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The Best Wellness Festivals In The Country.

There are only two events that go beyond a retreat and enter into the realm of full-on wellness festivals. Set in beautiful locations and full of workshops, classes, markets and healthy eating options, these festivals are wonderfully inspiring and restorative experiences.

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Top 5 Superfoods For Mothers

From the moment of conception, your body is changing. It is a 9-month-long journey that doesn’t end there. Birth is akin to a marathon and breastfeeding, especially long term breastfeeding (and the World Health Organisation, WHO, recommends at least 2 years) is akin to being a super-athlete! It should come as no surprise then that super-moms need super fuel in order to shine. Moms have Super-Powers Oxytocin is the hormone released when you reach orgasm. It is known as the love or bliss hormone. It is also present during childbirth, as well as every time you breastfeed. Consider yourself...

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Coffee Nice Cream

Dubbed The Noffy Bomb, this is a hands down winner in the flavour variations we’ve tried in conjunction with our nice cream base. Here is just another way to show you how easy is to be creative with this recipe. Let this idea be your inspiration to creating your own magical superfood flavoured ice creams! DIRECTIONS Add 2-3 tablespoons of your favourite freshly ground coffee beans and blend through your base. Your guests will be pinging off the walls with delight!   TIP: Serve with fresh berries to take the whole experience to the next level!  I hope you enjoy...

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Salted Caramel Vegan Ice Cream in 3 easy steps

Who simply doesn’t love ice-cream? Better yet, who can resist a Salted Caramel Lucuma nice-cream infused with the healing nutrients of superfoods? Learn how to craft a super nice-cream in 3 easy steps. It’s a marriage of superfood flavours & an all-time favourite treat to heal the body from within. DIY SUPER NICE CREAM Step 1. Create your base  Step 2. Enhance with superfood flavours  Step 3. Decorate & Indulge  From this classic Lucuma ice-cream base you can set your creativity free, adding your own flair by experimenting with different superfood flavours. This recipe is always a winner, whether...

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Top Health Tips For Men

I wouldn’t say that health tips are one of the most common conversations amongst guys. ‘Jack, what’s the condition of your prostate?’ Is something I’ve never heard around a braai. Thankfully, this ostrich-like tendency to avoid topics of health and wellness is on the wane. More and more men are visiting their doctors for routine health checks, taking symptoms seriously and living a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, this ends up improving our life expectancy, which is five years less than women. But there are further steps we can take to ensure we’re as healthy as can be; 1. Find a...

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