12 Mindful Gift Ideas That Give More Than Just Stuff

Gift giving can be hard at the best of times. Some people have a natural knack for it and others are left feeling totally clueless. And it doesn’t even get easier the better you know someone. You might feel they have everything they could want or are just feel even more pressure to get something great the more they mean to you. Well, don’t fret because we’ve rounded up 17 gifts that give more than just their face value. Our hope is that with richer meanings behind the gifts you’ll identify with one that is perfect for your still giftless dear one.


1. Yoga mat and cork blocks

This isn’t just a gift for yogis. Sure every die-hard yoga lover would be grateful for more yogi gear but here’s where these gifts give more. A yoga mat could be a great way of gently encouraging someone you care for to invest in more self-love time and for that person that’s always wanted to start but lacks the confidence, yoga blocks are a great support, both in the beginner’s mobility and movement as well as in gesture – that yoga isn’t just for the perfectly skinny and flexible type.


2. Reusable menstrual cup

Okay, a reusable menstrual cup might seem really strange coming from a guy, but from girl to girl, there are few things as life-changing as a far better experience during your monthly cycle. You’re essentially giving your fellow Goddesses a lifetime of feminine freedom and greater synchronicity with our Earth. It’s powerful stuff.


3. Organic Chocolate

Chocolate is a no-brainer. But organic chocolate that is actually incredibly tasty is a wonderful gift for someone who has a serious sweet tooth but is looking to be healthier. It’s a gift of support and lip-smacking compromise that shows you care.


4. Himalayan Salt Lamp

Salt is wonderfully balancing for negative emotions but it’s also incredible at neutralising electromagnetic frequencies. So for the workaholic friend in your crowd, a salt lamp is the gift of stress-reduced desk days.


5. Fresh bags and beeswax wrap

Reducing our consumption and impact on the environment is only going to become of greater and greater importance. For anyone in your circle who just hasn’t made the jump to plastic-free living, the gift of fresh bags and beeswax wrap allows them to instantly say bye bye to those thin produce bags and clingwrap and hello to better fresher food. It’s especially appreciated by foodies.

6. Nutribullet

This might seem so obvious for anyone who loves to cook but what you’re really giving them on top of high-speed blending skills of any one of the Nutribullets, is incredible health packed smoothie potential and heaps more time to spend on other things they love.


7. Waka Waka Power Bank

For anyone who relies on their cell to do pretty much everything, this is an ideal gift – not only to supply their phones with more solar-harnessed juice but also to help them feel more prepared and independent for unforeseen life scenarios.


8. Heirloom Seeds

 This is not only a much-appreciated gift for the person whom you know has a love of all things ‘garden’ but could a be a lovely gift for a frazzled teen over the holidays. Growing veg from scratch not only imbues one with learning the ability to benefit from hard work but also becomes an immeasurable gift of gentleness and patience.


9. Coffee beans and hand grinder

For any worker bee who really enjoys a good cup of coffee, there’s nothing like taking their caffeine appreciation the next level. And once you’ve tasted freshly ground beans – little else compares. But the slow art of hand grinding just what you need every morning is also the gift of a beautiful morning routine that will help them slow down and savour the aroma of bean to grind coffee.


10. Matcha tea

For a health hero who loves getting in on a good trend, top quality matcha tea is an equally wonderful gift for slowing down time and enjoying the luxurious art of this nutritious beverage.



11. Mindfulness Bedtime Story

This is a wonderful gift for busy parents and curious children. The Boy Who Searched For Silence is one in the series of Conscious Bedtime Stories and will not only give a busy mom and dad more reading material at night but will very likely add a dash of introspection and inspiration to their evening storytime will bring a soul-soothing routine to the little ones.

12. Growth Chart

This is a really fun gift for little kiddies because they’re so in awe of their own growth but down the line, it becomes a rather special gift for the parents too as a reminder of their little one’s journey.
It might be odd that we’ve become a society more prone to gifting only on special occasions but every opportunity to give something from yourself can be a chance to give with intention. Those are afterall, the gifts that are treasured beyond the moment of unwrapping. Here’s to finding mindfulness in the giving this year.
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