Sun Printing: Team Up with Mother Nature for this Easy DIY

Just in time for the sunshine – here’s a brilliant way to take advantage of these sunny days. If you’re anything like me and find real struggle in sitting still, this sun printing DIY project will slow you right down. When you’re done, you’ll have a homemade eco bread bag to show for your afternoon in the garden.

Did you know: Keeping your bread in a cotton bread bag can actually keep it fresher for longer because the cotton is breathable while stopping the bread from drying out. Even more reason to go with natural fibre bread bags.

If you have little ones in the house, you can stick with the galactic theme and whip up an easy batch of Moon Sand to keep them stimulated while you team up with the for this easy DIY project.


Sun printing is the process of ‘exposing’ a pattern onto cloth by using a staining liquid and a catalyst. In this easy DIY I’m sun printing with plants, upcycled paintbrush packaging, instant coffee mix and soda ash (this natural crystalline salt is used to soften water and alkalise swimming pools).


  • 4 Tbsp instant coffee powder (you can use your recycled grinds, just make sure the solution is strong)
  • 3 tsp soda ash
  • Cloth to print on*
  • Spray bottle
  • Sturdy flora from the garden (delicate fronds don’t work as well) or letter cutouts**
  • Panel of glass or small stones
  • Oven tray
  • Gloves

*Different cloths to use:
Muslin cloth – If you want to make your own item. It’s a cotton fibre so it responds well to the soda ash activator and you can cut it to any size.
Hemp bags – for personalized food or gift bags. It’s a rougher fabric and creates a subtler, earthy contrast.
Cotton fresh bags – the white cotton is super effective for a strong contrast and also makes
for nice gift.


  1. Add the soda ash to a tub of warm water (about 5 cups).
  2. Place the cloths you want to sun print onto in the soda ash solution. Use a paint brush or gloved hands to saturate them – not your naked hands – this solution is highly alkaline. Leave to soak for 20 minutes.
  3. While that’s soaking, mix your instant coffee in 2 cups of hot water and pour this into your spray bottle. Make sure it’s set to mist, not jet spray, or you’ll blast your leaves and letters right off.
  4. Prepare your plant matter, cut outs and oven trays.
  5. After 20 minutes, slip your gloves back on and retrieve your cloth from the soda ash solution.
  6. Wring them out and place them on the baking trays.
  7. Place the letters and some foliage onto your cloth.
  8. Spray from the top down with your diluted coffee mixture.
  9. Optional: If you’re just doing foliage, place a sheet of glass directly on top. This creates a very cool, high contrast speckled effect. Or place small stones on the leaves to keep them in place. This creates a more solid printing effect with higher contrast and clearer outlines.
  10. Leave in the midday sun for about 2 hours.

**Note on the letter cut-outs
I wanted to print the word ‘bread’ on my bags so I first tried it with paper cutouts. Unfortunately, the paper absorbs the coffee so the negative space below isn’t kept as free from the coffee stain. In this
sun printing project, an upcycled sheet of hard plastic (like what you would get from hardware or art paintbrush packaging) can be a real win. It won’t absorb the coffee stain, creates a strong print
outline, is heavier so they won’t blow away and can be re-used time and again. The cut off bits and letters can then go into an eco-brick of course!

The next step is CRUCIAL! Are the kids still fine with their moon sand or assortment of gemstones? Go pour yourself a glass of something refreshing, find the nearest recliner, couch or hammock and lie

there for as long as you can marveling at the sound of birds, the blue sky, the dappled light of summer tree canopies and cloud shapes. If you even look at your phone your craft project will flop.

You can have a look after an hour, minimum, but it’s best to leave until the cloth is bone dry to the touch.

To set the print, give it a few goes under a very hot iron.


Moon Sand: The Easiest DIY Kinetic Sand to Keep Kids Happy for Hours


The simple secrets to making gifts extra special

Intentional, heartfelt gifting is a tricky thing. You can do your homework and find the perfect trending, lifestyle gift. It can be right up their ally and suit their favourite hobby or activity. And yet, come the time of giving, giving the thing itself just doesn’t quite hit the mark and leaves you feeling a little less connected to the intention behind why you got it for them in the first place. The magic lies in the often overlooked details. Without getting too Martha Stewart on you – here are a few of my favourite thoughtful elements and little touches that can truly transform a present to unwrap into a cherished gift and some examples to get you inspired.

The elements that make up a truly special gift

The backstory

This is essentially the why behind the gift. You might think the person you’re giving it to will make the connection on their own. And maybe they will. But since we connect through stories, a few kind reminding words will place them in the right mindset to receive the gift they’re about to unwrap. Draw inspiration from the following:

  • an anecdotal moment
  • a shared experience
  • a difficulty you’ve overcome together
  • something they’d like to learn that you’ve listened to

This is the good stuff I would suggest you draw on and bring their attention to on the card.

The experience of unwrapping

It’s probably my very German origins that make the time of unwrapping presents one by one under the tree a rather slow process, filled with anticipation and suspense (and a lot of biscuits). Adding details to the wrapped gifts make it feel all the more sentimental and appreciative when it comes to unwrapping them. It also slows things down enough for the receiver to think about what you took great care in writing in their card. Some of the following might inspire you:

  • twine, raffia or natural ribbon wrapped around the paper with dabs of essential oil on them
  • a few photographs of you and this person sharing this activity printed out and stuck onto the brown paper or newspaper th gift is wrapped in
  • scented things: branches, cinnamon sticks, lavender or dried fruit tied through the yarn
  • some humorous bits and bobs that make them laugh while they unwrap (think of inside jokes)
  • natural finds: shells, feathers, seed pods, etc.  – nature is a glorious creator

The inspiration

This is the fun bit. Think of it as a light embellishment to the main part of the present. It serves to flesh out the purpose the gift serves and paint a picture in the mind of the person you’re giving it to. I love doing this because it immediately gets them excited as they begin to live into the present you’re giving them.

Some examples of how to enrich a great gift

1. The Nutribullet

Why it’s a popular gift: saves heaps of time for anyone living a busy life, adds an easy and quick boost of health, great for fitness-oriented people who need to boost their intake of super nutrients through shakes.
Flesh it out with:
 their favourite flavour superfood ingredients like cocoa, quality nut butter, or a green shake powder
Make it personal with: 
a handwritten recipe they can pin into a cupboard (feel free to steal one from our blog)

2. Silicone Chocolate Moulds

Why it’s a popular gift: gives the power back to a chocolate lover to know what’s in their favourite treat, inspires a creative chocolate lover with creative combos
Flesh it out with: interesting chocolate additions like peppermint essential oil, toasted sesame seeds, salt flakes or goji berries
Make it personal with: a vintage tin to save their chocolates in, lovely labels for their choccies or a notebook for their creative recipes with some wonderful quotes about chocolate in it, as with the example of the photographs above – a picture of you and this person baking together would work well.

3. Kombucha DIY Kit

Why it’s a popular gift: kombucha can get expensive if you drink it regularly so for someone who values gut health this is a win-win
Flesh it out with: 
glass cordial jars to store their brews in
Make it personal with: some chalk labels with pre-written flavour combos on them to inspire

4. A decadent body scrub

Why it’s a popular gift: luxurious downtime is something anyone can get behind and be appreciative of at this time of year
Flesh it out with: 
a lovely candle, their favourite essential oil or some sassy undergarments
Make it personal with: 
a shower playlist would make for a good laugh

5. Coffee grinders and tea infusers

Why it’s a popular gift: giving someone a more decadent version of their favourite brew is a nice way to add richness to the ordinary
Flesh it out with: 
a tasty brew or their favourite tea, or a mug from their favourite range
Make it personal with: 
a homebaked batch of biscuits, or rather a self-painted mug from a grandchild

6. Adult Colouring In Books

Why it’s a popular gift: everyone can use a little low-pressure creative downtime to unwind and connect with their mindful side
Flesh it out with: 
some good quality clouring in pencils, relaxing tea
Make it personal with: 
a tranquil music background track, a page pre-coloured in by you to inspire them

For me, all these things are about creating a thing I like to call ‘present moments’ – a slice of time in which you and the person you’re giving something to are connected in the exchange of a heartfelt gesture. And that’s just not something you can buy on a shelf. Here’s wishing you the most joyful experience of gifting.

12 Tiny Christmas Cracker and Stocking Giller Gift Ideas to Inspire Change

Stocking fillers and those little knickknacks that end up in Christmas crackers have a tendency to gravitate towards the  “stuff” end of the spectrum. Many of the cracker gift fillers are badly made plastic toys that end up in landfills after their short-lived and barely amusing purposes have expired. This year, why not make sure that the things you add to the festivities, no matter how small, are gifted with intention. This is our selection of tiny stocking filler gift ideas that have the ability to inspire real change.

1. Organisation for crafty types

These nifty chalkboard-like stickers can turn any pantry or craft or hobby shelf into an absolute dream. Personalisation is key for crafty types right? And these stickers will encourage the reuse of glass storage containers too!

2. Sassy cat eyes

Natural make-up and a little glam combined into one? This charcoal eye pencil promises smooth, sultry eyes and lasting kindness to the planet and your skin. It might inspire the switch an en entirely au natural beauty box.

3. Chap free hands

Our hands do so much for us and get very little thanks so a, erm, handy, little tube of nourishing ointment is almost always highly appreciated. And compared to what most stores sell at their checkout aisles, this stuff also possesses remarkable abilities to heal scars and little cuts.

4. Good-for-you choccies

During a time of year when everything is on the decadent side of the spectrum, finding some raw chocolates packed with antioxidants, in your Christmas stocking is a real treat. The lucky person on the receiving end may even decide to cut preservative rich processed chocolate out for good after having tasted these.

5. Lovely lip service

This nifty olive and beeswax lip balm that sits snuggly in your pocket is a gem of a stocking stuffer for any girl who loves her look to be natural and nude. And the cute, plastic-free tin it comes in can be used for all sorts of tiny bits and bobs or for gifting jewellery later down the line.

6. Green footprints

The kindest most sincere gift you can give anyone is a little carbon neutralising love for the planet on their behalf. It’s the most beautiful gesture and will remind them to make kinder choices for the planet whenever they look at their eco Greenpop keyring.

7. Cheerful chompers

Toothbrush time is tough enough for little ones but give them a nature friendly little chap like this biodegradable Kuala toothbrush and they’ll be smiles all-round. It will also teach them how much impact they can make in even the simplest areas of their lives.

8. Seed good thoughts

Your kind but festive paper wishes don’t need to live on because it’s the words that matter not what they’re written on after all. These growing cards embedded with seeds will remind people that even the tiniest bit of waste could flourish into something better if used with intention.

9. Wax on wax off

A true ocean lover will really appreciate that the stuff they cover their boards with shouldn’t harm the ocean they swim in. And because this toxic free surfboard wax works so well they’ll definitely be telling their mates about it while waiting for the next set to roll in.

10. Spiritual adornment

This lovely wooden beaded wrist wrap may be just what someone in your life needs to reinvigorate some self-loving meditation or yoga practices to their daily rituals. And who knows, having a reminder of mindfulness always ‘on-hand’ may help them to carry it through into their daily life.

11. Homely aromas

The gift of natural fragrances that don’t come out of a spray bottle is already a wonderful gesture to the earth. The lighting of nag champa incense is also a gentle reminder to a loved one to slow down a little and enjoy the simpler things in life. By inspiring them to make the switch long term, you’ll both be doing the environment a kindness.

12. Suck-free sipping

If you really want to gift something that will make a huge impact, plastic-free straws are a life-changing gift. Once you start using these, you become deeply grateful for a waste eliminating choice that you can carry with you everywhere you go, so it’s a much-appreciated gift down the line.

And there you have it – 12 awesome stocking filler or cracker gift ideas that have the power to really impact and navigate someone’s life into a better more holistic direction. We hope your celebrations are merry and bright and above all else that you gift in kindness to our beautiful planet.


Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

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Our greenies share their ultimate eco gift ideas


12 Mindful Gift Ideas That Give More Than Just Stuff

Gift giving can be hard at the best of times. Some people have a natural knack for it and others are left feeling totally clueless. And it doesn’t even get easier the better you know someone. You might feel they have everything they could want or are just feel even more pressure to get something great the more they mean to you. Well, don’t fret because we’ve rounded up 17 gifts that give more than just their face value. Our hope is that with richer meanings behind the gifts you’ll identify with one that is perfect for your still giftless dear one.


1. Yoga mat and cork blocks

This isn’t just a gift for yogis. Sure every die-hard yoga lover would be grateful for more yogi gear but here’s where these gifts give more. A yoga mat could be a great way of gently encouraging someone you care for to invest in more self-love time and for that person that’s always wanted to start but lacks the confidence, yoga blocks are a great support, both in the beginner’s mobility and movement as well as in gesture – that yoga isn’t just for the perfectly skinny and flexible type.


2. Reusable menstrual cup

Okay, a reusable menstrual cup might seem really strange coming from a guy, but from girl to girl, there are few things as life-changing as a far better experience during your monthly cycle. You’re essentially giving your fellow Goddesses a lifetime of feminine freedom and greater synchronicity with our Earth. It’s powerful stuff.


3. Organic Chocolate

Chocolate is a no-brainer. But organic chocolate that is actually incredibly tasty is a wonderful gift for someone who has a serious sweet tooth but is looking to be healthier. It’s a gift of support and lip-smacking compromise that shows you care.


4. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt is wonderfully balancing for negative emotions but it’s also incredible at neutralising electromagnetic frequencies. So for the workaholic friend in your crowd, a salt lamp is the gift of stress-reduced desk days.


5. Fresh bags and beeswax wrap

Reducing our consumption and impact on the environment is only going to become of greater and greater importance. For anyone in your circle who just hasn’t made the jump to plastic-free living, the gift of fresh bags and beeswax wrap allows them to instantly say bye bye to those thin produce bags and clingwrap and hello to better fresher food. It’s especially appreciated by foodies.

6. Nutribullet

This might seem so obvious for anyone who loves to cook but what you’re really giving them on top of high-speed blending skills of any one of the Nutribullets, is incredible health packed smoothie potential and heaps more time to spend on other things they love.


7. Waka Waka Power Bank

For anyone who relies on their cell to do pretty much everything, this is an ideal gift – not only to supply their phones with more solar-harnessed juice but also to help them feel more prepared and independent for unforeseen life scenarios.


8. Heirloom Seeds

 This is not only a much-appreciated gift for the person whom you know has a love of all things ‘garden’ but could a be a lovely gift for a frazzled teen over the holidays. Growing veg from scratch not only imbues one with learning the ability to benefit from hard work but also becomes an immeasurable gift of gentleness and patience.


9. Coffee beans and hand grinder

For any worker bee who really enjoys a good cup of coffee, there’s nothing like taking their caffeine appreciation the next level. And once you’ve tasted freshly ground beans – little else compares. But the slow art of hand grinding just what you need every morning is also the gift of a beautiful morning routine that will help them slow down and savour the aroma of bean to grind coffee.


10. Matcha tea

For a health hero who loves getting in on a good trend, top quality matcha tea is an equally wonderful gift for slowing down time and enjoying the luxurious art of this nutritious beverage.



11. Mindfulness Bedtime Story

This is a wonderful gift for busy parents and curious children. The Boy Who Searched For Silence is one in the series of Conscious Bedtime Stories and will not only give a busy mom and dad more reading material at night but will very likely add a dash of introspection and inspiration to their evening storytime will bring a soul-soothing routine to the little ones.

12. Growth Chart

This is a really fun gift for little kiddies because they’re so in awe of their own growth but down the line, it becomes a rather special gift for the parents too as a reminder of their little one’s journey.
It might be odd that we’ve become a society more prone to gifting only on special occasions but every opportunity to give something from yourself can be a chance to give with intention. Those are afterall, the gifts that are treasured beyond the moment of unwrapping. Here’s to finding mindfulness in the giving this year.

We predict 12 trending eco gifts for 2017

We spend a fair amount of time sourcing awesome eco products that are innovative or inspiring in how they allow you to easily make ethical living choices. Come the festive season, we have a decent idea which products are getting all the attention and will likely become some of our trending gift choices this year. So, if you’re already scratching your head for what you could get your family and friends that will be a guaranteed hit and be more than just a thing to unwrap, something that will bring real value to their lives – here’s our 2017 list of game changer eco gifts.

1. The Microgarden Air Plants 

Oh foliage, be still our beating hearts. Greenery in the office and home is becoming an ever more sought after lifestyle enhancer. For the minimalist green-thumbed gal or guy, these Aerophytes offer grounding and fuss-free bliss.

A post shared by Robyn Smith (@robyn_on_earth) on

2. The Ecoffee Cups

For any friend or dear one who can’t get from A to B without their next caffeine fix, these fetching patterns will have them caffeinating in trendy reusable style. You can also tell them thanks to their awesome bamboo take away coffee mug they’re now officially part of #stopthebillion campaign to reduce single-use coffee cup waste.

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3. The OrganicO Diffuser Pendants

A charming gift for any essential oil loving woman, these will allow her to pendulum her mood with a dalliance of heavenly aromas. They’re available in 4 different pendant designs, Tree of Life, Lotus designs and a Mandala.

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4. Forever straws

For the elegant entertainer, a set of classy stainless steel straws will take their soirees to a whole new eco-conscious level. And they’ll always remember you as a non-sucky friend.

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5. Hand Made By Me Cushion Covers and Napkins

Proudly South African everything garners more and more appeal in protest to mass made junk and in celebration of our incredibly beautiful country. These vibrant and playful prints water-based prints on cotton will add much-appreciated colour and joy to any couch or table spread.

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6. Eco GemGem Totes and Bags

The organic market fare trend is not showing any sign of slowing down as more and more people seek good food and casual comradery with their cheesemonger and florist alike. With that and a strong call for more vegan-friendly lifestyle bags, these designs from Eco Gem Gem are the ideal hessian and pleather shoulder bags for any conscious consumer. Available in white, black and brown.

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7. The Nutribullet

It’s not going away, folks. With its blending and nut milk and nut butter making capabilities, these super high-speed blenders (and now the baby food making addition) are the greatest gift you can give to any foodie who still does not have one. They’re just pretty phenomenal, and with more chic colour options coming out, you’re bound to find the ideal one to make someone’s year a healthy win.

8. Hemporium Back Pack

The awareness of sustainable resources and a thriving textile industry in SA is an ever increasing hot topic. Hemporium’s hemp back packs and moonbags tick all the boxes and will be much-loved gifts for hikers, adventurers and pretty much anyone who likes to carry their valuables in compact and sustainable style.

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9. The Artist’s Range

For most women, the jewellery they adorn themselves with expresses a side to their personality. The Cape Town-based Artists Range wooden jewellery draws inspiration from sacred geometry, offering the wearer not only beautiful creations but meaningful symbolism too. Their earrings and pendants make an ideal gift for any intuitive, earthy eco woman.

10. Earth Warrior Cork Yoga Mat

Any yogi would bend themselves into a pretzel for a yoga mat that’s not only made from a highly renewable resource but is also anti-microbial and hypoallergenic. Plus cork just becomes more non slip the sweatier the session so they’ll find their most elegant, earth-friendly down-dog on this super sexy yoga mat.

11. Enchanted Fairy Door

Watch imaginations come alive when the little ones discover the door to a magical fairyland under their tree. This charming creation can be used to add some whimsy to the home and also happens to be a wonderful way of allowing your kid to share thoughts with their special fairy and perhaps even receive some mysterious parenting from their invisible winged friends. It’s most certainly a fun gift for new parents and little kids alike.

12. 14-in-1 Solar Robot Kit

Power up little minds with green energy and solar powered playtime engineering. Both the robot and the dinosaur designs offer 14 different builds in one toy and are certain to keep hungry minds captivated for hours.

We hope this goes a long way to helping you out in finding gifts we’re pretty sure will be much appreciated and take some gifting pressure off your plate. Here’s to only the best faithful festivities.

10 Great Gifts Under R250

Great Gifts Under R250

From your friends to your family to everyone in between, Christmas gift giving can add up. But budget friendly doesn’t have to mean “cheap” – these 10 fantastic gifts are all priced at less than R250 so they won’t break the bank.

Need more ideas for the rest of your list? We’ve got you covered with our comprehensive green Christmas gift guide – check out our eco-friendly ideas for everyone on your list.

1. Bee Natural Body Pack, R205

sku8609-bee-natural-body-pack-large[add-to-bag productid=”8609″]

This heavenly scented Bee Natural Body Pack contains a nourishing Vanilla & Cinnamon Body Butter, Head to Toe Healing & Beauty Balm – which can be used on pretty much any skin ailment you can think of – and Vanilla & Honey Body Scrub.

2. Wine Pourer, R175

sku7204-nuance-wine-pourer-large[add-to-bag productid=”7204″]

This stylish stainless steel wine pourer and filter from AL & CD Ashley gives you an easy, non-drip pouring function while allowing your favourite bottle of wine to breathe before serving. Perfect to oxidate new wines or filter older vintages.

3. Black Tank, R209

Medium – click on the link to go to the product page for other sizes

[add-to-bag productid=”8655″ variantgroup=”1261″ variantvalue=”4216″]

This Boody Organic Bamboo Ecowear tank is made long, so that it can be pulled over your hips, with a scooped neckline and thick straps that make an excellent bra-disguise. Their signature silky soft fabric is long wearing with the perfect amount of stretch.

4. Salad Dressing Mixer, R235

sku7196-chef-n-emulstir-salad-dressing-mixer-large[add-to-bag productid=”7196″]

The Emulstir Salad Dressing Mixer from AL & CD Ashley is an elegantly designed kitchen tool that lets you perfectly mix any dressings you’re after, be they oil-based or rich and creamy. Enjoy the benefits of healthy, all-natural salad dressings made from scratch.

5. Pincushion Salad Servers, R229

sku8564-black-sunbird-salad-server-pincushion-large[add-to-bag productid=”8564″]

This set of Salad Servers from Black Sunbird are made of stainless steel and crafted in the shape of the indigenous Pincushion Protea – a lovely uplifting and tasteful touch for your table décor when you entertain.

6. Perfume Pencil, R199

sku8272v1-sassui-perfume-pencil-moon-dance-large[add-to-bag productid=”8272″]

These Scent Stories Perfume Pencils from Sassui come in a choice of eight different scents in hand-turned wood cases that are the perfect size to keep in your purse. Essential oils are wonderful for a much needed pick me up.

7. Mindfulness Adult Colouring Book, R145


sku8597-mindfulness-colouring-book-farrarons[add-to-bag productid=”8597″]

This little piece of escapism will fit in your handbag, backpack, laptop bag or glove compartment for easy access when you need some mindful stress relief. The amazing variety of patterns include flowers, geometric shapes, animals, and an array of intricate designs.

8. Hemp Cotton Make-up Bag, R149 (Less 20% if you  buy it before 22 Nov!)

sku5623-veldt-meadowflowers-blue-makeup-bag.jpg-large[add-to-bag productid=”5623″]

This handy little bag from Veldt is both pretty and practical, perfect for popping into your handbag for touch-ups on the move. It’s made from a blend of cotton and hemp fabric, with leatherette tabs for easy handling, and a waterproof lining to keep your goodies protected.

9. Satin pillow case, R189

satin-pillow-case-black-large[add-to-bag productid=”8249″]

There’s nothing like resting your head on high quality satin pillow cases – true opulence at its best! But did you know that this luxurious bedding item is also a beauty powerhouse? They keep hair frizz-free and actively fight the formation of wrinkles.

10. Making Peace with the Earth by Vandana Shiva, R215

sku8302-making-peace-with-the-earth-large[add-to-bag productid=”8302″]

If you’ve ever wondered where the collective resources of our planet are funnelled, you’ll enjoy this book about how we should become more rooted to our natural world in order to preserve its future.

Gift Guide For Littles

For littles

It’s nearing christmas and your bright little bundles of joy will be daydreaming about what enchantment awaits them under the tree. We’ve put together some inspiration for eco-friendly, non-toxic gifts to give them hours of imaginative fun that will be a learning experience too without them even realising it.

1. Hape Push and Pull Elephant, R149

sku8016-hape-push-and-pull-elephant[add-to-bag productid=”8016″]

This cute ellie wooden push pull toy will be an instant hit with your child as it zooms everywhere with them on its sturdy wheels, stimulating their never-ending imagination and sense of adventure, as well as developing their motor skills. All Hape toys are produced from quality sustainable resources and are 100% eco-friendly.

2. Hape Vertigo Maze, R1 899

sku8097-hape-vertigo-large[add-to-bag productid=”8097″]

Keep tots entertained for hours with a maze of colourful blocks, tracks and spirals ready to propel marbles down a twisty, curving marble run They’ll learn about gravity, levers, speed and propulsion. This fast paced toy will while playing with this fun and safe Hape educational toy. The Hape Vertigo is part of the Quadrilla range, great marble run fun for the whole family with each set fitting together.

3. Hape Alphabet Abacus, R299

sku8019-hape-alphabet-abacus[add-to-bag productid=”8019″]

Colourful spinning blocks with letters and numbers on one side and whimsical pictures on the other, the Hape Alphabet Abacus will teach you toddler about the alphabet, colours, and develop picture and word recognition while improving their motor skills. Tell your little one stories about the pictures on the abacus, or have them find the letters in their name to help them develop early literacy skills. All Hape toys are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic materials.

4. Kids Yoga & Relaxation Set, R420



[add-to-bag productid=”6695″]

Little ones will enjoy big fun and big benefits, with this magical yoga and relaxation kit created especially for kids aged 5-12. The Magic Mat is a non-toxic, non-slip yoga and activity mat, where your child can create a safe relaxing space that belongs just to him or her. It’s also great for kids who want to join mom and dad in yoga or meditation practice. The Magic Mat comes with a beautiful book and complementary DVD, packed with fun exercises and activities designed to build confidence and encourage feelings of gratitude and peace.

5. Hape Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set, R399

sku8045-hape-gourmet-kitchen-start-set-large[add-to-bag productid=”8045″]

Your little chef’s kitchen will be enhanced with this gourmet cookware set. Complete with everything your child needs to make a healthy meal, the set includes salt and pepper shakers, a serving spoon and spatula, durable utensils, plates, a pot and skillet – all made from beautiful solid and sustainable wood. Your Hape kitchen set is responsibly produce from 100% eco-friendly and child-safe materials and is recommended for ages 3 up.

6. Clever Little Monkey Bamboo Clock, R409


sku7729-bamboo-clock-lego-man-large[add-to-bag productid=”7729″]

This cool and funky Lego character clock will appeal to tots and teens alike. Clever Little Monkey’s Lego Man clock is laser cut from solid, sustainable bamboo wood, engraved with clock-face numbers and ready to hang in your home. The bamboo clock can be used as simple yet stylish bedroom décor, or as an educational tool to teach little ones the basics of telling time. Another gorgeous gift item for the young ones in your life, from the much-loved Clever Little Monkey range.

7. Pirate Ship Floor Puzzle, R340


sku7646-janod-pirate-ship-floor-puzzle-large[add-to-bag productid=”7646″]

Shiver me timbers! The Pirate Ship Floor Puzzle is a cool new kids’ puzzle created by the world-renowned French toymaker Janod. This giant floor puzzle is made using natural and recycled materials, which makes it safe for young children and kind to the planet. The 39-piece pirate-themed puzzle comes packed in a handy carry-case, ready for a high sea adventure on the floor of your little buccaneer’s bedroom or playroom.

8. Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring, R229

sku6947-sopure-sophie-the-giraffe-teething-ring-large[add-to-bag productid=”6947″]

An ultra-soft version of the original Sophie the Giraffe teether, this beautiful baby teething ring is just what your baby needs to cope with the trials and troubles of teething. Sophie teethers are made from 100% natural rubber from the Hevea tree, and painted with food-grade paint to ensure your little one’s absolute safety.

9. Green Start Play Draw Create Ocean, R265

Best of all? You’ll get up to 20% off before the end of November!

sku5924-green-start-play-draw-create-ocean-large[add-to-bag productid=”5924″]

 Little ones can dive into playtime and create an underwater wonder world that will inspire endless fanta-seas. This Green Start activity set comes with more than 45 magnetic ocean-inspired play pieces and 5 colourful magic markers, giving your mermaid or mer-master all the tools they need to create games and stories. There are write-andwipe pages that will help them learn to draw undersea creatures from sharks to seahorses. Plus they can even create their own “aquariums” using the cute and colourful magnets. Recommended for ages 3 to 5.

10. Green Start Giant Puzzle Princess Fairyland,

Best of all? You’ll get up to 20% off before the end of November!


sku5928-green-start-princess-fairyland-giant-floor-puzzle-large[add-to-bag productid=”5928″]

This Green Start puzzle consists of 60 pieces that come together in a beautifully depicted enchanted forest inhabited by princesses, fairies and mermaids. Suitable for princesses aged 5 years and up, this beautiful game is made of recycled materials and printed with eco-friendly inks. It comes in a reusable carry-along box, making it easy for your little one to take her fairy tale land with her wherever she goes.

11. Brainbox Dinosaur Memory Game, R199

sku7638-brainbox-dinosaurs-large[add-to-bag productid=”7638″]

The Brainbox Dinosaurs eco-friendly card game is designed to engage the imaginations of children aged five and up. This memory game features 55 colourful dinosaur-themed playing cards, with simple little ones can remember, aiding in the development of quick recall skills. This BrainBox memory game is made with recycled and sustainable materials, so making it a greener kids’ gift choice.

12. Green Start ‘Circle Garden’ Wooden Puzzle, R175

Best of all? You’ll get up to 20% off before the end of November!


sku5943-green-start-wooden-puzzle-circle-garden-large[add-to-bag productid=”5943″]

The Circle Garden puzzle from Green Start features a picture of a cute and colourful flower garden; with eight circle-shaped puzzle pieces of the same size, so little ones can match each circle to the flower that they think suits it best. This clever little Green Start goodie is made from 100% safe, eco-friendly materials and is a great way to introduce growing tots to the basic concept of puzzle-building, shapes and colours. For little ones aged 12 months and up.

13. Green Start ‘Love Bus’ Wooden Puzzle, R175

sku5940-green-start-wooden-puzzle-love-bus-large[add-to-bag productid=”5940″]

This is the perfect jigsaw puzzle for your children to enjoy together with siblings and friends, suitable for ages 3 and up. Encouraging collaborative and independent play, the 14-piece Green Start puzzle features clever black outlines beneath, to guide young children as they put the “Love Bus” picture together. It’s made with sustainably sourced wood, so moms and dads can rest assured there are no nasty toxins or plastics in the playroom.

14. The Mushroom Factory Oyster Mushroom Kit, R175

sku3587-Mushroom-Factory-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”3587″]

A fun and unusual project for your little one to teach them about these tasty treats and how they grow. Growing your own mushrooms is a truly extraordinary and satisfying experience and the fruits of your fun are delicious and nutritious. To maintain their mushroom factory all they’ll have to do is add water, a bit of light, and love.

15. Janod-Confetti-Flute, R179



[add-to-bag productid=”7657″]

The Janod Confetti Flute is a child-friendly, sweet-sounding toy flute that is made with safe, non-toxic materials and is easy to play, for hours of melodious entertainment. This wooden flute is  and easy for little ones to play, plus it has no small parts so it doesn’t pose a choking hazard. It features Janod’s cute and colourful “confetti” polka-dot pattern and comes packaged in its own stylish storage pouch. Recommended for children ages 3-8 years

Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

stocking stuffers

What’s in your stocking this year? One of the best parts of Christmas day is finding all the little gifts in your magical stocking, no matter what your age. We’ve put together a lovely array of thoughtful stocking stuffer gift ideas that will have your loved ones digging them out with delight.

1. Fortune Goody ‘Joy’ Essential Oil, R41

sku8245-fortune-goody-joy-large[add-to-bag productid=”8245″]

Victorian Garden present a truly unique and beautiful gifting experience – pass the joy! This is a thoughtful token comes in a little glass vial containing carefully selected, beautifully scented essential oils that enhance feelings of joy and happiness.

2. Veldt Acacia Forest Small Canvas Purse, R75

sku5636-veldt-acaciaforest-pewter-red-samll-purse.jpg-large[add-to-bag productid=”5636″]

A stylish, pocket-sized purse from the Veldt collection is great for taking the little things that matter, wherever life takes you. Veldt purses are made from a sustainable blend of cotton and hemp, with a durable leatherette backing and a sturdy top zip. Patterned with the uniquely African Acacia Forest design

3. Victorian Garden Peppermint Foot Scrub, R59

sku8242-peppermint-candy-foot-scrub-large[add-to-bag productid=”8242″]

The perfect stocking filler for those in need of a good ol’ foot scrub, this Peppermint Candy Foot Scrub from Victorian Garden soothes and smoothes rough skin and cracked heels. A great gift for a loved one who spends a lot of time on their feet and deserves a pampering home pedicure.

4. Moko Africa Key Ring, R31

sku7238-moko-africa-key-ring-large[add-to-bag productid=”7238″]

The perfect gift for that someone who likes a decorative touch to their practical comings and goings, while appreciating the necessity for sustainability, the Mamma Africa Keyring by Moko is handcrafted from wood offcuts which would otherwise have been wastefully discarded, so they’ll know an effort has been made to honour the earth and Mama Africa too

5. Honest Raw Chocolate Bonbons, R65

sku2787-Orig-angle-white-bg-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”2787″]

Who wouldn’t want a yummy, guilt-free chocolate dream in their stocking? They’ve been handmade with raw cocoa which is sustainably sourced from Ecuador, and they contain absolutely no sugar or dairy – just organic agave nectar. That means they’re perfect for vegans, weight-watchers and diabetics – a truly innocent and health-conscious indulgence.

6. Relax Remedy Roller, R35

sku138-Relax-Remedy-Roller-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”138″]

Nurture a loved one with this remedy roller specially designed for aromatherapy on the go. The Relax remedy contains clary sage, warming marjoram, lavender and chamomile to calm the nervous system, promote tranquillity and help relieve tension headaches when applied to pulse points or affected areas.

7. Angelfactory Rose Soap, R43

sku4634v2-angel-factory-vintage-rose-lemongrass-soap-large[add-to-bag productid=”4634″]

A gift for the angels in your life, this rosy-scented natural soap is a truly angelic indulgence. Made with a blend of natural botanical ingredients, real rosehip oil and luscious lemongrass, it works to gently cleanse, soothe and moisturise the skin, reducing the effects of ageing and sun damage.

8. African Bliss Massage Bar, R79

sku5798-african-bliss-geranium-lemongrass-massage-bar-large[add-to-bag productid=”5798″]

The African Bliss solid body lotion and massage bar is made with a blend of healing geranium and toning lemongrass oils, in a base of cocoa butter and beeswax. The natural oils melt into warm skin after bathing, or can be warmed up by hand, for a divinely nourishing and moisturising treat that’s wonderful for chapped lips, dry knees and elbows, brilliant for cracked heels and also a great way to pamper hands after gardening.

9. By Nature Dried Sour Cherries(100g), R45

sku4953-by-nature-cherries-large[add-to-bag productid=”4953″ variantgroup=”913″ variantvalue=”2905″]

A tasty moreish and novel treat full of vitamins and antioxidants that anybody would love to find in their stocking. A perfect festive fruit snack sweetened with an infusion of apple juice to enjoy munching on the day, or keep to bake some delish goodies with.

10.Chef’n Peel’n Onion Peeler, R89

sku7199-chef-n-peel-n-onion-peeler-large[add-to-bag productid=”7199″]

No more tears for the culinary collectors and aspiring chefs in your life! This delightful must-have little funky gadget from AL & CD Ashley is made specifically for peeling onions quickly and easily. Complete with a sharp point for scoring through the onion skin, and specialised corners for peeling it back, the Peel’n is a great tool to keep eyes from watering, and hands free of onion odours.

Gifts for Gramps

Gifts For Gramps

With less than six weeks to go until Christmas (don’t panic!), we’re getting organised in the gifts department. Forget the cliché “World’s Best Grandpa” t-shirt and ho-hum mug — this year, surprise him with the unexpected. Here are some of our favourite earth-friendly gift ideas that are sure to make dear old Gramps smile.

1. Organic Cotton Handkerchiefs, R52

sku2230-Cotton-Handkerchiefs-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”2230″]

Who doesn’t love ultra-soft and luxurious pure cotton handkerchiefs? Replace disposable tissues with these lovely organic handkerchiefs from The Pure Cotton Shop and help Gramps cope with sniffles and sneezes in style.

2. Hemporium Hemp Socks, R45

sku838v5-Hemp-Socks-Natural-Small-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”838″]

These soft hemp fibre socks from Hemporium are not only the sustainable choice but wonderfully durable, breathable and odour-resistant. A pleasure to wear, they’ll keep Gramps feet dry and comfortable all day.

3. Solar Light Bulb, R175


sku5329-nokero-crestone-n200-solar-light-bulb-large[add-to-bag productid=”5329″]

Funky and compact, this little solar light is ideal for camping, hiking, braais and late-night reading. It’s the cleaner, greener and safer alternative to candles, kerosene lanterns and high-consumption lights – and handy during load shedding, too.

4. Organic Fairtrade Pinotage, R63


sku8142-earthbound-organic-fairtrade-pinotage-large[add-to-bag productid=”8142″]

This quintessential South African wine from Earthbound is juicy on the palate with traces of smoke and wood that leaves a lingering aftertaste. Great to pair with red meats, cheeses and dark chocolate.

5. Moonbeam Soaps Gift Pack, R95

sku7947-moonbeam-soaps-gift-pack-small-large[add-to-bag productid=”7947″]

This set of two soaps comes in a beautiful box and includes a Spicy Soap bar made from delicious cinnamon, and an Olive and Lemongrass Soap bar that’s fresh, hydrating and perfect for summer.

6. Badger Beard Oil, R280

sku6137-badger-beard-oil-large[add-to-bag productid=”6137″]

Soften bristly beards and keep unruly whiskers in check with this organic beard oil from Badger Balm. The botanical blend is made with babassu, myrrh and black pepper oils, enriched with vitamin E and fragranced with sandalwood for a warm, masculine scent.

7. The Braai Master, R135

sku4673-the-braai-master-large[add-to-bag productid=”4673″]

This Braai Master gift set – with chemical-free firelighters, organic spices, Himalayan salt and a natural braai cleaner – has everything you need to make your family’s next braai sizzle.

8. Pure Simple Shaving Soap Mug, R85

sku2258v1-Shaving-Soap-Mug-Ginger-Lime-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”2258″]

This shaving soap is rich in olive, coconut and avocado oil with added clay that allows the razor to glide over the skin for a super-smooth, super-close shave. Choose from three delicious fragrances: Ginger Lime; Cedar Lime or Orange Spice.

9. Raw Honey Chocolate-Coated Espresso Beans, R59


sku7344-native-raw-honey-chocolate-coated-espresso-beans-large[add-to-bag productid=”7344″]

Crunch your way to your daily coffee buzz with these little Ethiopian espresso beans from Native SA, smothered in a yummy, healthy shell of naturally nutritious chocolate that’s sweetened with raw honey.

10. VacuVin Waiter’s Corkscrew, R155

sku7626-vacuvin-waiters-corkscrew-large[add-to-bag productid=”7626″]

The Waiter’s Corkscrew from VacuVin is conveniently designed to remove corks of any size and length, with minimal effort and fuss. This VacuVin corkscrew is compact and lightweight but also highly durable, plus it includes a foil cutter and bottle opener.

11. The Medicinal Chef by Dale Pinnock, R395

sku4677-the-medicinal-chef-book-dale-pinnock-large[add-to-bag productid=”4677″]

Wholefoods chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock will introduce you to the concept of medicinal cookery, which harnesses the power of beneficial foods to help you ward off ailments, boost energy levels and improve your wellbeing, simply by eating right.

12. Hunk-a-licious Gift Set, R192

sku2015-Hunk-a-licious-Gif-Set-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”2015″]

Make sure Gramps is well groomed with this handpicked gift set, which includes African Bliss Men’s Soap, Pure Beginnings Shave Créme, and Soothing Sandalwood After Shave, lovingly wrapped with tissue paper in a natural hessian drawstring bag.

Gifts for Gran

For gran

Grandmas are pretty easy to please – generally, if it comes from the heart, she’ll love it. Spoil her this year with something a little extravagant that she wouldn’t normally buy for herself – it doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful. Here are a few gift ideas that are sure to show her how much you care.

1. Mango & Vanilla Body Butter, R139

sku86-Mango-VanillaBodyButter-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”86″]

This rich body butter from Victorian Garden is an excellent choice to nourish and nurture dry skin. Shea Butter is blended with active botanical extracts of Wheatgerm, Jojoba and Geranium, while the exquisite scent of Madagascan vanilla makes it an indulgent treat.

2. ‘Love’ Fortune Goody, R41

sku8244-fortune-goody-love-large[add-to-bag productid=”8244″]

This little glass vial from Victorian Garden contains carefully selected, beautifully scented essential oils that enhance feelings of love and comfort. They can be used on the pulse points, or add a few drops to the bath or a shower sponge when in need of a little extra comfort.

3. Oh Lief Lip Balm, R45

sku4647-lip-balm-roman-chamomile-large[add-to-bag productid=”4647″]

This lip balm from Oh-Lief is made with organic Roman Chamomile oil and natural beeswax, both known for their healing properties. Proudly South Africam this lip balm blend is the perfect moisturiser to keep lips soft, smooth and healthy.

4. Hemp Cotton Tea Towel, R149


sku5616-sanderling-flock-tea-towel.jpg-large[add-to-bag productid=”5616″]

Patterned with an elegant wading bird design, this stylish Veldt tea towel makes a lovely addition to any seaside kitchen or guest house. They’re made from an earth-friendly blend of hemp and natural cotton, and silkscreen printed by hand using water-based inks, in designs inspired by our indigenous natural surroundings

5. Slab of Seed – Red Cherry Tomato, R64


sku5371-sowdelicious-red-cherry-tomato-seed-slab-large[add-to-bag productid=”5371″]

Grow your own crop of cheery little cherry tomatoes to pop into your family’s favourite meals – these innovative soil slabs from SOW Delicious have been embedded with heirloom tomato seeds, which will flourish into a beautiful tomato crop with just a little TLC.

6. Kuhestan Elderflower Persian Cordial, R100

sku5341-kuhestan-elderflower-large[add-to-bag productid=”5341″]

Create tasty and healthy refreshments with this natural elderflower cordial, bottled at picturesque Kuhestan Organic Farm. Elderflower cordial has a distinctive sweet and summery flavour that makes it a favourite in homemade lemonades, cool drinks and cocktails.

7. Moko Heart Candle Holder, R102

sku5070-moko-heart-candle-holder-large[add-to-bag productid=”5070″]

Spread some love and light with this heart-shaped, handcrafted candle holder. Made by Moko with solid recycled wood, it’s 100% sustainable and eco-friendly; the solid heart shape and natural wood-grain texture make it as beautiful as it is useful.

8. Jane’s Delicious Urban Gardening, R295

sku7970-jane-s-delicious-urban-gardening-sustainable-city-living-large[add-to-bag productid=”7970″]

If you live in the city but long for all things green, this book is for you. From growing your own organic veggies, to keeping urban bees and hens, to turning your pool into a wetland, you’ll soon be surrounded by a sustainable eco wonderland.

9. Sweet Orange & Lemongrass Hand Wash, R55


sku1004-sweet-orange-handwash-Large-jpg [add-to-bag productid=”1004″]

One can never have enough beautifully scented hand wash! This uplifting and cheerful hand wash from Natural’s Beauty is made with only pure, natural ingredients, so it’s gentle on the hands, and has a sweet orange and lemongrass scent.

10. Moisturising Baobab Oil, R110


sku18-eco-products-baobab-oil-large[add-to-bag productid=”18″]

Baobab oil is a very effective moisturiser and is made from the seeds of the baobab tree. The seeds are cold pressed and filtered. Cold pressing ensures that the valuable properties in the oil are not destroyed as could happen in a heated press.

11. Soylites Aromatherapy Candle, R185

Organic Lavender

[add-to-bag productid=”1183″ variantgroup=”142″ variantvalue=”414″]

Soy Lites are a locally manufactured candle made with entirely natural and sustainable ingredients. The soya bean oil is scented with 100% natural essential oils and has a long lasting burn time of 50 hours.

12. Beauty Sleep Indulgence For Her, R159

sku8248-beauty-sleep-indulgence-for-her-large[add-to-bag productid=”8248″]

This special set contains Lavender & Orange Mini Fizz Balls, a Beauty Sleep Pulse Point Roller of essential oils to enhance sleep, and a little bottle of Rosehip Healing Night Serum that repairs and hydrates skin.