A DIY Mother’s Day

Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” – William Makepeace Thackeray

Mothers are pretty amazing – I’m sure we can all agree. So how do we adequately show our appreciation to the brave few who’ve hazarded one of the hardest jobs out there? The answer is we can’t. But don’t let that discourage you; there are many ways for us to get incredibly close, and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity!

Gift vouchers, floral bouquets and brunch all sounds lovely, but if you want to give your mama a gift from the heart, consider rolling your sleeves up and making her something unique. Thankfully, most of us have graduated from pasta art and finger paintings, so we can make something really beautiful that our mothers will treasure.

A Spin on Flowers

As pretty as they are, flowers don’t last. Ensure your gift survives the week by swapping out a bouquet of roses with a tray of pansy or purslane planters. If your mom regularly whips up yummy treats in the kitchen, she’ll enjoy decorating her plates with these delicious edible flowers that have wonderful health benefits too.

If your mum has a sweet tooth, she can grab a lollipop made with edible flowers as she dashes out to run errands.

Why not upcycle an old bowl to make a gorgeous hanging planter your mama can grow herbs and spices in? Or remind your mommy how long lasting your love for her is, with a bowl of hardy succulents that will outlive any sunflower steeped in a vase of water would.

Not Your Regular Pillow

If we know anything about women, it’s that they generally love a creative assortment of scatter cushions. Whether they’re lounging on a bed, decorating the couch, or setting up a cosy reading nook, pillowscaping is an art form. Take your mother’s love of upholstery  to the next level. Make her a cuddle cushion out of your embrace so she can snuggle up to your proxy when she misses you.

If you’re not the only chicklet your mother hen cares for, it would elate her to see cuddle cushions of all her kids – but you are still the favourite. She knows it, you know it too.

Compile a pamper pack

Being a mother is a tireless job that never ends. Between all the late-night phone calls, impromptu babysitting requests and surprise baked goods, your mom might find the time for a relaxing bath. This is your chance to show her you care about her R&R time.

Make a bunch of bath bombs with lavender, chamomile, and other fragrances you know your mama will love. They’re difficult to get right, so settle for homemade bath salts if you’re not completely confident in your capabilities. 

Amp up her relaxation by converting antique tea sets into literal tealight candles. Raid your local thrift shop for crockery that will cost you pennies, and make them at home

Hook. Line. And here’s the sinker: if your mother is anything like mine, a custom tea blend would be the perfect pairing for a relaxing candle lit bath. The internet is a great resource for recipes and tutorials; make sure your tea is made of plants and spices that have healing properties. Who knows, you might make tea so good, you’ll start getting regular orders from your mother and her friends.


Very few things will excite an eco-mom more than an impressive upcycled gift. Get the little ones involved with this cost effective present of converting a mason jar into a framed vase. Slap a fresh coat of pastel paint on a vase with a picture of the family on it, and the woman of the house will think of you all when she’s tending to her indoor plants.

Why not give your old bedding a second chance by using it to make bedtime eye mask. Printed lavender sachets would be a great gift too. Not only is she keeping her closet smelling fresh, but she’ll have cute picture of her loved ones waiting to surprise her every time she opens the cupboard door.

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