Ingestible Beauty. Glowing From The Inside Out.

Contrary to popular belief there is no overnight miracle cream or quick fix that can turn our skin, hair, and nails into all we have ever dreamed of. Although we may switch on that selfie mode and awe at what our baby soft and (yes unrealistic) skin may appear to be, the truth is that beauty begins with health. 

Gone are the days of the adverts that promise glowing skin in 20 days or less as there has been a clear shift to a more holistic approach to skincare and health. As many of us are embracing this movement towards accepting our beautiful bodies and seeking a glow ‘from within’, ingestible beauty offers a gateway to caring for our wellbeing and beauty from within. 

Defined as supplements and vitamins directly targeting our beauty regime and overall wellness, ingestible beauty has been around for longer than you may think. 

Traced back as far as over 3000 years ago to traditional ayurvedic practices in India, the concept holds the meaning of an inside-out approach to glowing skin, hair, and overall wellness. The idea is that what we put into our bodies has a direct impact on our health and can lead to glowing and radiant skin.

In other words, one could say ‘you are what you eat’, meaning that our bodies directly engage on an enzyme level with what we consume each day. 

Benefits of Ingestible Beauty  

The benefits of ingestible beauty are two-fold; one angle focuses combating any external concerns we may have and the promoting one’s overall state of wellness. 

Ingestible beauty can be understood as a tool used to cultivate beauty from within compared to topical products. Available in the form of powders, tablets, and supplements, ingestible beauty products are delivered systematically throughout the body, benefiting you from head to toe. 

An example of this is omega-3 oils, aside from aiding in anti-inflammation, anti-aging, and protecting our skin from the sun, Healthline reports over 17 alternative benefits to taking this supplement including improving bone and joint health alongside improving one’s eye health.

Ingestible Beauty You Can Start Using Today


Aside from improving skin elasticity caused by aging or sun exposure, some research indicates that it can improve joints and the health of one’s heart. As an easy-to-incorporate daily supplement, collagen powder can be mixed into smoothies, water, or fruit juice. 

Omega 3

Most commonly derived from fish, Omega 3 can also be sourced from micro-algae. Benefits of taking Omega 3 include a healthy and lush head of hair along with clear and hydrated skin but it doesn’t stop there, with anti-inflammatory properties this small tablet is able to assist with our immune’s overall response to illness or inflammation. 

Nettle Leaf

Providing relief to some inflamed skin conditions and improving the condition of hair, nettle leaf is also known for flushing out toxins and maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Skin Purifying Tea

Made with some of the most key natural ingredients catering to promote skin health including nettle, dandelion, chamomile, and red clover. This powerhouse of natural ingredients is all packed into a single tea bag that assists in skin purification.

Red Algae

Red algae is widely known for its skincare benefits in promoting smoothness, moisture, and elasticity. Not only does the use of red algae benefit one’s beauty regime but also helps promote the natural production of collagen.

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