Theonista Kombucha DIY Kit

Theonista Kombucha DIY Kit
Theonista Kombucha DIY Kit
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Make your own fresh-brewed kombucha at home with this all-in-one DIY kit from Theonista. The clever home-brewing kit has everything you need to make your very own batch of this tasty and nourishing fermented drink. A delicious probiotic-packed refreshment, kombucha is a great treat for summer and the festive season; a healthy alternative to sugary fruit juices and soft-drinks. The Theonista DIY kit includes raw cane sugar, a custom tea blend (for 2 batches) and SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria & Yeast) that can be used for virtually infinite brewing! 


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This comprehensive kombucha kit includes everything you need to get started:

  • SCOBY* & Starter (refrigerate until ready to use*)
  • 400g raw cane sugar (enough for 2 brews)
  • 30g custom tea blend (enough for 2 brews)
  • Reusable cloth tea bag
  • Cover cloth & elastic band
  • Detailed instruction leaflet with pictures

* This helps avoid expansion and leakage and has been found to cause no problems if stored in the starter liquid. If storing cold for more than 2-3 weeks, you can consider transferring it to an open covered vessel at room temperature.

Please Note: In order to prevent the risk of breakage during transit, the Kombucha Kit does not include any glass jars for brewing. 

*The kit provides enough tea and sugar for 2 brews, but your SCOBY can be used with other teas and sugars, so you can experiment as much as you like and brew up infinite batches once you get started!

Benefits of drinking real natural kombucha:

  • Improves overall energy levels
  • Boosts circulation
  • Balances blood sugar; beneficial for diabetics
  • Helps with weight loss and detoxing; a great liver tonic
  • Strengthens immune system function
  • Rich in natural probiotics, which promote digestive health
  • Helps to relieve conditions like gout, candida and allergies
  • Nourishes your skin from the inside out, promoting a clear complexion
Overall Rating
4.8 out of 5 stars from 17 reviews

17 out of 17 people would recommend this product

15/09/2017, By Rossouw
My 400 gram suiker het net 360 gram in gehad
21/07/2017, By Freda
Excellent product. Excellent quality. Made 2 batches so far and it already made 2 new Scoobies. Can't wait to experiment with different teas!
11/07/2017, By Jennifer
I bought this a year ago and really had fun experimenting with Kombucha. The rest of the family were repulsed by the look and smell and never came close to tasting. I even had to hide it. When I offered other family members the excess scoobies, there were no takers.
30/06/2017, By Jessica
I bought this a couple of months back when I wanted to try making kombucha out myself. I honestly recommend this kit to anyone who is new to the kombucha world. The instructions are very basic, and I would've liked to some improvement in this area as, I assume, most newbies would purchase this kit. Us newbies, although I've learnt a lot over the past couple of months, need more info than most, especially when the scoby ACTUALLY starts doing its thing. Like forming that gooey white layer on top... Give some indications of what to look out for, etc. I was a bit scared to taste my first batch as it smelled extremely vinegary and looked odd as hell. BUT it was delicious! I've made about 7 different batches since then and I must say Theonista's approach is the best in my opinion. My batch using their instructions & tea blend was delicious. Since then I've dabbled with using honey instead of sugar, other teas, fruit chunks (DONT DO IT) and adding fruit juice. More info on secondary fermentation would also be good.
12/06/2017, By Bron
A great starter kit for anyone looking to make some yummy kombucha. The instructions are also nice and clear. Theonoista is also great at providing support. I had a few questions about my scoby and they were more than happy to help me out via e-mail.
20/05/2017, By Candice
I love this product! It's been almost 2 weeks since I received it and I have a finished batch of kombucha and a second one brewing. My SCOBY is very healthy and was already starting to grow a baby (lucky me!). The instructions were easy to follow and very detailed. I can't recommend this highly enough for the first time brewer.
02/01/2017, By Clint
I highly recommend this site to anyone who is seeking excellent customer service, high quality products and superb product delivery.
I placed my order on a Tuesday, before 8am, and the delivery arrived the following day, at 10:30am. This company truly lives up to what they promise.
The Kombucha starter kit, water kefir grains and milk kefir grains have flourished, producing many litres of the probiotic drinks.
A very satisfied customer.
Thank you Faithful to Nature.
06/10/2016, By erna
received a healthy Scoby and on my second batch already and new layers are forming, super stocked to find a supplier who really delivers above expectations
06/08/2016, By Nathalie
The scoby is so much bigger than I thought it would be! Just made my first batch, its wonderful! Thank you so much!
18/06/2016, By Amanda
Thank you for the fast delivery of my order, I already have two Scobies. We are so intrigued by this, we love it. We hardly get to do a second ferment because everyone wants to taste some.....
We added apple juice to one batch of our second ferment batches and wow we loved it....
21/05/2016, By Elize
I have became quite good at this! I have two 8 liter beverage dispensers doing a continuous brew. One ready every Monday and the other every Thursday. I do my second fermentation in empty Grolsch beer bottles. We love experimenting with various flavourings for the second fermentation. So far the apple and ginger seems to be the favourite in our family.
Kombucha has completely replaced fizzy drinks in our house. We have cut sugar completely from our diet since 1 Jan 2016. Lost a lot of weight and feel like a brand new person. I am also doing vegetable fermentation in my crock ordered from Faithful to nature. Kefir is also part of our diet. Really becoming a fermentation funding!
09/05/2016, By Sheena
Led me to invest in this kit. I found the instructions simple and straightforward and already have the second brew under way.

The kit is a great way to start this part of a healthy life,
15/04/2016, By Renate
Looks like I am the only one that thinks the instructions were not THAT clear.. I still had to google somethings here and there. SCOBY is not nice and round (looks a bit beaten) so I am HOPING it will heal itself over time.

very excited tho :)
06/04/2016, By Samantha
I just started the brewing process, very excited to see how it tastes!
20/01/2016, By Margie
So far I am very impressed. The scoby is doing all the things that it must. I am gong to try my first batch today.
27/11/2015, By Alastair
My interest in fermented foods started when I read up about how our guts microflora can influence not just our physical wellbeing, but our mental wellbeing, too.

I chose to begin with this DIY kombucha kit as it offered an easy and cost-effective way to introduce more probiotics into my diet.

Since then and brewing kombucha has totally won me over. I have complete control over the strength of each brew I make (I like mine super strong with minimal sweetness) as well the kind of tea I use (various loose-leaf green and oolong teas being my preferred choice). I find myself having fun making my kombucha batches, and they
e a great conversation starter when folks come around to visit, too!

On the health side, introducing probiotics into my diet has definitely improved various aspects of my wellbeing. And while I can attribute this probiotic regime to kombucha alone, its worth noting that kombucha tea offers different microflora strains than those that are commonly found in capsules and yoghurt cultures.

So if yoghurt and probiotic capsules still leave you with gut issues, then trying out a different source of microflora might be worth trying out. And if you do decide to experiment, kombucha is an easy way to start.
18/11/2015, By Oliver
So I got this as a gift recently and turns out Im the best god damn kombucha chef around! My brews taste amazing and its super cheap and easy to do. The instructions are simple and it feels like Ive got a new best friend as well as a R1,000 of kombucha stashed in my fridge. Epic gift, thanks guys!

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