The Green Craft Beer Revolutionaries – Meet BrewDog

The craft beer industry is booming with a new craft brewery opening almost every day in America alone, and it isn’t just overseas- we have seen a huge movement happening here in South Africa. Faithful to Nature has scoured the globe for the best sustainable breweries creating high quality, environmentally friendly craft beers the traditional way. One of our first offerings is BrewDog – a Scottish-born craft beer brand that has revolutionised the industry.

Who is BrewDog

BrewDog aim to combine the enthusiasm people have for their infamous beers with an environmentally-friendly brewing practice.


Two childhood friends followed their passion for quality craft beer, from humble beginnings in their early 20’s that had them bottling by hand and selling beer out of their boot, they won a competition that together with truly innovative business funding would lead the way to their success.

They are focused on putting the passion, the choice and the artisan craftsmanship back into people’s beer glasses while keeping it as sustainable as possible and creating many, many jobs in the process – 9 years of work has seen the opening of many BrewDog craft beer bars and their beers being shipped all over the globe.

BrewDog’s Natural Craft Brews

All of the artisanal, progressive craft brews engineered by the brand are made with fresh natural ingredients – for the love of true quality. They are unpasteurised and will never contain a preservative or additive. Being mindful of both quality and their carbon footprint, BrewDog have sourced organic ingredients where possible, and have even masterminded a gluten free beer endorsed by the Coeliac Society.

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The Green Breweries


BrewDog HQ

Brewdog boasts a state-of-the-art eco-brewery in North East Scotland, one of the most technologically advanced and eco-friendly in the world. It is the world’s first ever crowd funded brewery was built by BrewDog with investments from Equity Punks, their crowd funding initiative that forms part of their almost anarchistic business model. The investors are fans of the craft and have a say in the creative process and planning.

BrewDog HQ in Scotland makes use of advanced environmental technology and sustainable practices, with the Brewhouse featuring a progressive heat recovery system which drastically cuts energy consumption. All of their brewing by-products such as spent hops and yeast are utilised by local farmers.

Columbus_Update_8.Render2016 will see Brewdog opening an even more high-tech eco-brewery in America which is set to be an entirely self-sustainable and eco-friendly craft beer hub. It will be completely carbon neutral and operated in the most environmentally friendly way possible, and the location offers a great water source and could be serviced by rail. Those wanting a truly eco-friendly craft beer tasting experience will even be able to access the brewery by a fantastic cycle path.

One of the founders has said “I think the environment is becoming more and more important and we want to showcase what beer can be, we want to get people excited about great beers, but we also don’t want to have a negative impact on the environment when doing our business, so it’s definitely two things we can combine.” He added that the development of a carbon-neutral brewery is essential for the business.

Meet the Brewdog Revolutionaries

If you would like to get a taste of a BrewDog craft beer and have the chance to hear from the BrewDog crafters themselves, they will be featured in Beerhouse Cape Town’s ‪#‎MeetTheBrewers event on the 18th of January which will feature a pre-recorded Q&A with the artists themselves, along with a BrewDog beer tasting and food pairing treat.

“Over the next few years you can expect more controversy – we want to continue pushing the boundaries, taking innovation and beer to places where it has never been before.”

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