that does all the work: The best thing to do is eat a variety of good foods and to live your life in joyfull balance.  ...

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Robyn’s top tips for creating your own natural medicine chest

The Earth is a living library of healing cures. And when used correctly these cures heal without side effect or added toxic overload. Open your medicine cabinet and take a look inside. How many pills, tablets, and bottles of syrups do you have that contain chemicals you can’t even pronounce? I have discovered the right natural remedies are more powerful in helping my family stay strong. We’ve been very fortunate that my almost 6-year-old son has never had to take a course of antibiotics. While I do believe that western medicine has its place, and I will be very...

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A sublime superfood hot chocolate recipe

Those chilly evenings just wouldn’t be complete without a warm, fluffy blanket, a good book and the occasional steaming mug of hot chocolate. The instant hot chocolate mixes you’ll find in the store are typically loaded with sugar and other nasties – plus all those synthetic flavours are a pale imitation of scrumptious, authentic chocolate. Make your own delicious superfood hot chocolate this winter, for a sweet-and-spicy treat that will warm you right up. Superfood Hot Chocolate Recipe Ingredients: • 1 cup almond milk • ½ cup filtered water • 2Tbsp raw organic cacao powder • 2tsp organic maca...

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Keep Calm & Know What’s Really At Stake With the Latest Coconut Oil Controversy

On the 15th of June the American Heart Association (AHA) released a study that was apparently designed to address confusion around the relationship between dietary saturated fat and risk of cardiovascular disease. The review is free and pretty easy to read, so you should check it out. But the conclusions that have been made from it are not as easily digestible. The media frenzy around this and the assumptions made from the study would almost be laughable were it not such an important topic. So I’d like to suggest we all take a deep breath before I take you through some important...

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