Organic Food & Wine Pairings

Our Favourite Organic Wine & Food Pairings

A good bottle of organic wine just wouldn’t be quite as special without a few loved ones to share it with – and of course, some tasty treats and snacks to complement its flavours and aromas. Check out these tasty suggestions for the best nuts, cheeses, produce, seasonings and desserts to pair with some of our favourite organic wines – these are sure to get your taste buds tingling! Find your perfect pairing and it will be a match made in organic heaven…


  • Nut pairing: Chestnuts
  • Cheese pairing: Mild to medium hard cheeses
  • Fruit pairing: Tomatoes or plums
  • Veggie pairing: Caramelised onion
  • Herb & Spice pairing: Mint or rosemary
  • Dessert pairing: Cherries, dark chocolate or a fruit fondue









  • Nut pairing: Hazelnuts
  • Cheese pairing: Stronger flavours like Blue, Cheddar or Gouda cheeses
  • Fruit pairing: Currants or stewed tomatoes
  • Veggie pairing: Beetroot
  • Herb & Spice pairing: Oregano or sage
  • Dessert pairing: Black forest cake
Org de Rac Organic ShirazOrg de Rac Organic Shiraz









  • Nut pairing: Almonds
  • Cheese pairing: Gorgonzola
  • Fruit pairing: Apple, mango
  • Veggie pairing: Potato or squash
  • Herb & Spice pairing: Basil or sesame
  • Dessert pairing: Banana bread








Cabernet Sauvignon








Please Note: Our wines are not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Please enjoy responsibly.

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