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The 12 Best Bicycle Tours in Cape Town

Cape Town has some of the most scenic cycle routes you could dream of, from cruising along gorgeous coastlines to meandering through vineyards. And now, to make things a little more interesting/challenging, there are tours that include beer and wine tastings.   BICYCLE HIRES  UPCYCLES – CAMPS BAY, SEA POINT, V&A WATERFRONT, CITY CENTRE  This drop-and-go bicycle rental company has stations in four locations on the Atlantic Seaboard. These orange, Dutch-style bikes are hard to miss on the promenade and the well-placed stations ensure visitors can explore the best parts of the city’s coastline with ease. R75 for one...

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4 Simple Ways to Quick Pickling

With summer upon us and the festive season just around the corner, it’s time to make sure that your salad-making game is strong. Fortunately, there are so many exciting seasonal ingredients to pick up from your local farmer’s market or grocery store, that it’s hard not to get creative. But if you want to add some extra creative flair to the mix, there’s nothing like a delicious pickled treat or two to spruce things up. And if you really want to impress? Sourcing those pickles from your very own, homespun pantry. Yes! DIY quick pickling is possible and far easier than you might think....

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4 South African Spots to Have a Digital Detox

It’s that time of year again where it just feels like everything is spinning out of control. There’s the mad rush to meet all deadlines before year-end, the sudden increase in social events to diarise and the temptation to overindulge as we enter the festive season. It also happens to be the time of year when people (read: most of us) seem to take to social media with more gusto than usual to show just how fun, exciting and busy their lives are. If you’re susceptible to envy (once again: most of us), this can have a hugely negative impact on your self-esteem, productivity...

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An Eco-Outdoorsman’s Guide to becoming an Eco-Outdoorsman

Now that we’re firmly in the midst of summer, more and more of us will be spending time outside. Some things, however, become more tricky when you move isn’t nature. Cooking isn’t as simple as in the kitchen, ordering UberEATS to atop a mountain is even more difficult, and maintaining eco-conscious practices is also a challenge. But when we’re in nature, our actions have a direct influence on the environment so it’s best to tread lightly. Before you next go on your next outdoor adventure, remember these tips to ensure your ways are eco-friendly: 1. USE BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS Toothpaste, sunscreen,...

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Movember Motivations – 9 Reasons Why Life is Better with a Moustache

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t have even a small inclination as to what “Movember” is, so it seems like a good idea to consider the allure of the moustache. Ever since ‘70s pornstars offered free moustache rides, there’s been something of a creep factor with the ol’ snot mop. But moustaches are not just for circus ringleaders, Village People impersonators or skateboarder baristas. In fairness, there’s a certain power and mystique to having a third eyebrow below your nose. So, let’s shoot from the hip about that fuzz on your upper lip. Life is better with...

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