12 Tiny Christmas Cracker and Stocking Giller Gift Ideas to Inspire Change

Stocking fillers and those little knickknacks that end up in Christmas crackers have a tendency to gravitate towards the  “stuff” end of the spectrum. Many of the cracker gift fillers are badly made plastic toys that end up in landfills after their short-lived and barely amusing purposes have expired. This year, why not make sure that the things you add to the festivities, no matter how small, are gifted with intention. This is our selection of tiny stocking filler gift ideas that have the ability to inspire real change.

1. Organisation for crafty types

These nifty chalkboard-like stickers can turn any pantry or craft or hobby shelf into an absolute dream. Personalisation is key for crafty types right? And these stickers will encourage the reuse of glass storage containers too!

2. Sassy cat eyes

Natural make-up and a little glam combined into one? This charcoal eye pencil promises smooth, sultry eyes and lasting kindness to the planet and your skin. It might inspire the switch an en entirely au natural beauty box.

3. Chap free hands

Our hands do so much for us and get very little thanks so a, erm, handy, little tube of nourishing ointment is almost always highly appreciated. And compared to what most stores sell at their checkout aisles, this stuff also possesses remarkable abilities to heal scars and little cuts.

4. Good-for-you choccies

During a time of year when everything is on the decadent side of the spectrum, finding some raw chocolates packed with antioxidants, in your Christmas stocking is a real treat. The lucky person on the receiving end may even decide to cut preservative rich processed chocolate out for good after having tasted these.

5. Lovely lip service

This nifty olive and beeswax lip balm that sits snuggly in your pocket is a gem of a stocking stuffer for any girl who loves her look to be natural and nude. And the cute, plastic-free tin it comes in can be used for all sorts of tiny bits and bobs or for gifting jewellery later down the line.

6. Green footprints

The kindest most sincere gift you can give anyone is a little carbon neutralising love for the planet on their behalf. It’s the most beautiful gesture and will remind them to make kinder choices for the planet whenever they look at their eco Greenpop keyring.

7. Cheerful chompers

Toothbrush time is tough enough for little ones but give them a nature friendly little chap like this biodegradable Kuala toothbrush and they’ll be smiles all-round. It will also teach them how much impact they can make in even the simplest areas of their lives.

8. Seed good thoughts

Your kind but festive paper wishes don’t need to live on because it’s the words that matter not what they’re written on after all. These growing cards embedded with seeds will remind people that even the tiniest bit of waste could flourish into something better if used with intention.

9. Wax on wax off

A true ocean lover will really appreciate that the stuff they cover their boards with shouldn’t harm the ocean they swim in. And because this toxic free surfboard wax works so well they’ll definitely be telling their mates about it while waiting for the next set to roll in.

10. Spiritual adornment

This lovely wooden beaded wrist wrap may be just what someone in your life needs to reinvigorate some self-loving meditation or yoga practices to their daily rituals. And who knows, having a reminder of mindfulness always ‘on-hand’ may help them to carry it through into their daily life.

11. Homely aromas

The gift of natural fragrances that don’t come out of a spray bottle is already a wonderful gesture to the earth. The lighting of nag champa incense is also a gentle reminder to a loved one to slow down a little and enjoy the simpler things in life. By inspiring them to make the switch long term, you’ll both be doing the environment a kindness.

12. Suck-free sipping

If you really want to gift something that will make a huge impact, plastic-free straws are a life-changing gift. Once you start using these, you become deeply grateful for a waste eliminating choice that you can carry with you everywhere you go, so it’s a much-appreciated gift down the line.

And there you have it – 12 awesome stocking filler or cracker gift ideas that have the power to really impact and navigate someone’s life into a better more holistic direction. We hope your celebrations are merry and bright and above all else that you gift in kindness to our beautiful planet.


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