The simple secrets to making gifts extra special

Intentional, heartfelt gifting is a tricky thing. You can do your homework and find the perfect trending, lifestyle gift. It can be right up their ally and suit their favourite hobby or activity. And yet, come the time of giving, giving the thing itself just doesn’t quite hit the mark and leaves you feeling a little less connected to the intention behind why you got it for them in the first place. The magic lies in the often overlooked details. Without getting too Martha Stewart on you – here are a few of my favourite thoughtful elements and little touches that can truly transform a present to unwrap into a cherished gift and some examples to get you inspired.

The elements that make up a truly special gift

The backstory

This is essentially the why behind the gift. You might think the person you’re giving it to will make the connection on their own. And maybe they will. But since we connect through stories, a few kind reminding words will place them in the right mindset to receive the gift they’re about to unwrap. Draw inspiration from the following:

  • an anecdotal moment
  • a shared experience
  • a difficulty you’ve overcome together
  • something they’d like to learn that you’ve listened to

This is the good stuff I would suggest you draw on and bring their attention to on the card.

The experience of unwrapping

It’s probably my very German origins that make the time of unwrapping presents one by one under the tree a rather slow process, filled with anticipation and suspense (and a lot of biscuits). Adding details to the wrapped gifts make it feel all the more sentimental and appreciative when it comes to unwrapping them. It also slows things down enough for the receiver to think about what you took great care in writing in their card. Some of the following might inspire you:

  • twine, raffia or natural ribbon wrapped around the paper with dabs of essential oil on them
  • a few photographs of you and this person sharing this activity printed out and stuck onto the brown paper or newspaper th gift is wrapped in
  • scented things: branches, cinnamon sticks, lavender or dried fruit tied through the yarn
  • some humorous bits and bobs that make them laugh while they unwrap (think of inside jokes)
  • natural finds: shells, feathers, seed pods, etc.  – nature is a glorious creator

The inspiration

This is the fun bit. Think of it as a light embellishment to the main part of the present. It serves to flesh out the purpose the gift serves and paint a picture in the mind of the person you’re giving it to. I love doing this because it immediately gets them excited as they begin to live into the present you’re giving them.

Some examples of how to enrich a great gift

1. The Nutribullet

Why it’s a popular gift: saves heaps of time for anyone living a busy life, adds an easy and quick boost of health, great for fitness-oriented people who need to boost their intake of super nutrients through shakes.
Flesh it out with:
 their favourite flavour superfood ingredients like cocoa, quality nut butter, or a green shake powder
Make it personal with: 
a handwritten recipe they can pin into a cupboard (feel free to steal one from our blog)

2. Silicone Chocolate Moulds

Why it’s a popular gift: gives the power back to a chocolate lover to know what’s in their favourite treat, inspires a creative chocolate lover with creative combos
Flesh it out with: interesting chocolate additions like peppermint essential oil, toasted sesame seeds, salt flakes or goji berries
Make it personal with: a vintage tin to save their chocolates in, lovely labels for their choccies or a notebook for their creative recipes with some wonderful quotes about chocolate in it, as with the example of the photographs above – a picture of you and this person baking together would work well.

3. Kombucha DIY Kit

Why it’s a popular gift: kombucha can get expensive if you drink it regularly so for someone who values gut health this is a win-win
Flesh it out with: 
glass cordial jars to store their brews in
Make it personal with: some chalk labels with pre-written flavour combos on them to inspire

4. A decadent body scrub

Why it’s a popular gift: luxurious downtime is something anyone can get behind and be appreciative of at this time of year
Flesh it out with: 
a lovely candle, their favourite essential oil or some sassy undergarments
Make it personal with: 
a shower playlist would make for a good laugh

5. Coffee grinders and tea infusers

Why it’s a popular gift: giving someone a more decadent version of their favourite brew is a nice way to add richness to the ordinary
Flesh it out with: 
a tasty brew or their favourite tea, or a mug from their favourite range
Make it personal with: 
a homebaked batch of biscuits, or rather a self-painted mug from a grandchild

6. Adult Colouring In Books

Why it’s a popular gift: everyone can use a little low-pressure creative downtime to unwind and connect with their mindful side
Flesh it out with: 
some good quality clouring in pencils, relaxing tea
Make it personal with: 
a tranquil music background track, a page pre-coloured in by you to inspire them

For me, all these things are about creating a thing I like to call ‘present moments’ – a slice of time in which you and the person you’re giving something to are connected in the exchange of a heartfelt gesture. And that’s just not something you can buy on a shelf. Here’s wishing you the most joyful experience of gifting.

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