Author: Alex Millar

The Best Milk Alternatives for Babies

When it comes to finding information on what to not take when pregnant, you will probably of found that almost everything is “not safe for pregnant woman”. The reason for this is that testing for safety of certain things during pregnancy is not something many would sign up to be a part of, and so we are warned to rather be safe than sorry as there is a lack of concrete research. The same goes for infant feeding – we are taught to trust in the body for breastmilk and, failing that, the commercial formula industry. Many parents would...

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5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy

Whatever the weather there are many conditions that impact the condition of your hair. Dry and cold weather elements deplete the hair and scalp of vital moisture. This can result in brittle, dry hair that seems to have lost all life – not to mention the often irritated scalp. Here are five simple ways you can protect and pamper your hair to maintain your healthy, luscious locks. 1. Keep Your Hair Hydrated With the sun beating down while the cold wind whips it around, your hair takes a bigger toll than you might realise. In winter months it is important...

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5 powerful benefits of hibiscus tea

The hibiscus flower might bring to mind a lush, tropical paradise and serene Hawaiian beaches, but the healing hibiscus tea, currently all the rage, is in actual fact not your garden variety hibiscus. Age-old wisdom about this fragrant, tart beverage is finally receiving scientific acknowledgement, proving the rich healing history of this flower to be true. Hibiscus tea has quite the reputation for its delicious taste, and while it has been enjoyed in numerous different ways in customs across the globe primarily used to treat high blood pressure, it is the myriad of other powerful healing benefits that have...

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11 Reasons Why Wooden Toys Are A Better Buy

We all know plastic isn’t great and that wooden toys have a certain visual appeal to them; most of us can attest to a wooden toy passed down through generations of family – but what is it that makes sustainable, wooden toys that much more special than the latest educational technology? Wood makes better memories Wooden toys bring a certain degree of nostalgia with them, and who doesn’t love to share those special memories with their own children. When it comes to classic wooden toys, you might still have some to pass down to your children from your childhood....

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Smoothie 101: Guide to Blitzing Your Best

The smoothie revolution is not a simply a flight of fancy – it’s a health trend that’s here to stay, for very good, very tasty reasons too. You cannot deny the convenience of whipping up a nutrient dense liquid meal that allows you to get a load of essential nutrients in one glass, with complete control over the ingredients. Whether you are looking to improve your nutrition and health in general, lose weight, build muscle, detox, boost your immune system or just get your kids to consume some greens – smoothies are an awesome answer to your health needs....

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