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Wheat Germ Oil

Natural Oil

Wheat Germ Oil

Other Name(s):

Triticum vulgare Germ Oil; Triticum aestivum Germ Oil; Wheatgerm Oil

Wheat germ oil, as the name suggests, is made from the germinal, embryonic section of the wheat grain. It’s the part of the grain that germinates into a new wheat plant when planted and watered. This segment of the wheat grain is rich in vitamin E, folic acid and many other essential nutrients.

Is Wheat Germ Oil Faithful to Nature?


Wheat germ oil is 100% natural and has a wide range of applications to due its naturally high content of vitamin and minerals.

Benefits: Why is Wheat Germ Oil Used?

Hair Nourisher

Wheat germ is rich in linoleic acid and can aid in maintaining healthy, shiny hair.

Vitamin for the Skin

Wheat germ oil is extremely rich in tocopherol (vitamin E).

Anti-Agening Properties

Wheat germ oil may help to reduce the appearance of scars and stretchmarks.

Rich Source of Antioxidants

Wheat germ oil has antioxidant powers that fight the leading causes of premature signs of ageing.

Wheat germ oil is found in a lot of moisturising products and oil-based facial cleansers. With its high vitamin E content, it is also one of the main sources of the preservative and nutritional ingredient listed as “tocopherol”.

Wheat germ oil is most commonly made as a byproduct of the wheat flour milling process. The germinal segment of the wheat grain is separated from the fibrous wheat bran, and the starchy wheat segment (called the endosperm). The starchy segment goes off to be ground into flour, the husk goes off to be made into bran flakes and the germ goes to be pressed for oil. After being pressed it may be refined further or sold as crude wheat germ oil.

Wheat germ oil, as a product of wheat, may contain traces of gluten. If you suffer from coeliac disease, be sure to look for allergen warnings on the label. If the wheat germ oil is refined, the chances are very low that it will trigger allergic reactions but unrefined, cold-pressed wheat germ oils should be avoided.

Whole grain flour (and whole grain bread) is made without separating the three wheat grain segments. It’s made with the wheat bran husk, the starchy wheat endosperm and the nutrient-rich wheat germ.

Notice: The information provided here is not intended as medical advice and is for educational purposes only.

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