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Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser

Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser

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Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser
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  • 60ml
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Use this vitamin-rich facial moisturiser as a day or night cream, to hydrate and nourish your skin naturally. The Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser works to improve skin elasticity and clear blemishes, leaving you with a healthy and balanced complexion. The formula includes shea butter, coconut oil, African potato and organic aloe extract, all of which pamper your skin and speed up healing while putting the brakes on signs of ageing. With some daily help from Down to Earth’s rejuvenating moisturiser, you can enjoy soft, supple skin that glows with natural health, and all the confidence that comes with it!

Our strict ingredient policy means that you can always shop according to your values. Every item on FtN is checked to be better for the environment, socially responsible, good for you and free from toxic ingredients.

This natural moisturiser fights the signs of ageing, clears blemishes and soothes irritation, while delivering moisture to keep skin soft and supple.

Down to Earth products are good for you and for the planet:

  • 99% of the Ingredients are from natural origin
  • No petrochemicals, mineral oils or parabens
  • No artificial fragrances or colours
  • PH balanced; won’t irritate the skin
  • Non-greasy, fast absorbing
  • Product packaging is recyclable
  • Formula is biodegradable
  • Formulated to use day and night for weakened, sensitised or mature skin
  • BWC SA; not tested on animals
  • Vegan

How the key ingredients benefit your skin:

  • African potato is a powerful anti-inflammatory with immune-boosting properties; helps to clear blemishes caused by inflammatory conditions such as acne, eczema & psoriasis. The sterols in African potato stimulate cell regeneration.
  • Kigelia promotes firm skin, and helps to lighten pigmentation and reduce blemishes.
  • Evening Primrose oil combats inflammation & provides nourishing EFAs (essential fatty acids).
  • Wheat Germ Oil stimulates the production of new skin cells & gives the skin an antioxidant boost.
  • Avocado Oil is an omega-rich moisturiser that soaks quickly into the skin, where it works to promote healing & regeneration.
  • Aloe Vera is hydrating & soothing, promoting healing & protecting the skin against damage & dryness.
  • Shea fruit oil is a wonderful moisturiser & healing agent, packed with Vitamin E to regenerate the skin & soften the appearance of wrinkles. Gives skin a great elasticity boost.
  • Coconut Oil deeply nourishes the skin & combats dryness. It has an excellent fatty acid profile that makes it a potent healing & anti-ageing ingredient.
  • tea tree & Lavender oil are both antiseptic & anti-inflammatory.
  • Rosemary leaf is antibacterial & also helps to soothe skin irritations.
  • Rose Geranium is great for clarifying oily skin & balancing the complexion.
  • Sunflower Seed Oil is packed with age-defying antioxidants.


  • Gently apply to the face and neck after cleansing, morning and night
  • Store below 25 °C / °77 F away from direct sunlight
  • For best results, use after cleansing with Revive Cleanser.


  • 60ml tube


Please Note: The Palm Oil (Ascorbyl Palmitate) used in this product is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified.

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Overall Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars from 297 reviews

282 out of 297 people would recommend this product

04/05/2024, By Riana
Perfect for my over the sixty skin.
06/03/2024, By Bilqees
Very good product!

Does wonders for my skin!
09/10/2023, By Annemarie
Excellent product. Would definitely recommend.
01/11/2022, By Niva
I love this product. It is an excellent moisturizer and I love the smell. I love the fact that you can use it day and night
16/08/2022, By Sandy
I love this moisturiser, it is very soft and gentle on my skin.
19/01/2022, By Kelly
I have oily and acned mature skin, and this leaves my skin feeling the right amount of nourished, without feeling greasy. It has helped to heal some of my acne, which I am so grateful for. It does not anger the zits :) It smells good, is soft, and soothing.
09/12/2021, By Christie
Deeply moisturizing and gentle on my sensitive skin. I need only apply a tiny pea-sized amount, it spreads that well. It'll last a while, so definitely worthwhile.
04/12/2021, By Elizabeth
So disappointed. This product gave me a red irritation on my neck area. I bought it because it says it won’t irritate the skin! Makes one wonder why only 99% natural ingredients. What is in that additional 1%?
05/11/2021, By Sandy
Lovely product, nice to use!
20/10/2021, By stace
Soothing, non greasy, great for my suuuuper fry skin! Really affordable!
19/10/2021, By Nicole
First time ordering this product. Gentle on the skin, I have very sensitive skin. Use it day and night. Loving it
09/06/2021, By Riana
My daughter recommended it, and after having tried some of hers, I bought my own. I find it soothing and non-greasy.
22/05/2021, By Adri
i’ve changed to this product many years ago and never looked back! Pricewise, good quality and earth friendly! The whole range is to be recommended!
13/05/2021, By [email protected]
I have been using this cream for about a month now and I absolutely love this. I have stubborn skin and this by far has been the only natural cream that hasn't caused any skin irritations or breakouts. I'll definitely recommend this!
22/04/2021, By Stella
This is an excellent product, and gives my skin the moisture needed for the day
11/03/2021, By R
Good product. Bought as gift for my 60+ mom. She was very pleased. "Finally found a natural alternative face moisturiser that works for me".
05/02/2021, By K
I can’t live without this
05/02/2021, By Yolandi
I love this stuff
04/02/2021, By Landi
Perhaps it's to soon to tell, but I like the fact that it's non-greasy which is great for my oily skin. I use it at night
04/02/2021, By Sandy
I am enjoying using this product. It nourishes my skin well.
03/02/2021, By Shireen
Soft and smells wonderful.
30/01/2021, By Esna
Excellent product
26/01/2021, By Shannon
Everytime I use this my entire immediately face starts burning, turns bright red and gets HOT. Was hoping my face would get used to it but it’s way too harsh. I wanted to love this because I really like the down to earth lavender face wash but sadly this cream is not for me :(
21/01/2021, By Fran
A beautiful, non-greasy but feeding moisturiser.
13/12/2020, By Colleen
I have used this product for 3 years now & find it perfect for my dry aging skin. It's super cost effective. Love, love, love it!
12/12/2020, By Vanessa
Good moisturiser for dry skin. I have bought this a few times and I lik it for daytime use.
11/12/2020, By Carmelita
Best find ever, I battled for years to find the perfect product for my problem skin. No irratations and nourishes my skin. I love it
09/12/2020, By Deri-Anne
The African potato soothes my slightly red patches (it is an anti inflammatory) and the cream is nourishing for dry skin.
24/11/2020, By Nicole
I do not enjoy this product, it is too fragrant and irritates my skin.
24/11/2020, By Malini
This is one of the best moisturizers I have found
19/11/2020, By Chloë
Super moisturizing
15/11/2020, By Naledi
14/11/2020, By Joe
29/09/2020, By Saffyre
lovely product
14/09/2020, By TJ
Love this moisturiser. I would recommend.
07/09/2020, By Shereen
Light and very nourishing
31/08/2020, By Barbara
I found the moisturiser a little heavy for day time use (I tend to get shiny very quickly) but it was great as a night cream. It smells great and left my skin feeling soft and natural.
30/08/2020, By Pink
Great value for money. Thick moisturizer but not greasy. I have combination skin and this works perfectly for me.
27/08/2020, By Harriet
Really loving this moisturiser. Good value for what you’re getting out of it. Love that they’re not trying to sell you a night cream and a day cream but have made this for both.
The smell is natural and earthy. No fake fragrance or ingredients.
06/08/2020, By Greenie
22/07/2020, By Bronwen
For my 22 year old daughter - she loves the smell, not too thick and really hydrates the skin
17/07/2020, By Jade
I love how I’m putting natural ingredients into my skin. Great natural fragrance.
14/07/2020, By Leslie
I have just stared using this product, and am impressed with how it makes my skin feel.
03/07/2020, By Bernie
Its a good moisturer! It absorbs very nicely! However I prefer the refresh moisturere
01/07/2020, By Nosibanda
Wasn't amazing for me. Just average - I have drier skin.
19/06/2020, By ~K
Great moisturizer for such an affordable price. It is easily absorbed and leaves my sknib feeling super hydrated.
15/06/2020, By Nicole
Gentle on sensitive skin. You may need something more hydrating in winter but overall not bad.
04/06/2020, By T
Great thickness and freshness. Lasted well and long.
01/06/2020, By Talent
25/05/2020, By Maureen
Bought this for my husband who has oily and sensitive skin. He has been using it for a week or so and says he likes it. Not drying out his skin which needs moisture not more oil.
22/05/2020, By First born
Well sold
21/05/2020, By Brooke
Great moisturizer and good price, just don't love the scent.
20/05/2020, By Nikita
This product caused me to break out and it left my skin with red itchy patches
18/05/2020, By Kellan
15/05/2020, By Jana
Been using this for a bit more than a week now. I personally love the smell. My skin feels really moisturized and soft after using it, and keeps like this throughout the day! I got really dry and sensitive skin normally but I already feel like my skin looks fresher.
11/05/2020, By Marlize
Frangrant ingredients NOT safe
08/05/2020, By Renske
I have combination skin and this product cover all the bases! I look forward to put it on. The smell is fresh organic and the cream isn’t oily, draws into my skin quickly leaving no shine, yet feels soft and luxurious.
04/05/2020, By Marietjie
Received the cleanser as gift and was so impressed by it, that I bought myself the moisturiser to.... And oh my...... Am I impressed with them both !! Wow !! Did not think a natural product could give me such fantastic results..........
04/05/2020, By Raeesah
It's been a week since I used this product and I'm happy with the results thus far. My skin looks so much better.
03/05/2020, By Wendy
My skin felt hydrated and soothed. No burning or greasiness.
01/05/2020, By stacey
So far, so good. I've recently started using this. GREAT price for natural skincare. It absorbs nicely and a little really does go a long way.
15/04/2020, By Jarel
really good product
03/04/2020, By Jacky
Been using this for 4months and definitely will be continuing with it! My skins been great!
03/04/2020, By Anke
Like this moisturizer, it feels great on your skin.
21/03/2020, By Gail
This is my second purchase of this product. I am very happy with it as a daily moisturiser. It is refreshing.
19/03/2020, By Katlego
Although moisturising, I often used to sweat a lot around the nose for the first few minutes after applying this. That happens less often now but hasn't gone away completely. I've been using this for 3 months and it's still very moisturizing for my 29 year old skin which is exactly what I was looking for. Not convinced I'll buy another bottle soon though. I'd like to try out others with a more subtle but fresher scent and no initial sweating on the nose upon application.
12/03/2020, By TamLyn
I have been using this product for over a year now. I have used expensive serums on my face and I will never go back to any other product as my trusted daily moisturiser! Give it a shot and you'll see for yoursef- it leaves your skin moisturised without that oily feeling and it is excellent for sensitive skin.
28/01/2020, By Natilee
Not for mature or dry skin... although it's a nice light moisturiser, it feels like something I would have used in my teens. My thirty-something dry skin still feels "thirsty" after I've used it.
11/01/2020, By Tiah
A good find at this price point. I love the smell, texture and weight of this cream. My skin is enjoying it too.

My only quibble is that it sometimes "gunks" on my face, leaving these incredibly tiny little balls of...something...that I have to flick off. Not had that issue before. But it is a very minor complaint.
10/01/2020, By Nadia
Love this moisturiser. It has a bit of a strange color if one isn’t used to natural products, but that doesn’t bother me at all. Goes in smoothly, smells great and works well as described.
06/01/2020, By Cath
Really great product, clean smell and not too heavy.
28/12/2019, By Helper
Use generously
18/12/2019, By Mary
I started using this after I got a sample and haven't looked back. I LOVE it and nothing I have found in the commercial brands can compare. My skin feels soft and supple and rejuvenated. It's not oily and it feels like my skin is saying "thank last..."
14/12/2019, By Cynthia
Love this product.
14/12/2019, By Eunice
Its barely 2 weeks since I started using Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser and I have already started seeing a difference. I wish I had started using it long back when I heard about it, but I was too scared to be dissapointed so I didn't. I tried to solve my skin problem with some leading cosmetic company product that contains chemicals and it made my skin worse, I developed a thick DARK layer on the areas surrounding my nose. My eyes wouldn't stop tearing each time I applied the cream, especially during the day. I almost thought I was going to lose my sight as my eye condition was worsening. I decided to dump the cream and started using FTN products, the Maruketti brightening serum, Greenways Natural herbal Moisturiser, FTN organic shea butter and finally Down to Earth Revive Moisturiser and cleanser. I saw a big change on the texture of my skin, its soft, supple and is also glowing. My eyes stopped tearing too, then I knew the culprit. I will never use chemical based moisturisers on my skin again, organic all the way!
12/12/2019, By Wendy
Easily absorbed and leaves skin feeling soft and supple. My skin definitely feels softer and more moisturised.
11/12/2019, By Vanessa
Fantastic moisturiser! This is the second time I have bought this, and I am still in awe of the results.
02/12/2019, By Carmy
Had to purchase this, after I received it as a sample.. Nourishes my skin without that heavy feeling, plus it helped my eczema.
30/11/2019, By Sonja
One thing ... this tribe Know how to make the Perfect Cream ! Smell great, and my little girl get to put it on my face so lovingly ... cause it’s organic ????
30/11/2019, By Tj
The most amazing moisturizer I've come across. Nothing ever works well for me but this works excellently for my skin.
16/11/2019, By Gaynor
Love this moisturizer! Very impressed!
13/11/2019, By Vanessa
Absolutely love this moisturiser! I have dry skin with sun damage, and this really seems to suit my skin so well. It also looks like the sun spots have lightened somewhat and the redness is not so pronounced. Highly recommend!
08/11/2019, By Jo
lovely smelling and all natural
26/10/2019, By Pippa
I was looking for a product for an oily but sun damaged skin - have found it. Smooth and creamy without being cloying. Also has a natural, herbal smell which appeals to me. Great product.
22/10/2019, By Wendy
New to the product, and can say I really enjoy it, leaves my skin silky smooth and moisturised. It absorbs well and does not leave a shine on the face.
16/10/2019, By Nevleen
Good product and great for oily skin. Doesn’t leave the skin looking oily. Good with problem skins i.e. acne
16/10/2019, By Gail
This is a lovely creamy moisturiser, but it is absorbed easily. Leaves my skin soft and relaxed.
14/10/2019, By Dominique
A light and non-greasy face cream that absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling great. I love that it has kigelia in it as I have sun damaged skin.
10/10/2019, By MK
Fresh earthy smell (which I love), it's light and absorbs quickly (not oily). Keeps my skin happy and looking good. A little goes a long way!
28/09/2019, By Serena
This is the moisturizer I have purchased. I have sensitive skin and works really well. Doesn’t leave skin oily and absorbs quickly.
17/09/2019, By S
Absorbs well and long lasting
11/09/2019, By Dina
Husband is quit impress with the product
08/09/2019, By Carien
Rich but not greasy. Absorbs well.
02/09/2019, By Hanlie
This really works for and night!
08/08/2019, By Donna
Have been buying this for a while now and still love it! I use it twice a day and my skin always feel so great after using it. And has a lovely fresh smell! The only time I don't use it is if my skin is SUPER dry (then facial oil is probably better) but otherwise can't complain!
05/08/2019, By Chelle
I had left a review of this product about a month ago, but i would need to provide an update now that i have been using it for about a month. I find that the moisturiser doesn't wear well under my foundation as it kinda 'separates' as the day progresses.
It is fantastic as a night cream though as its wonderfully hydrating and leaves my skin beautifully soft and smooth and hydrated. I have dry skin. BUT not great under makeup. Just thought i'd update my review not that I've used it consistently for the past month.
03/08/2019, By Nicola
Great smelling but not good for my dry and sensitive skin
18/07/2019, By Chilli
I've reordered this after first buying to try out. It's a great moisturiser that absorbs quickly and wears great under makeup as well. I will definitely keep using it.
06/07/2019, By Chelle
This moisturiser delivers on what it says it does !
I have dry skin which is exacerbated during wintertime.
I find this moisturiser hydrating and soothing.
Also wears really well under makeup.
A little goes a long way.
Also absorbs quickly without any sticky residue.
The cherry on the top is that it is organic without any of the nasties!
18/06/2019, By Dominique
INCREDIBLE! Leaves my skin feeling so plump and healthy. A perfect natural moisturizer. Will buy again.
13/06/2019, By Annwyn
This is a non-greasy, gentle product. Moisturising without making my skin oily. I've only just started using it; so long-term benefits are yet to be seen.
30/05/2019, By Pink
I’ve recently changed over from Dermatologica to the Revive Moisturizer. I loved Dermatologica but it’s quite pricey. The Revive moisturizer works just as well. I use this as a night cream as it’s feel quite rich on my skin. I’ll be sticking with this one for a while.
27/05/2019, By Shaun
I received a small sample tub of this product a few months ago (summer months) but didn't use it because I found it really thick, but I recently ran out of my normal moisturizer and decided to use this because it was all I had. I really enjoyed it and because it's almost winter my skin is drier and this product keeps my skin moisturised and soft. It truly is a revive moisturiser and used it all up and I know I am on this page ready to purchase the full size. I haven's seen any of my pigmentation lighten but to be fair, the main purpose of this product is providing moisture which it does.
25/05/2019, By Didi
I love this moisturiser and the way it makes my skin feel. Not very keen on the smell, but after some use, I am now used to it. Will defnitely buy it again.
13/05/2019, By alison
Lovely moisturizer for mature skin. Provides a good base for make up
06/05/2019, By Riza
Not sure I'm loving this product, had some breakouts..
28/04/2019, By Sindy
Not sure why this product disagreed with my skin. I thought I'd try it for the colder months but I ended up with severe breakouts.
28/04/2019, By JM
I have been using this wonderful moisturizer for a while now, it it does indeed revive my mature skin, which is now looking great.... Definite 5 stars!
24/04/2019, By Jenna-Lee
Flipping brilliant product for all skin types. I have acne and it's helping with that. My mom and dad love it too (for mature skin) and then safe on children too. I would give it a try.
17/04/2019, By Donna
Can't remember how many times I have ordered this - it's my go-to moisturizer and I wouldn't even think of switching to a different product!
16/04/2019, By J
It's like a good guy ex. After a while I missed it and had to order again.
This is my second review, at first I didn't think it would be enough for me.. but it's seasonal change now and I still love it. I use it along with a more rich lotion on occasions and then the other green one from this brand plus tissue oil
27/03/2019, By Ginette
Great, not too oily and spreads well
18/03/2019, By Ching
I have a very dry skin type. I use this to replace my previous moisturiser and love it. I'm using my second bottle now.
14/03/2019, By Mal
Pleasantly surprised at how well it works. My skin is not left oily but feels moisturised
11/03/2019, By Laura
I have been using this product for about just over a week and my skin is feeling great. I have struggled in the past with either my skin too dry or oily and this moisturizer has given me the balance I've been looking. And bonus it is free from all those nasty chemicals!!
27/02/2019, By Michaele
Great product and amazing earthy smell.
26/02/2019, By Nerisee
Great moisturiser. It is rich enough and my skin feels very soothed while using it.
22/02/2019, By Anique
This product soothes my sometimes pink face. It just seems to calm it down. I love it.
15/02/2019, By Rochelle
My skin has never been softer and more radiant.Used it twice so far .I am impressed!
22/01/2019, By A
Soothing, antibacterial. Perfect for acne.
21/01/2019, By Amanda
Moisturizing and leaves skin well hydrated,not yet seen a difference in my spots as I've been using it for only 3 days.
17/01/2019, By Aviv
Got this as a tester, it is gel-like and sticky. But once on the skin does absorb fully and leave the skin feeling hydrated. Personally I cannot use it on my face as I am mildly allergic to Aloe. But otherwise seems like a good product.
04/01/2019, By Nadette
Love the smell. Hydrates your skin instantly. Nice cooling effect
04/01/2019, By Ginny
I find this cream is smooth and creamy. A little goes a long way. It is definitely for a mature skin as it gives a lot of moisture.
02/01/2019, By Cynthia
This Moisturiser is wonderful! It has a thick consistency without it feeling too thick on your skin. I love this product and will definitely recommend it!
28/12/2018, By Sindy
I was a bit skeptical at first as I hadn't used it before. I recently moved to an area where my facial skin would peel because the air is so dry. i started using this cream an peeling woes are a thing of the past.

It leaves the skin soft, blemish free and oil free.
27/12/2018, By Jem
My skin does love this product, sinks in quickly and the slight tint doesnt show on my skin at all. It is however something i would only use in summer as it just wouldnt be enough for very dry skin conditions. I use it alongside a sheabutter lotion when my skin needs a little more. Over all I'd say it feels nourishing and worth the buy.
22/12/2018, By Stella
I love this product - I have dry skin which feels well moisturised all day, even though I love in very hot Limpopo. The product also allows my skin to breathe when its humid, which is essential. Love the fragrance too.
13/12/2018, By Liesl
I have very oily acne prone skin, I use it at night, its too oily for me as a day cream, but it really does make a difference.
06/12/2018, By Noms
This cream feels great and smells lovely too.
Overtime I use it I feel like I am pampering myself :)
05/12/2018, By Fran
Ek bestel hierdie room nou gereeld.
Dit absorbeer vinnig en jou vel voel gevoed. Vir 'n droë vel moet dit dalk meermale aangewend word.
05/12/2018, By oo
Been using for over a year with excellent results. Thank you for also packaging in a squeeze bottle, less likelihood to dry out!
04/12/2018, By Charlene
Perfect for my mature sensitive skin; love how it makes my skin feel :)
03/12/2018, By Janice
Leaves skin feeling moisturized and healthy
01/12/2018, By Elle
A nice and light cream that is convenient for everyday use. It doesn't clog my pores but also doesn't dry out my skin and friends have commented that my skin looks visibly different.
30/11/2018, By pearlene
I use it has a night cream, very moisturizing
30/11/2018, By Carrie
Great moisturizer, only one that has helped my husbands face.
24/11/2018, By TT
A must for everyday moisturizing!
23/11/2018, By A
Got this on a special, when I purchased the Down to earth potato cream
Very happy with it that I’m now ordering more
21/11/2018, By Giulia
I tried a sample of this and liked it, then was lucky enough to receive it on a special for buying the African Potato cream (which I also love). I find that it really does its job, works very well for my skin.
19/11/2018, By Melissa
I have found since the product changed from the tub ( which I have used for the past 9 months) that my skin seems to be more irritated - a lot more itchy post application as well as a little more red..Not sure if it has more lavender oil in it. Also it seems to be have changed in texture from the tub. I do noticed the name change from tired skin to mature skin. So I assume a formula change. It works fine for my husband. Am a little sad that it changed.
12/11/2018, By Alice
I got this as a sample and it felt too oily at the touch, so I first tried it as a night cream. It's actually not oily at all. After a few minutes it gets absorbed and I found that it leaves an even skin tone. I have now bought it, and I use it regularly as day cream after applying the serum Liquid Gold
31/10/2018, By Monique
Received a sample and have been using it on my cracked heels - i don't want to speak too soon but i think it seems to be working! I'm not too fond of all the ingredients in here but i'm guessing it beats ordinary store-bought heel cream...It's a nice easy to apply lotion and doesn't feel oily
23/10/2018, By Nerisee
This is a smooth and gentle moisturiser. It is very moisturising without being oily or greasy.
22/10/2018, By Lynn
This moisturizer feels so lovely on my skin. I've paid a fortune in the past for brands that are not nearly as effective and beautiful as this.
19/10/2018, By Nur
Received as a sample... still using the sample and already ordered a tube. I use it at bedtime to maximise the time it's on my skin. I love it! My skin feels healthy and moisturiser.
18/10/2018, By Tania
Super impressed with this moisturiser, definitely ordering again!
18/10/2018, By Janice
Great addition of face regime
12/10/2018, By Donna
I have bought this product a few times and will continue to forever! The only moisturizer that really absorbs well, leaves the skin feeling fresh and hydrated, and smells lovely!
08/10/2018, By Steph
I absolutely love this cream! Have been looking for something super rich and friendly to our animals for a long long time. My husband however, has eczema on his face and finds it a bit too hectic. No idea why that would be.
25/09/2018, By Linn
This cream unfortunately both moisturises and irritates my skin. My skin feels hydrated, but is also red after application. I would encourage people to try it and see how it works for them, but for me, unfortunately it does not work so well.
13/09/2018, By Julie
I use this product day and night. It's really light and fresh and absorbs quickly into the skin with no greasy residue. I would love to have it back in tub form. I find it is slightly runnier now and it messes in the lid of the plastic tube. How about a small glass jar to reduce plastic use?
10/09/2018, By Amiena
Absorbs quickly into my skin, non greasy, matt finish. LOVE the fact that it's all 100% of the ingredients and NOT tested on animals.
In a tube which you can throw into your handbag. I use it day and night on my very sensitive skin. Not the best smelling moisturizer because it does not contain any artificial fragrances or colours. I'll definitely buy it again.
23/08/2018, By Barbra
perfect for oily skin
13/08/2018, By Lynn
One of my favorite ever beauty products. My skin looks and feels gorgeous
11/08/2018, By Raquel
It smells very earthy. My skin just absorbs it in. The perfect moisturiser for oily skin.
06/08/2018, By Claire
Flipping love this! the clay feeling makes me feel refreshed and awake! Although my partner who has exzema found this too drying for his skin, but it works wonderfully for my combo skin
30/07/2018, By M
Love this product, I've ordered it several times. Great for problem skin / burns / sunburn / after-shave rash / etc. Always have this in my home.
24/07/2018, By Zaan
This moisturizer is amazing, my husband and i swear by it! Leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Not oily at all. Really good product
13/07/2018, By Danya
I like the smell and texture. It's a really great moisturiser. Would love to buy it in something other than plastic though.
12/07/2018, By Tracy
It's great because it it's oily. I do prefer the tub instead of the tube.
12/07/2018, By Donna
A great night cream. Smells lovely, absorbs and hydrates really well!
12/07/2018, By Mich
This is a lovely cream, my first application was scary though because my skin was so dry (winter skin) around my lips .. as soon as I put it on for the first time it flared up red on the dry parts with a tingeling sensation, but after a few minutes it went a way feeling moisturised and soft. Never happened again and its the first moisturiser for me that doesnt leave my skin oily or sticky ! Very nice ! Thank you
11/07/2018, By Bridget
Great for dry skin!
11/07/2018, By CG
Love the cream though I do miss the jar packaging. I know a tube is more hygienic but still..... A nice everyday cream.
10/07/2018, By David
My new favourite face cream. Smells awesome, leaves my skin and beard soft with out that white residue like other face cream. Best of all cruelty free
07/07/2018, By Nelly
With it being winter, I was looking for a moisturiser for my dry skin and this seems to be doing a good job so far. I think people with normal/oily skin may find it heavy but it works well on my dry skin in this cold.
03/07/2018, By Kaye
This product smells absolutely gorgeous on my skin and protects my face from make up and impurities. I use it as both day and night cream.
02/07/2018, By Fran
My skin tends to feel dry easily. This moisturizer is really good and my skin feels moisturized and firm.
30/06/2018, By Min
Love this cream
29/06/2018, By K-k
Smells heavenly! Absorbs quickly and works wonders for my skin! I am left glowing.
25/06/2018, By Meegan
I just bought this and am really enjoying it. I love the smell, and it's not too oily or heavy. It's been great as a night cream.
20/06/2018, By Megs
The product is a gentle moisturizer that leaves your face feeling soft and well nourished.
19/06/2018, By Talita
I love this moisturiser! My skin feels great!
18/06/2018, By Rene
It took some time for my skin to get used to, as with almost any product I’ve used. But now that I’ve been using it for a few months I can really feel how my skin just loves this moisturiser.
I combine it with Natraloe gel for my night routine. Definitely a keeper!
14/06/2018, By Stephanie
This moisturiser is good value for money. It has a pleasant smell and is easily absorbed. I used it at night and in the day (together with SPF). I like that it is cruelty free and made in South Africa.
14/06/2018, By Cat
I love this cream! Its great as a day cream, as it feels light but still moisturizing. Especially for summer, as my skin gets REALLY dry in Joburg winters, so I add a few drops of jojoba or argon oil. But I love it, love the smell and will definitely buy it again!
11/06/2018, By Nettie
A nice deep penetrating moisturiser to use the whole year, but more so for winter time. My skin is not so dry and feels well nourished so far this winter.
08/06/2018, By Calli
This moisturizer is not at all oily. It is great for dry skin, and works especially well on my forehead, which gets very dry in the winter. You only need to use a small amount at a time so it lasts for ages. It also smells really fresh and lovely. I am so happy with this product!
14/05/2018, By Tracy
I love this moisturiser and keep coming back for more. I love that it does not leave a residue after applying it.
27/04/2018, By Annette
This is a great cream for clearing up breakouts or small patches of eczema. I dont find it nourishing enough for my skin in winter though, more suited to summer use.
14/04/2018, By Carrie
This is the only cream that has helped my husbands skin on his face, has reduced the redness and dryness. Best cream ever!
08/04/2018, By Coll
Awesome moisturiser for really dry skin. Loving it!
28/03/2018, By Impressed
Works well to moisturise
26/03/2018, By Stevie
Very creamy. Makes my skin abit dry when I first apply it but I know that it's all good stuff going into my skin!
25/03/2018, By Donna
Second time ordering this one and still so in love with it! Love everything about it - feeling, smell, texture - and it really leaves my skin hydrated throughout the day and night! Perfect for under make-up too - not oily or thick!
25/03/2018, By Claudette
This cream is a wonderful moisturiser and it's all natural. No greasiness and I love that it is both a day AND night cream. Only been using it for a week so can't yet comment on whether
21/03/2018, By Ashlea
I've been using this product for over a year now, maybe two. When I first started using this product it also made my skin tingle but I must be used to it now. I add a little bit of a balm to it as I find this moisturizer soaks into your skin so well it doesn't feel like you have moisturizer on, and if you add more it cakes and comes off if you touch your face- and since the moisturizer is brown it looks like dirt.
The ingredients are great. I haven't found it necessarily help with breakouts, though I only get the odd one around that time of the month, but doesn't help clear it up.
13/03/2018, By Sinethemba
it helps but it makes my skin tone a bit darker. but realy helps with acne.
12/03/2018, By Natascha
Skin products usually cause my skin to break out or leave it feeling dry-this cream is light and I haven't had a single problem with it so far, my dark marks are also fading. Very good for angry and inflamed skin, it calms it right down. I love it!
02/03/2018, By Linda
Nice smell and leaves your skin feeking fresh
01/03/2018, By Ilse
This is such a fantastic moisturiser! Have very sensitive skin and it leave my skin feeling soft and nourished. Great smell and love the little tickle at the start!
27/02/2018, By Lynn
It feels almost earthy, with a natural softness that I've never experienced before in a moisturizer. Lovely product.
19/02/2018, By Marihan
Lovely moisturiser, great for sensitive skin
12/02/2018, By René
The slight tingle right at the start let me know right away - this is good!! I’m super impressed by this moisturizer and would recommend it to absolutely anyone. It’s soft, moisturising and effective. Great buy!
12/02/2018, By Amy
I started using this in my daily routine just two weeks ago and I already love it! It's hydrating enough for 30-something skin but light enough not to be greasy or make me break out. Smells great too!
06/02/2018, By Rene
Great product, clears the dark marks and age spots on my skin. It also leaves my skin feeling soft and glow.
30/01/2018, By Mel
Does not leave a layer on my skin, it is absorbed very quickly. I apply it post a run and my skin feels nourished and healed post sun exposure.
Love the fact that I just need one cream for day & night which is also cost effective for me. A little goes a long way.
22/01/2018, By Karien
What an amasing day/night cream! I have super sensitive skin which tends to be oily and this cream works like a dream. And I love the subtle smell!
19/01/2018, By MK
Crazy about this moisturiser! Best I've used in years. After just one week my skin looks and feels better than it has since high school. Very impressed! Love how it can be used as both day and night cream. Light feel and absorbs fast. Please don't ever ever ever stop making this product!!
17/01/2018, By Nicole
I love this cream, smells great and makes my skin feel amazing! Both my husband and I are using this cream.
15/01/2018, By Bron
Don't be put off by the slight earthy smell or the color! It's a great moisturizer. It goes on well and soaks in. After just 1 application I could feel that my skin was a lot softer. It also worked well on healing some patches of eczema I had.
09/01/2018, By KJ
Excellent for dry skin. I received it as a sample and have loved using this to heal skin and to give an extra moisture boost.
08/01/2018, By Megan Organic Machine
Amazing! Excellent for oily skin and calms acne too. Love the natural scent of it.
24/12/2017, By Astrid
I apply this every morning and every night, after I have washed my face, and it has done wonders. It keeps my skin moisturised and in tact, and the smell is so wonderful, I feel like nature follows me.
22/12/2017, By Tanweer
My favourite moisturiser by far (comparing it to very expensive brands I've used before)! Leaves my skin feeling soft and healthy. Light and easily absorbed therefore leaving no shine or oily residue. I've been using it for a month and I can see that my acne marks are slowly starting to fade. Great natural smell too!
20/12/2017, By Lindie
Very heavy on my skin. makes my skin feel sticky. might try it again in the winter.
16/12/2017, By Nicole
Love this moisturiser. Not greasy and leaves skin feeling soft.
13/12/2017, By Tracy
I have experienced many natural face creams that still leave your skin feeling dry. This is moisturises my skin well!
11/12/2017, By Nicole
I really like this cream and I love the way it smells. Absorbs nicely and doesn't leave an oily residue.
06/12/2017, By Lisa
Keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day.
05/12/2017, By Justine
I love this cream. Its light weight and easily absorbs into the skin. Brilliant!
05/12/2017, By Ruby
Great feel on skin. Definitely worth using.
04/12/2017, By Tam
This product is great for tired skin, and even helps with my pigmentation
02/12/2017, By Sam
Amazing cream, really makes skin feel good. Just wish it had a SPF
01/12/2017, By Nicole
Bought this product on special. So glad I did.
It's great. I have oily Skin - this cream leaves my skin feel moisturized without leaving it oily and greasy.
Great product.
24/11/2017, By Cam
I use this product over my acne treatment at night and during the day when I am not wearing foundation. It is just perfect in terms of moisture. It does tingle after application but that fades. I wake up with soft soothed skin. This cream along with Black Moroccan soap and Regenerating Aloe gel (all from F2N) has been so good for my face. My acne is healing and the scars are fading. I had really bad pigmentation on my neck which has completely disappeared. I hope this product never gets discontinued, as I cannot go back to expensive store bought stuff.
20/11/2017, By Lee
Happy to have this healthier alternative. Good price.
06/11/2017, By Wanda
I use this mostly as a night cream for deep hidration
28/10/2017, By Lauren
This product works well. It absorbs into my skin really well so it leaves my skin almost dry and feels bit tight, although it does moisturise. The texture is a bit granular so doesn't feel incredibly luxurious on my skin but it's good value for the price.
21/10/2017, By Ronelle
I am so glad I bought when on special, and I got 3! I love it. I have an oily skin, and I find this is just right for me.
19/10/2017, By Elzaan
I love this product, I use it every morning and it has a nice tint so no need for foundation. Just don't leave it open as it dries out.
13/10/2017, By Jennifer Jsmine
Not rich enough , irritated my skin and my partners . The sampler was richer so I bought 2 tubs and now to return one of the tubs , I must pay the courier .
Hassle !
12/10/2017, By moira
I use this everyday as my morning moisturizer. I do however have to add a few drops of my homemade night serum of marula, moringa, Ximenia, baobab, Maracuja, kalahari melon and sacha inchi oils for additional moisture as my skin is on the dry side.
11/10/2017, By rochelle
I love this product and brand. Has really improved my skin. I use it on my really sensitive skin and it's done wonders.
09/10/2017, By Clara
A wonderful moisturiser, absorbs easily, non-greasy and leaves the skin comfortable. Smells so natural.
09/10/2017, By Shanice
My combination skin loves this moisturizer!!! It combats oiliness and soothes sensitive skin. My blemishes have been markedly reduced. Won't do without this.
06/10/2017, By Mare
This is a great product at a very affordable price.
04/10/2017, By Kelebogile
I don't think ill ever change this product my skin feels very soft and looks healthy; really help out a lot with my acne; i just wish it could help with the scars they slow to heal; but it really works wonders for the skin.
02/10/2017, By Ruth
This is a great product and I would gladly continue using it. However it has no SPF which is a must for me and my daily work.
02/10/2017, By Dawn
Absolutely loving this product - I can see such a difference in such a short period of time.
02/10/2017, By Majubere
Got this as a sample with my last order and love it. I use it over my homemade oil serum and it helps the oils absorb into my skin. Doesn't clog pores and even helps with pigmentation. Just ordered a tub.
29/09/2017, By SunStar
Disapointed!! This left my skin feeling really dry and taut. Found nothing moisturising about it at all. Persevered for 2 days and on day 3 my skin started peeling it was so dry. After reading all the reviews I bought this on the special so I'm sitting with 3 jars of it.
29/09/2017, By SunStar
Disapointed!! This left my skin feeling really dry and taut. Found nothing moisturising about it at all. Persevered for 2 days and on day 3 my skin started peeling it was so dry.
29/09/2017, By Kelebogile
Im on my second bottle, this is the best moisturiser ever.
25/09/2017, By Stephnie
My skin has been enjoying this moisturiser! I find that this absorbs into the skin quite quickly and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and nourished. Great base for make-up. And it definitely has helped to control and soothe blemishes. I am onto my second tub and will definitely be buying again
20/09/2017, By Mimi
Colour and texture take some getting used to but the moisturiser does as it promises. I find it a bit drying so i ensure that i hydrate my skin using rose water just before applying it...that makes a huge difference.
19/09/2017, By Sue
I was initially put off when I saw that the moisturizer is beige in color, but after a few days convinced myself to try it. I have since used 3 tubs already and have no intention of changing brands anytime soon. I use it all over my body (including on my face). My skin absorbs it very quickly and it does not leave an oily residue. Once absorbed it also does not rub off on clothes so does not leave stains like your foundation or base does.
18/09/2017, By Tuduetso
Love this product. I'm using it as a night cream. It is a first product that has really worked for me. The blemishes are slowly fading, and my skin is brighter and feel smooth and alive. I believe my search for the right moisturizer has come to an end.
13/09/2017, By Nicole
Great moisturiser for all skin types. I have suffered from problem skin for a long time. This moisturiser is soothing and really does clear any blemishes. This is a product that you can always find in my home.
09/09/2017, By Jenny
I have used this for a month now and it has changed mine and my partner's skin in such a noticeable and wonderful way. It is very nourishing and moisturising. I also used it on my hands where I had some eczema and it dried it up in a couple of days, where I normally struggle for weeks.
08/09/2017, By Kaylah
Thank you Faithful to Nature I FINALLY found something that works for me! great for sensitive skin.
08/09/2017, By DM
This product is ok, feels good at first, however tends to tighten my skin, then my skin gets really oily after awhile. I already have oily skin so perhaps its not the best product for such conditions.
05/09/2017, By Sam
I have been struggling with hormonal imbalance for months which resulted in terrible breakouts, while the product didn't clear the problem it helped to reduce the scarring and calm the skin. It doesn't leave my skin feeling oily like other products and use it day and night.
05/09/2017, By TAMARIND
My skin has never looked better. I use this as my night cream. The smell takes some getting used to, however the benefits far out-weight the 'natural' scent.
03/09/2017, By H
Despite the strange colour and slightly strange smell, this product is wonderful. No oily trace on the skin and my skin feels lovely afterwards.
17/08/2017, By Sasha W
The feeling on my skin is great, it doesn't clog my pores, and I've noticed my complexion is looking great! I highly recommend this one. The price is also a winner.
14/08/2017, By Judith
I was looking for an "interim" product while I was on holiday and before starting a product developed by a local dermatologist. Well, I have been blown away - an little "dry" spot on my forehead has disappeared and I find it very moisturizing, yet light. Initially used it day and night, now only during the day as using a different product at night - not for any negative reason, I really rate this product!
14/08/2017, By Kele
I've been using this cream for a month now I must say my skin feels soft and it glows, but it hasn't got rid of my blemishes yet and I must say that I'm very disappointed that it doesn't have any SPF and I don't know what sunscreen to use as my skin is prone to breakouts.
14/08/2017, By Elzemike
Enlarged pores and pigmented skin do not stand a chance with this moisturiser. Fabulous blackhead fighter! I have many friends who use this to improve dark pigmentation under their eyes as well.
13/08/2017, By Nicole
This moisturiser is just lovely! It has a beautiful lavender scent and is not too thick, but is still highly moisturising. I wake up in the morning with smooth skin that feels great. It has a brownish colour, but it does not tint the skin at all.
10/08/2017, By Ang
Makes me break out.
07/08/2017, By Lindie
It is early days, so I can not yet review the results of using this cream.
I find it to be a slightly sticky gel in comparison to a creamy, soothing moisturiser, which I prefer. I find it lacks the luxurious feel I require of a cream when applying it to my skin. I do however understand that it might be preferable if you have an oily skin.
01/08/2017, By Linda
A wonderful non-sticky moisturizer that draws into the skin leaving it soft, but non-greasy. I keep it in the fridge because of the summer heat, and when I apply it, i's cold and soothing at the same time.
28/07/2017, By Tessa
This moisturiser has helped to get rid of dry, red patches of skin (on my face) where nothing else seemed to work. It has also improved the look of the rest of my skin. However, by itself it's not entirely moisturising enough. I use it with a little oil mixed in.
19/07/2017, By Shannin
I've been using this as my night cream for about 2 weeks now and am very happy with this product. It is not at all greasy which is great for my oily skin but still feels highly moisturizing and nourishing on my skin. The price is great too.
15/07/2017, By Talita
I have bought this moisurizer 3 times now and I really like it.
07/07/2017, By Cailin
Hi There

I just wanted to thank you so much for the sample you sent me with my last order! The revive moisturiser.
I have very sensitive skin and normally use La Mer. I was still waiting for my La Mer moisturiser which I normally buy from Europe as it doen't cost an arm and a leg there like it does here, anyway I was waiting for it when I received that sample. I normally don't try skin products on account of my very sensitive skin, well I took a chance on Revive and it did wonders for my skin! I have always had great skin, but being 6 months post-partum at the moment my hormones are wreaking havoc with it right now and this sample came at just the right time! I'm sold on it!

Thanks so much
03/07/2017, By Di
i've been using this cream for over a year and my skin looks and feels fabulous. I love the matt texture and the subtle fragrance. It absorbs intantly into my skin and I'm good to go all day, even in the harsh Highveld winter.
26/06/2017, By Sarah
I have given this product some time, but I just cant like it. It leaves my skin feeling tight and not at all moisturized.
19/06/2017, By Lara
This cream does indeed revive the skin - and it's more affordable than some of the other natural moisturisers. I'm delighted to have discovered it.
13/06/2017, By Tania
Once you get past the odd smell, this cream is lovely.
27/05/2017, By Wadey
My skin never felt so soft and looked so clear.
Will be a regular user from now on.
24/01/2017, By Viana
This is one of the best moisturisers Ive bought from FTN and I have bought this several times now.
It works really nice for my dry skin and doesn cause any irritation. Also helps with occasional acne.
06/12/2016, By Angie
This is the 3rd time Im buying this moisturizer - love it!
My skin is definitely clearer and smoother.
It also works as a nice base under makeup.
Highly recommended!
30/11/2016, By Sinethemba
Been using this product for more that 2 months and it really helped brighten my complexion. Blemishes have also reduced. I would recommend this product. Its a life saver.
10/11/2016, By Benita
I have old blemishes and new ones. My skin has been a sensitive issue for me since high school (now 28). Being a black girl, I have oily skin which causes breakouts plus I get blemishes easily! I have been using this product for almost a month and I haven seen changes as yet. I normally chuck out products after using them for 1-2 months but I am determined to use it to the last bit of cream left, and if it works, I will do another review (I promise). And if I don and this is the only review of mine here, then know that it didn work and that Im trying something else!
05/11/2016, By Tania
I was expecting more of a hydrating cream, when it dries on your face it makes your skin feel tight. It has a herbal type of smell, don personally like it too much, and when dry it leaves a brownish colour sometimes.
25/10/2016, By Caren
My daughter has battled to find a cream for years for her sensitive skin, she has eczema , after using this cream for the first time she hasn stopped raving, i have now purchased a tub for my teenage son who battles with acne,after using it for two weeks teamed with the Earth sap Tea tree face wash the difference is unbelievable.
24/10/2016, By Lynn
Unfortunately this cream left my skin feeling tight. After using it for a week I got a few spots on my face. I have really sensitive skin so I guess there is something in it I don tolerate well.
06/10/2016, By Martie
I have tried everything, from natural to pharmaceutical products. My skin always gets dull and dead, but with Down to Earth Revive Moisturizer it is truly in the name - REVIVE. I would recommend this for every skin type if you have blemishes or not. This is one of the best products on the market, probably my top rated product ever
15/09/2016, By Sandy
I can explain how much I love this face cream. My skin has never looked or felt better.
14/09/2016, By Isabel
After two weeks I can see a remarkable difference in my skin texture. The skin on my face looks younger and healthier. I have hormonal breakouts on my back and used it there also. I can see a noticeable difference on my back. I love this cream, the texture and the smell. I do feel however that I need an extra moisture cream or serum to go with it at night, but I believe that is due to the dry highveld air. Overall am I
very impressed, and will definitely keep on using it.
11/09/2016, By Caitlin
I received this as a sample, used it for two weeks and my skin is looking fantastic.

It will definitely be a regular purchase.
23/08/2016, By Christelle
This stuff is one of the best products I have come across. It has a bit of a strong herbal smell, but it absorbs quickly and easily and my skin has never been more blemish-free. Highly recommended!
08/08/2016, By Petra
Very easily absorbed, non greasy and nourishing.
19/07/2016, By Esmaré
I have been very happy with this product and love the smell and feel and how easy it gets absorbed into my skin. It doesn use a lot of product to get a smooth moisturised skin.
06/06/2016, By coralie
This is a great day and night cream with a very neutral fragrance. I find that i moisturizes my combination skin well without leaving it either dry nor oily. The texture is quite rich and a little grainy but the feeling doesn last and my skin absorbs the cream well and quickly. Will purchase again.
03/06/2016, By Elize
This face cream is great!
Gets absorbed quickly and feels nice and soft.
The smell is a little unusual, but you get used to it.
Once the cream has been absorbed by your skin, no smell remains.
13/05/2016, By Kim
I have looked long and hard for the best day and night cream, at an affordable price. I am over the moon with the Down to Earth product range.

I have tried the African Potato cream, although I don have severely problematic skin, I did struggle with an oily complexion. I found it left my skin so soft with a matte finish and cleared up my blemishes. Unlike stronger products I have tried, which strip my skin of its natural oils, leaving it very dry.

I didn like the smell of the African potato but could never find the revive moisturizer in store. I don know why the stores don seem to stock it. Its a FANTASTIC product and smells beautiful. I would recommend selling samples in stores, I think its one of those products that needs to be experienced to be appreciated!

Its not as thick as the African potato, which I prefer (and no strong smell), yet comes with all the added benefits of the African potato and so much more. I love the addition of prim rose oil, its not too much that my skin is left oily but enough to just gently coat the skin. I was so thrilled to discover the combination of ingredients used such as aloe and coconut oil and can honestly say that my skin is left looking radiant and feeling silky soft. Also evens my skin tone and clears away blemishes.

I am thrilled and will be sticking with revive moisturizer as my day and night cream - all in one!

07/05/2016, By Heather
My sensitive skin has responded well to this moisturiser. I may need something a little richer for the winter months but it is perfect for summer. Light but nourishing and no clogged pores or irritation. It has also improved blemishes. I will keep using this.
30/03/2016, By Jennifer
Not only can I use this moisturiser day and night, without my skin becoming oily, but its also greatly improved my overall skin tone. My pigmentation is much less noticeable, and my skin looks glowingly healthy! Love!
09/02/2016, By Suzanne
Die room help beslis met die bevegting van aknee en verstopte poriee (my vel het skielik besluit om homself soos n tienervel te gedra) maar dit is ongelukkig nie opgewasse om genoeg vog te versorg vir my 30plus kombinasievel nie.
It helps fight the acne and blackheads that have suddenly decided to reappear on my 30plus skin, but unfortunately it isn actually hydrating enough for my combination skin. For any skin type other than oily, use in conjunction with a richer cream.
08/02/2016, By Roxanne
I wish I had the option to give this product more stars! I am SO fussy about what I use on my skin. This makes my skin feel supple, without feeling oily. It smells great and has a clay-like colour. Try it - you won regret it!
03/02/2016, By Genevieve
This review is based on someone with an oily T zone, Im in my 20s and I live in a dry climate.

I went through a 3 month bad patch with my skin and this face cream helped my blemishes clear away and soothed irritated skin. It also absorbs quickly and works well underneath makeup. I am use to spending a lot on face products like Environ and San Soucis, so this product is a whole lot of bang for your buck! Far better quality than anything youd find in a Dischem or Clicks too.
02/02/2016, By Adrienne
This is the perfect moisturizer to use under makeup. It leaves my skin with a matt finish, so I can apply base immediately after, without it all sliding off my t-zone. I also find it helps with redness. A little goes a long way - I got a tiny sample which lasted over a month.
11/01/2016, By Janice
This will be the 3rd tub that Ill be ordering. I use this as a day and night moisturizer. I find it light so it doesn clog my pores and although my boyfriend finds the smell quite strong, I find it really pleasant and refreshing.
07/12/2015, By Tanya
Ive been using this cream, day and night, for two months and I am so happy with the results. Im 42 with combination skin and my skin feels soft and smooth. No break-outs and no clogged pores. Thank you for this amazing product!
14/11/2015, By Glynnis
I have used this now for almost 2 months and my skin is wonderfully soft and clear. After the first few days had a little break out, but it soon cleared up and my skin is better than ever. I think it just cleared out the little blackheads and blocked pores.
29/10/2015, By Binta
This is a really great moisturiser for my skin type and I really like the smell and texture. My skin appears to be softer and definitely feels less dry throughout the day. A big plus for me is that its organic.
09/10/2015, By GaiaMama
This is honestly the best facial moisturiser that Ive ever used!! It makes my skin as soft as a babys, keeps it supple the whole day balances my combination skin. I also just love the natural, herby, almost veld smell. So refreshing. Doubt Ill ever use anything else again!
27/08/2015, By Gillian
This cream is so good, at first I did not like the Earthy smell of this but now I love it and cant get enough of it, I would recommend this to anyone with dry to combination skin. It also a beautiful pale brownish face cream.
10/08/2015, By Denise
We were sent this as a sample, tried it and loved it and bought a tub. Within 2 weeks it had completely changed the way I looked. I went from a wrinkled old prune to a smooth moisturised face! I am hypothyroidic, 75 year old wrinkly who has never seen such an astonishing result! Its light non greasy and feels really lovely and soothing. Its wonderful. It has also helped heal my one side of my face damaged by a persistent nasty fungal infection which I cleared thanks to products from Faithful to Natures range!
22/07/2015, By Lesley
I have used this cream for two nights and my face has broken out in a bad itchy rash, this must be due to my allergies/sensitive skin.
19/05/2015, By Suzelle
Im so happy to have discovered this marvelous moisturiser, which I use as both a day and night cream. My ageing skin has become highly sensitive over the years and there are very few products I can use without fear of a reaction. This is one of them! Highly recommended.

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