Support yourself through a detox

New Year’s Detox Tips

2016 is here! It’s a new year and the perfect time for a detox after all the holiday fun and indulgence. Cleaning up your diet and getting in shape are important, but don’t forget that supporting your organs through a cleanse can make all the difference to its success.

When you choose a detox regime, you will be cleaning out all those accumulated toxins and this will put extra strain on your organs, from your liver, to your kidneys, to your digestive system and skin, as toxins are moved out your body tissues to be eliminated. You want to make sure they’re gone for good and not just moved around.

A detox can have some unpleasant side effects such as headaches, tiredness, changes in your bowel movement and even skin breakouts. Supporting these channels as you lighten you load will help you detox as gracefully and easily as possible. Here are a few tips to support your body as it does the work so you sparkle in the new year .


Whatever cleanse you choose, there are some basic guidelines that hold true for cleansing your body. Avoid foods that put strain on your system and cause acidity or over-excitement such as gluten, refined carbs, sugar coffee and meat , your body will already be releasing enough acidic toxins for you to deal with.

Focusing on healthy, fresh and if possible organic veggies, fruit and juices will help you keep your body alkaline and replace what you release with nutrition to rebuild a vibrant healthy body.

Get Things Flowing

The central secret to a succesful detox is to make sure all your organs keep moving things along so you can safely and effectively release built up toxins.


                       Dry Brushing

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Dry brushing with a loofah is a wonderful way to get your lymph flowing and brush off that old skin to reveal your new summer self. Your lymph plays an important role in ridding your body of waste and keeping your immune system in top form.

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After you have done some dry brushing, there are some fantastic simple bath soaks you can take to open up your pours and encourage your skin to release toxins.

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Epsom salts: A cup of Epsom salts in a hot water bath will open your pores and allow toxins to be released as well as replenish your body with a dose of relaxing magnesium. You can also try a mix of one cup sodium bicarb with one cup epsom salts as it helps neutralize chemicals such as chlorine in your bath water. It’s best to take this bath before you go to bed as it can make you sleepy.

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Clay Baths such as zeolite and french green clay draw heavy metals and toxins out through your skin. These clays can also be taken internally as a powerful way to mop up toxins.


If you can arrange for the luxury of a good massage to get the flow going in your body, spoil yourself a little, otherwise, give yourself a little self massage by adding few drops of detoxing oils such as coriander or grapefruit or juniper essential oils to some massage oil, or else use an oil blend created to assist with detox. Great for shifting cellulite too!


Cupping is an ancient art that is experiencing renewed interest. Cups are used to create a suction on your skin to get your energy and circulation moving, which is great for releasing blocks and promoting detox.


Bellabaci Body Cups  create a suction as you massage that stimulates your circulation, eliminates stagnation and increases your metabolism, having an effect on both your skin and your internal organs. The Bellabaci cup massage breaks up waste products, stimulates your lymph and has a very relaxing and rejuvenating effect on your body and skin.

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*Please note these cups work with lubricant – take a look at Bellabaci’s wonderful range of specially formulated oils.


Sweating is one of the most effective ways to remove toxins from your body. If you have access to one, saunas are wonderful for helping you unload some of those nasty toxins. Even better, infrared saunas can penetrate more deeply into your skin, releasing stored toxins to be sweated out, as well as promoting relaxation and a stronger immune system.

Support Your Organs


It’s crucial to support your liver when you detox as it plays such a big role in distinguishing which nutrients you need to absorb and which to filter out of your bloodstream, and in processing nutrients and fats. Milk Thistle is an excellent support for your liver, as well as turmeric. Drinking a squeeze of lemon in hot water every morning is also excellent for kickstarting your liver.

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Diuretics will help your kidneys and urinary tract flush out toxins more effectively. It’s very important though that you get in enough pure water as you do this. Some diuretic foods include cucumber, celery and parsley. You can also drink diuretic teas such as buchu, hibiscus or take some dandelion which are  all wonderful kidney tonics and great overall detox support. A combination of Dandelion and Milk Thistle together make an excellent tonic too.



Dandelion is a superb tonic for your liver, gallbladder kidneys, bladder, pancreas, spleen and stomach, giving a thorough spring clean to these crucial systems in your body.

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Keep your digestion flowing nicely so that toxins don’t get stuck in your colon. Digestive fiber, such as soaked flax seeds or psyllium husk, along with a good probiotic, are good basics that will keep your tummy functioning well throughout your detox. If you get a spot of constipation, aloe bitters can also help move things along.



Pukka’s detoxing tea blend is made with a selection of cleansing herbs that help to improve digestion. The mix of fennel, aniseed, cardamom and liquorice gives this tea a lovely aroma and flavour, while working to soothe and calm your digestive system.

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To absorb toxins released from your colon you could try taking diatamacious earth or Zeolite Powder internally as it is a super toxin absorber. Herbs to support your digestion include fennel and peppermint.


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Our trusty friends, antioxidants are always at hand to support our bodies with dealing with pesky toxins. Vitamin C, grapeseed extract and chlorella will all give a dose of potent antioxidant power, as well as preparing food with spices such as tumeric and cayenne. Chlorella also chelates heavy metals form your system.



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With all the toxins moving through your system, you want to make sure you are well hydrated. Sipping purified hot water is a good way to do this – warm or hot water is absorbed more easily by your body, whereas cooled water can shock your system and give your body extra work to do bringing it back to body temperature.

Movement & Breath

While you are in the middle of your detox, you may not want to overdo the exercise, but some gentle exercise and stretching will help your body oxygenate and flow too. Deep breathing  is an important tool for detoxifying your system. Breathe deep into your tummy and then fill up your entire diaphragm to really reach all those stagnant areas.

Emotional Support

Detoxing happens on more than just a physical level. When you release physical toxins you can also be releasing blocked emotions. Some emotional TLC can help soothe you and help you gain some perspective. Rescue remedy is a lovely way to gently support your emotions, or drinking tea such as calming chamomile or a cup of Blissful Tulsi Rose.



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And lastly, remember Mother Earth. Grounding yourself and connecting with her energy is extremely healing and strengthening. When you walk barefoot on the earth you connect with her electromagnetic field, which stabilises your electromagnetic system and gives you some free acupuncture into the bargain!

Be gentle on yourself, don’t overdo it and remember that if you are seriously ill, always check with a qualified professional before you take on a detox. Here’s wishing you joy for the year ahead!

  • Esther
    Posted at 10:28h, 30 December Reply

    hi I would like to know what can i use from your products to relieve stresses legs, my legs feel tired sometimes and i have this tingling feeling in my right leg.

    • Alex Millar
      Posted at 11:09h, 12 January Reply

      Hi Esther,

      So sorry to hear – have you tried bath salts or epsom salts? We have a great selection of bath salts that you can find here: Bath Salts & Soaks.
      I would suggest something with Epsom salts and possibly lavender for really relaxing your legs and replacing important minerals, such as Victorian Garden Magnificent Lavender Epsom Bath Salts.
      I hope that helps you and that you find relief soon!

  • Edwin @ Vitanutra
    Posted at 19:33h, 25 January Reply

    The simple way to detox is drink lots water. Nothing can beat the potency of h2o when it comes to detoxifying. No need to spend lots of money buying new detoxifying products.

  • lawrence
    Posted at 13:18h, 27 September Reply

    Some great ideas there. Very useful.

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