Author: Robyn Smith

Faithful to Nature Turns 12: Robyn Shares Her All-Time Top 12 Eco Products

Faithful to Nature is celebrating its 12th birthday this October 2018! Yes, we’ve reached a cosmically historical number on our journey of growth. As we all know “ONE” is the first number of the number list. It represents birth, new beginnings and self-motivation. The number “TWO” is representative of, believe it or not, faith and belief. It signifies one’s purpose and the emotive meaning behind action. While focusing within the realms of peace, harmony and duty. WOW. Having said this, we can’t imagine how our 12th year could’ve have been a more significant and memorable one. Throughout our journey...

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In Living with Wu Wei, Robyn Shares How She Found More Joy

Have you ever noticed how the magic seems to happen when you let go? How you manifest your desires when you make the wish, and then just get on with life? As opposed to obsessing about the “having” of that thing you wished for. A great real-life example of this is when people meet that special someone after they have decided to move on. It is in the letting go and stopping trying that their previous desire seems to manifest. Or when they get that promotion after they’ve thrown themselves into finally creating their own business plan, or networking...

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Robyn Talks More Trash: New Products for a Waste-Less Journey

As a family it has been a long time since we’ve indulged in any kind of single-use plastic, and I do pity any unsuspecting waiter who tries to give my 6-year-old a straw, as they will certainly be schooled by him on why that sucks. I’ve almost 100% weaned myself off Woolies, we eco-brick and grow most of our own greens. And yet our little family of four humans and two big dogs is still generating about 2L (1 x 2L bottle) worth of eco-bricked plastic waste a month! With our passion and efforts to go zero waste, any single product...

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Robyn Gets Personal About Trash

Imagine if we were as concerned about airing what’s lurking in our weekly rubbish bins as we are our dirty laundry? Because really, what’s lurking in our dirty laundry is hardly going to affect anyone but ourselves and the truth is that what is lurking in my rubbish bin not only has the potential to affect everyone currently living on the planet, but every generation born on this planet for at least 10 generations to come. It’s a pretty insane phenomenon that we are so cavalier with a material that never truly decomposes. Every single toothbrush, straw, earbud and...

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Dealing With Stress: Robyn Shares Her Story

Stress. Even the word itself makes me feel stressed. This is unfortunately a topic I know about intimately having faced proper burnout in my life already. And because I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in the past and have been fortunate enough to write about it from the other side, my motivation to never go back there and my understanding of how damaging stress is to your health comes from a very deep and genuine space within. About four years ago, I was going through a very traumatic divorce (honestly is there any kind of divorce); on the...

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