Robyn, founder of Faithful to Nature

Our Founder Reflects on What’s Real

This festive season, let’s give each other and ourselves the gift of being real. One of the greatest downfalls of this generation of humanity is our lack of connection to truth, home, the planet, and each other. We’ve allowed ourselves to free-fall into an unsustainable future where we feel unseen and unheard even when surrounded by people, where we mindlessly consume in order to try to fill a hole our disconnection has caused.

This year let’s commit to disrupting this pattern by keeping it real. Let’s start to recentre and become aware of being present with one another, take time to be in natural environments to help our nervous systems rest and heal, and become conscious of consuming in a way that considers our environment and ourselves.

Focusing on keeping it real is not a sacrifice; it is a gain. Authentic living is nourishing and rewarding. When we dig deeper into this lifestyle, we will start to experience all the benefits.

So here’s to wishing you all an authentic, sustainable festive season. There is no more beautiful version of you than the one that is real!

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