The Many Merits of Organic Sunblock

We know that living under the beautiful African sun means we need to protect our skin, but there’s such a huge variety of sunscreen available it can be bewildering knowing which one to choose. One way to narrow your choice down is to choose mineral organic sunblock, once you know why, it’s an obvious choice:


Organic sunblocks use minerals to reflect the sun’s rays away from your skin whereas conventional sunscreens are absorbed into your skin and so also allow the sun’s rays to be absorbed – not really a good thing as this creates cancer-causing free radicals right where you don’t want them.


Non-organic sunscreens are full of chemicals that can in fact make your skin damage worse as many of these ingredients have been linked to cancer and once absorbed in your skin also react with the free radicals caused by the sun.


Chemicals in conventional sunscreens can disrupt your delicate hormonal balance and you want to feel chilled out when you’re being a beach babe.


Natural sun protection uses plant-based oils that have a similarity to your own sebum and help regulate your skin’s own oil production while letting it breathe, but petroleum-based products can clog up your pores.


Best suncream I’ve ever used!
By Kate: “I love Sunumbra products so much, especially this SPF15 light daily one. I used to get rashes from other brands of suncream, but with Sunumbra my skin actually feels nourished. It provides long-lasting protection with no poisonous chemicals. Definitely worth the price, as you can use a very small amount. All round love!”


Harsh chemicals can cause allergies or irritation in sensitive skins, the last thing you want when you’re being a beach goddess in the summer. They’re also gentle and safe for your little one’s sensitive skin.


By Amanda: “I recently went on holiday to the beach and armed myself with loads of sunscreens for my toddler. I found that the Badger Sunscreen was the best, it lasted well and protected my little red head’s fair and eczema prone skin from the lovely warm winter rays. Will definitely use this product again.”


You wear sunblock when you swim – so it figures that it washes off in the water – would you want all those toxic chemicals washing off into our beloved Mother Ocean and her creatures?


Natural ingredients just smell so good – gentle, clean, natural and fresh aromas that won’t get up your nose and are very yummy actually.


Organic sunblocks take effect immediately because they don’t need to absorb into your skin first, they just get on with it right away (that’s why conventional ones tell you to apply them 15 – 20 minutes before you go in the sun).

You can browse our super range of natural, non-toxic sun protection here.

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