Why Maca is the Sexiest Superfood

There are superfoods and then there are superfoods. The use of Maca as a supplement dates back thousands of years, but recently it’s caught a lot of attention on the superfood block for its amazing nutrition profile, which is nice enough, but to improve matters, it has a naughty side too. Maca can put a sparkle in your eye in more ways than one!

In ancient Peruvian culture, it was used to enhance endurance and energy levels. This superfood is a powerful adaptogen – meaning it helps your body cope with stress, both physical and emotional. It does this by helping balance your body chemistry – from blood sugar to estrogen to thyroid hormones, it’s an all-rounder.

This magical Peruvian plant is rich in B vitamins, amino acids, protein, calcium and other essential minerals; and it’s been found to increase bone density in women. It also nourishes the adrenal glands, helping to keep you feeling energetic and focused throughout the day. A word of advice though, if you have adrenal fatigue bear in mind that the more fatigued you are, the more it may rather act as a stimulant.

And now for the naughty part. Maca has benefits for your sexual health:


Maca stimulates the pituitary gland and acts as an aphrodisiac, giving the libido a natural boost. It was found in studies that a dose of 3 grams per of Maca helped remedy low libido in women who were taking antidepressants. Its energising and mood uplifting effects also help alleviate that ‘not in the mood’ feeling.


This superfood has been shown to help improve fertility in women and men, and to increase sperm count as well. Maca has also been found to result in a noticeable improvement in erectile dysfunction.


Maca has been studied as a remedy for hormonal imbalances and its rich phytochemical content is great for relieving the symptoms of PMS and menopause. Research on women taking Maca found that it helped reduce menopausal symptoms of sleep disruptions, night sweats, and depression.


Because of its hormonal balancing benefits, maca is also a great mood booster, known for its ability to relieve depression and anxiety. Its fatty acid profile plays a role in stabilising mood, as well as its adaptogenic action that balances your adrenals for a more stable mood and sense of wellbeing. This happy feeling extends to a renewed sense of focus and mental clarity. Bear in mind though that if you have advanced adrenal fatigue it may act as more of a stimulant.

There are so many ways to enjoy Maca:

  • Convenient capsules – Take Maca capsules daily with meals. They’re vegan-friendly and easy for your body to absorb.
  • Shake it – Try a Maca shake or smoothie mix
  • Superfood supplement – You can sprinkle Maca root powder over your food, mix it into yoghurt and smoothies or even use it in a raw chocolate recipe. It has a pleasant malty taste similar to Horlicks.

Pick your favourite and experience the magic of Maca for yourself.

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