Author: Renee Louw

Apple Cider Vinegar – The Mother Of Home Remedies

Some health fads come and go, but apple cider vinegar is holding on to its status as a kitchen remedy cure-all. Natural old fashioned goodness is often the most trusty! From the Egyptians 3000 years ago, to Hippocrates in Ancient Greece to the Samurai warriors in Japan, vinegar has traversed history to land on your kitchen table today. The Mother An important distinction to make when it comes to singing the health praises of ACV is that is needs to be the right version. That is, it should have cloudy, wispy cobweb-like strands you can see floating around in...

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The Lowdown On Matcha

Matcha has been stirring up a lot of interest in the wellness circuit recently as a new, yet ancient take on the firm favourite, green tea. Matcha is green tea taken to the next level. This traditional brew is a luscious traditional Japanese beverage, with a zen-like ceremonial appeal and amazing health benefits for mind, body and spirit. What Is Matcha? The word Matcha means powdered tea and is green tea that has been grown and processed with extra special care. The plants are covered with shade cloth before they are harvested to encourage fresh green growth with a...

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Mark-free cupping: a soft spring detox kiss

Spring is soon upon us. It’s the time to air out musty rooms and let the sunlight kiss your skin again. And time to shake off that sluggish winter feeling with the perfect detox – a different kind of kiss from one of the most happening therapies around. The art of cupping has been rediscovered because, like most things that work really well, it’s been around since ancient times – the proof is in the pudding. And it’s become so popular that there are many celebrities who opt for a spot (or rather, quite a few spots) of this...

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Edible flowers: Make a Super Pretty Salad!

Food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you see flowers blossoming in your back garden. Perhaps food for bees and butterflies? Yet edible flowers have been valued across cultures as a special kind of cuisine since ancient times. Rose petals in Indian food and squash blossoms in Italian, there are many flowers that are edible, and some are famous for their use in teas such as hibiscus or jasmine. Floral Flavours Although you may think they’re too pretty to eat, flowers in your cuisine bring a fresh, fun and romantic flair, and who knew,...

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Turmeric Face Mask For Renewed Spring Skin

It’s time to show your beautiful face to the world again – no more hiding indoors wrapped in cuddlies! For spring skin that’s radiant and glowing with health, try this quick & easy Turmeric face mask. These 3 simple ingredients are all super skin beautifying tricks brought together to pamper your skin into the new season Turmeric has been used a beauty treatment in Ayurveda since forever for brightening the complexion. It’s packed with antioxidants and powerful anti-inflammatory properties that are great for acne, and it can even help fade scars. Avocado is brimming with vitamin E, skin’s best friend,...

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