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Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

What’s in your stocking this year? One of the best parts of Christmas day is finding all the little gifts in your magical stocking, no matter what your age. We’ve put together a lovely array of thoughtful stocking stuffer gift ideas that will have your loved ones digging them out with delight.

1. Fortune Goody ‘Joy’ Essential Oil, R41

sku8245-fortune-goody-joy-large[add-to-bag productid=”8245″]

Victorian Garden present a truly unique and beautiful gifting experience – pass the joy! This is a thoughtful token comes in a little glass vial containing carefully selected, beautifully scented essential oils that enhance feelings of joy and happiness.

2. Veldt Acacia Forest Small Canvas Purse, R75

sku5636-veldt-acaciaforest-pewter-red-samll-purse.jpg-large[add-to-bag productid=”5636″]

A stylish, pocket-sized purse from the Veldt collection is great for taking the little things that matter, wherever life takes you. Veldt purses are made from a sustainable blend of cotton and hemp, with a durable leatherette backing and a sturdy top zip. Patterned with the uniquely African Acacia Forest design

3. Victorian Garden Peppermint Foot Scrub, R59

sku8242-peppermint-candy-foot-scrub-large[add-to-bag productid=”8242″]

The perfect stocking filler for those in need of a good ol’ foot scrub, this Peppermint Candy Foot Scrub from Victorian Garden soothes and smoothes rough skin and cracked heels. A great gift for a loved one who spends a lot of time on their feet and deserves a pampering home pedicure.

4. Moko Africa Key Ring, R31

sku7238-moko-africa-key-ring-large[add-to-bag productid=”7238″]

The perfect gift for that someone who likes a decorative touch to their practical comings and goings, while appreciating the necessity for sustainability, the Mamma Africa Keyring by Moko is handcrafted from wood offcuts which would otherwise have been wastefully discarded, so they’ll know an effort has been made to honour the earth and Mama Africa too

5. Honest Raw Chocolate Bonbons, R65

sku2787-Orig-angle-white-bg-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”2787″]

Who wouldn’t want a yummy, guilt-free chocolate dream in their stocking? They’ve been handmade with raw cocoa which is sustainably sourced from Ecuador, and they contain absolutely no sugar or dairy – just organic agave nectar. That means they’re perfect for vegans, weight-watchers and diabetics – a truly innocent and health-conscious indulgence.

6. Relax Remedy Roller, R35

sku138-Relax-Remedy-Roller-Large-jpg[add-to-bag productid=”138″]

Nurture a loved one with this remedy roller specially designed for aromatherapy on the go. The Relax remedy contains clary sage, warming marjoram, lavender and chamomile to calm the nervous system, promote tranquillity and help relieve tension headaches when applied to pulse points or affected areas.

7. Angelfactory Rose Soap, R43

sku4634v2-angel-factory-vintage-rose-lemongrass-soap-large[add-to-bag productid=”4634″]

A gift for the angels in your life, this rosy-scented natural soap is a truly angelic indulgence. Made with a blend of natural botanical ingredients, real rosehip oil and luscious lemongrass, it works to gently cleanse, soothe and moisturise the skin, reducing the effects of ageing and sun damage.

8. African Bliss Massage Bar, R79

sku5798-african-bliss-geranium-lemongrass-massage-bar-large[add-to-bag productid=”5798″]

The African Bliss solid body lotion and massage bar is made with a blend of healing geranium and toning lemongrass oils, in a base of cocoa butter and beeswax. The natural oils melt into warm skin after bathing, or can be warmed up by hand, for a divinely nourishing and moisturising treat that’s wonderful for chapped lips, dry knees and elbows, brilliant for cracked heels and also a great way to pamper hands after gardening.

9. By Nature Dried Sour Cherries(100g), R45

sku4953-by-nature-cherries-large[add-to-bag productid=”4953″ variantgroup=”913″ variantvalue=”2905″]

A tasty moreish and novel treat full of vitamins and antioxidants that anybody would love to find in their stocking. A perfect festive fruit snack sweetened with an infusion of apple juice to enjoy munching on the day, or keep to bake some delish goodies with.

10.Chef’n Peel’n Onion Peeler, R89

sku7199-chef-n-peel-n-onion-peeler-large[add-to-bag productid=”7199″]

No more tears for the culinary collectors and aspiring chefs in your life! This delightful must-have little funky gadget from AL & CD Ashley is made specifically for peeling onions quickly and easily. Complete with a sharp point for scoring through the onion skin, and specialised corners for peeling it back, the Peel’n is a great tool to keep eyes from watering, and hands free of onion odours.

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