apricot-kernels These unassuming little seeds might not look like much at first glance – but their list of health and beauty benefits are seriously impressive! We’re talking about apricot kernels, which have come into the spotlight lately for their potent cancer-fighting properties. These little superstars are the soft parts found at the centre of apricot seeds, and they’re jam-packed full of goodness. Here’s a look at the health-boosting, disease-fighting nutrients that make apricot kernels so special:
  • Amygdalin: Also known as B17 or laetrile. This natural substance helps to destroy malignant tumours, and kills cancer cells without harming the immune system.
  • Antioxidants: Promote a healthy, clear complexion; high vitamin A and E content also contributes to beautiful healthy skin.
  • Calcium: Supports strong, healthy bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin C: Provides immune system support.
  • Iron: Helps to form red blood cells, prevents anaemia.
  • Potassium & Sodium: Support healthy electrolyte balance.
  It’s clear that there are just so many benefits to eating apricot kernels regularly – and if you’re wondering how to work more of these little beauties into your daily diet, here are two delicious, simple recipes you can try at home.

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