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The past few years have seen healthy eating making a stir in kitchens and restaurants, inspiring people from top chefs to house wives – and this year’s food trends are set to be the healthiest yet. The benefits of Ayurvedic healing spices, superfoods and organic produce are of no doubt, and are so delicious it is no wonder the masses are awakening to enjoy the bounty of nature.


Gone are the days of sugar laden cereal – wholesome grains are so versatile and full of nutrients, and of course great flavour. Foodies will know the joy of local and traditional grains, superfood infusions and coconut-everything in your morning fuel. Grains like buckwheat, quinoa, millet and amaranth are all full of b-vitamins and fibre.



You may know nutritional yeast as nooch, as the vegan culinary trend has put this on the map. With a yummy cheesy, nutty flavour just a 1/4 cup has 8g of protein, 3g of fibre, and 3 times your daily B12 requirement. It is wonderful to add flavour to pasta and nacho sauces, and even sprinkled on popcorn.



It can no longer be denied that low-fat or fat-free variations of foods are far inferior, causing more harm than they do good. The truth about fats is finally out, and the benefits are great. Think nutritious avocados, fresh salad dressings and yummy nut butters…Mmm.


It’s the new nutrition buzz-word, and the most environmentally friendly form of farming. It means there are no pesticides or fertilizers, and the crops are self-sustaining. With American chain Whole Foods Market supporting the movement, bio-dynamic farming is set to have a great year.


It simply tastes better. The animals are treated better and have happier lives, experience less stress.  They are not pumped full of anti-biotics and hormones, and their feed is not GM but instead quality feed with a wide array of nutrients. Usually these farmers will have sustainable farming practices as well, such as recycling waste, and with no doubt use a lot less resources than factory farms.


The flour of pulses has made its way into innovative restaurants all around the globe, with their rich fibre and high protein content. These little things are also gluten free and have been celebrated for their flours awesome ability to create a wonderful replacement for those with gluten intolerance and coeliac sufferers, following a Banting or paleo lifestyle especially.



Powdered turmeric is nothing new, but it’s the rich orange flesh that has been making an impact with its punchy flavour and antioxidant kick. Turmeric is delicious in beverages warm or cold, and has long been a staple in Eastern medicine.



Swapping out your sugar laden drinks for a superfood cocktail is so undeniably good, it’s readily catching on and is set to be a great trend towards health. Have a look at our inspirational blog post from last year with some great drinks ideas – Cocktails with a Healthy Punch



The new wave of healthy eating has shown that it has to be a way of life. Forget diets and replacements, because it’s about knowing what you are eating – where it came from and exactly what’s in it. It’s about great quality, great health benefits and great taste. Food is fuel, and the world is realizing that eating well means truly enjoying quality of life.


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