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Sunumbra Kids SPF40 Sunscreen

Sunumbra Kids SPF40 Sunscreen
Sunumbra Kids SPF40 Sunscreen
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  • 100ml
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Protect your children from the sun’s rays with this high performance, 100% natural and organic sunscreen. Formulated using a unique combination of plant extracts, it contains no nasty chemical filters or harsh synthetic ingredients. That means this organic sunscreen is gentle enough to use safely on your kids’ delicate skin. Sunumbra’s SPF40 sun cream formula provides super-effective full-spectrum protection from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Did we mention it’s also water resistant for up to 40 minutes? Pop this high-performance mineral sunscreen in your beach bag and protect your family the natural way.

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  • 5 Star rating (UVA) – protects against the rays that cause skin ageing.
  • SPF40 (UVB) – protects against the rays that cause sunburn.
  • 40-minute water resistance.
  • pH-balanced; accommodates the higher alkalinity of children's skin.

What goes into making this full-spectrum kids’ sunblock so effective?

  • Zinc oxide is a safe, skin-friendly base for this natural mineral sunscreen.
  • Wild kigelia extract is an active ingredient that is rich in antioxidants.
  • Aloe forex is a soothing gel that replenishes the skin’s moisture.
  • Green rooibos tea helps fend off free radical damage.
  • Cape chamomile soothes your little one’s skin.
  • Contains active natural nutrients to reverse the effects of radiation damage, free radical damage and atmospheric toxins.
  • Blocks UVA exposure, protecting against melanoma and ageing.
  • Filters UVB rays to prevent sunburn, without blocking out beneficial vitamin D.
  • Dermatologically tested and approved.
  • Specially formulated for children and people with sensitive skins.
  • Contains no harsh synthetic Ingredients; won’t irritate your child’s skin or cause allergies.


  • Knead the tube well before use.
  • Apply Sunumbra Kids SPF40 Sunscreen liberally to all exposed areas 15 minutes before your children go out into the sun.
  • Don’t forget the ears, nose, back of the neck, tops of feet and unprotected heads.
  • Re-apply every 2 hours or after sweating, swimming or towel-drying.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes.

Please Note: You should apply sunscreen every day, even in cloudy weather.


  • De-ionised water, baobab oil (ecocert 100% organic), Zinc Oxide (non nano), sodium olivoyl glutamate (ecocert 100% organic), Cetearyl Alcohol, Glyceryl Stearate, Carnauba Wax, Allantoin, Galactoarabinan (ecocert organic), Kigelia extract, Aloe Vera extract (ecocert 100% organic), Green Rooibos extract (ecocert organic + USDA NOP organic product), Black tea extract (natural certificate, uncontaminated with chemical fertilisers or pesticides and is non-GMO), Broccoli sprout extract (natural certificate, uncontaminated with chemical fertilisers or pesticides and is non-GMO), Astaxanthin (100% natural certification), Geranium oil, Cedarwood oil

Please Note: Sunumbra P has optimised their formulation. The fundamentals of the formula have not changed, only ever using 100% natural ingredients – Zinc Oxide and botanicals. The key change is a modified emulsification system, resulting in a much more stable cream without any separation.

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Overall Rating
4 out of 5 stars from 38 reviews

32 out of 38 people would recommend this product

27/10/2020, By Aliyah
Great Product
30/03/2020, By Winner
Much better than commercial stuff
19/01/2020, By Aid
How's that
27/12/2019, By Shan
Great sunscreen. I think they've changed the formula as it's quite drying now. So I just use a facial oil first before I put this on. The product smells really bad, but the smell goes away after a while. BUT it works well :)
17/09/2019, By Guinevere
Bought this many years ago and loved it. The product has changed. Don't like it at all now. Applied once, washed it off and threw it away. VERY EXPENSIVE MISTAKE.
24/04/2019, By RM
Bought this because my son's usual sunscreen wasn't doing the trick. Just be careful with white clothes - it stains.
18/02/2019, By Lauren
I have used this product every day for about 5 years. I absolutely swear by it. This stuff is such good quality - I suffered major pigmentation, but now that I oil cleanse and use this sunscreen my skin is even-toned and way better than it ever was when I was younger. I have never, ever burned wearing this sunscreen - and I don't freckle in the sun when I wear it. It says "kids" but I wear it anyway for the higher spf. I don't wear foundation (don't need to anymore), but this sinks into your skin really quickly. I am extremely grateful to Sunumbra for this excellent product that has changed my skin SO much for the better.
26/01/2019, By Carin
It's a good product. I do find however that the kids still burn slightly if they don't wear their hats. Not as effective as conventional sunblock.
21/01/2019, By z
I really really love this sunblock! I use it on my face every single day and although quite thick and waxy, it absorbs well when massaged it. I mix a pea sized amount with my day cream to soften the consistency and a little goes a long way
16/11/2018, By Nas
I bought it for the high spf. Great for the face but very sticky and difficult to spread. My husband could not use it at all with his hairy arms and legs:) it would take a really long time to apply if you’re anxious to get into the water. Put it on before you leave home!
13/11/2018, By Lee
Works very well
14/10/2018, By Janine
I've been using this for years and now got some for my baby too. I have very fair sensitive skin. It's not always easy to spread and can feel a little sticky on the skin, but it protects from sunburn very well! Always have it with me
08/10/2018, By Kelly
While it was effective against sunburn, it was extremely difficult to spread, resulting in uneven application despite heavy rubbing. It also had a funny smell...
Unfortunately I won't be buying this again
25/06/2018, By Lauren
I love this product. I use it on my face whenever I’m going to be outdoors and it lasts the whole day. I like the smooth creamy texture and I don’t find it greasy. It leaves my skin soft and doesn’t cause breakouts. It does have a slight tint to balance out the white zinc, so you need to be careful if using it on areas near clothing (because of this, and the cost, I use the family one for my body).
11/06/2018, By Nereen
Smooth non-greasy, natural smell, good protection. Does separate towards the end - shake daily to keep it well blended right to the last. My kids use it daily! I can relax knowing its safe for their skins - which are very very fair.
11/06/2018, By Nereen
Smooth non-greasy, natural smell, good protection. Does separate towards the end - shake daily to keep it well blended right to the last. My kids use it daily! I can relax knowing its safe for their skins - which are very very fair.
21/02/2018, By James
Works perfectly for us. Kids are okay with us applying it. Nobody has burned. So happy all round.
29/01/2018, By Michelle
The only sunscreen which doesn't cause a rash on my son's skin. Pleasant smell, and doesn't sting if it gets in the eyes. A bit pricey, but good value.
19/01/2018, By Cindy
This is a fantastic product that provides very effective protection, especially for days out to water parks when the kids don't want to come back for regular "regreasing"! We've also tried the "Sport" version of this brand, but have settled on this kid's version as our favourite for Mom and Dad's use too. It's worth noting that, if you're fairly conditioned already and are hoping to "brown up" a bit, this is not the best choice, coz it blocks everything out :-)
24/12/2017, By Nikka
I loved this product for basic uses like working in the garden or just for my toddler when playing outside. I specifically bought a very expensive natural (non-nano) suncreen for our family this holiday season. Today was my fisrt day using it on the beach! I am so sad to say that I have burnt in the sun today! I covered my whole body and I applied a lot (I am very cautious when it comes to the sun!). I think I could have burnt a lot more (so not saying the product does not work at all) but my skin is burned enough that it is red and sore. I would not buy it again unfortunately.
29/11/2017, By Guinevere
Loved the smell and feel of this product. Bought long ago, but buying it again to try the new formulation. Was a little bit of a nuisance to mix the tube. Hopefully this has been sorted out. I don't usually like sunscreens on my face, but this felt fine. Nourishing, but not greasy.
28/07/2017, By Sonji
found it very sticky, but I liked the scent. Good protection even if you spend long hours outside
17/07/2017, By Monique
Natural and effective but greasy and tinted.
01/02/2016, By Leigh
I definitely prefer the SPF30, I had no issues with that one. This one was even thicker and drier and we had to throw half of the tube away. It protects well but makes it difficult to apply on children. Ill stick with the SPF30 or the Sport.
10/01/2016, By SB
Great and effective product for the little one. The first squeeze is just always a messy mission - seems like the cream forms a hard lump at the bottom. The tube even burst open once.
20/10/2015, By Adele
Easy to apply and highly effective. I love that I can spend care free summer days outdoors with my nieces, playing, swimming, gardening and picnicking, without giving the damaging rays of the sun a second thought.
21/08/2015, By Leandri
Unfortunately when I bought this product last year, with great excitement, I felt let down. No matter how much I kneed the tube, the cream and oil did not mix and the cream part was very hard. Had to cut open the tube and use a spoon to mix and eventually just through it away as it was too much work and could not throw it into my beach bag and head for the beach; so this season, even though I really want to buy this product I am having to think again. Not sure if the one I got was a dud or what the reason was for it not working. It smells nice though!
18/08/2015, By Catherine
A really effective sunscreen, but it stains clothes.
09/10/2014, By Callen
I wasn impressed with this sunscreen for use on kids. It seperated into oil and solid so you have to mix it in your hand before applying. It takes forever to rub in and spread which is very difficult with two tiny children who hate being sunscreened! It also stains all light clothes with a brown stain which is extremely hard to remove. And its expensive! Won be buying it again.
20/02/2014, By Patricia
I wasn massively impressed by this sunscreen. It leaves brown marks on clothes and was a bit greasy I found.
10/02/2014, By Karen
Good product, but leaves brown stains on white costumes and shirts.
31/01/2014, By Leigh-Anne
I use this sunscreen on my 2 year old son. I apply it every morning before he goes to school and then also when he is out in the sun at the pool and so forth. He has never been burnt. It is easily absorbed and smells pleasant. I also feel better that there are no nasty chemicals being absorbed by his skin! Will not use anything else on him!!
06/12/2011, By CP
Incredible sunscreen: safe, natural and effective. This uses Zinc Oxide, which means theres virtually no risk of skin irritation. A bit greasy? Yes. But otherwise its probably one of the best natural sunscreen in the world.
26/11/2011, By Tanya
so happy with this product. it absorbs easily and does not leave a thick white layer on the skin. is a SPF 40 which makes it higher than the other natural brands on the market. Locally produced and making use of SA essential oil of Cape Chamomile as it's scent. lovely!
04/08/2011, By Roshen
My children have terrible allergies and their skins have flared up every time that I have ever used any sunscreen in the past. I was quite desperate when I googled sunscreen for sensitive skins. I eventually landed up on your website and came across the Sunumbra SPF30 Sunscreen. I have to admit that I was slightly apprehensive because of the price, but out of desperation, knowing that we were headed for the coast for the holidays and knowing that my children are true water babies, I took two tubes…
It was worth every single cent that I paid. I applied tons of the stuff onto my three children’s skins, constantly, every single day except for New Years day which was raining and we spent the entire day indoors… and I still have about half of the second tube left.
What an amazing product! Not only did it protect my children from the damage caused by the sun, but it moisturized and nourished their skins. We usually return from our holidays with our children looking terrible. I looked at my son’s face just last night and marveled at the healthy glow of his tanned cheeks.
11/06/2011, By Rozlynn
Brilliant!!!! non greasy, smells great. MY daughter can finally go out in the sun as this sunscreen does not bringher out in a rash like all the commercial ones!! I am very pale and for the first time in my life I did not burn but have developed a beautiful golden hue, awesome!
07/05/2011, By Natasha
GREAT Product. Im so happy I have found a sunscreen that works with my skin and protects it with a high 40 SPF :). I dont have to worry about looking out for SPF beauty products because all I need is this which is great since a lot of products that contain SPF irritate my skin. After I moisturize I apply a pea size amount onto my face and thats it.I have sensitive skin therefore I use the Sunumbra Kids but Im sure the normal one is just as good. Im totally sold on Sunumbra. :)
25/03/2011, By Nadya
i use this on my face, and it works perfectly...! feels a little oily when first applied, but i don break out in spots like i usually do with other sunscreens... the smell and texture are a little weird however...

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