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Eco Gifting for a Mindful Mom

With Mother’s Day less than a month away, it’s worth taking the time to consider an eco-friendly gift your eco-warrior will appreciate. She spends a great deal of time making sure you’re happy and healthy (by being environmentally conscious, she’s doing the same for the planet too). So it’s worth spoiling her with something that will set her heart alight. There are environmentally friendly offerings for mothers with green fingers, moms who like to be the hostess with the mostess, vegan mamas, yogi mums, and all the wonderful variations in between. Here are some fantastic gift ideas to treat the leading lady in your life.



Tap into your mother’s maternal instinct by getting her sprouting seeds for a personal vegetable garden or potager. She’ll take a great deal of pride in watching her micro garden bloom and reap herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables that she can use. Because they’re relatively affordable, you can start your special lady off with the basics. Get her a reusable sprout bag or a mushroom kit so she can cultivate a collection of her own produce, ensuring you all enjoy the tastiest farm-to-table ingredients when you pop round for dinner.



The beauty industry is notorious for torturing animals in the name of vanity. In recent years, cruelty-free cosmetics brands have been on the rise, providing a conscious alternative to makeup and cosmetic products. Most of the products are made from natural, biodegradable products that harm neither the planet nor our favourite four-legged friends. Make your mama’s eyes sparkle with a bold chemical- and cruelty-free mascara. She’ll smile a whole lot wider if you buy her organic lipstick. It might not be the fountain of youth, but an anti-aging serum made of avocado oil, olive oil and carrot extracts will be a welcomed addition to your mother’s beauty regiment.



In the spirit of minimizing carbon footprints, getting your mom into sustainable living wouldn’t hurt. An air-tight compost bin will turn all of her kitchen scraps and unused produce into organic waste that she can use on her potager or in her vegetable garden outside. Compost bins are compact and can slip into any available space in your kitchen.

If your mother loves the great outdoors, she’ll leave little to no trace of going off the beaten track if you get her biodegradable crockery at cutlery. She can use the bowls, plates, forks, knives, and spoons multiple times if you’d like. However, if she happens to leave something behind when she takes her next camping trip, she won’t lose sleep wondering whether an unsuspecting forest creature is choking on a discarded straw. It will have already begun its decomposition by the time she’s parked her car back in the garage.



Your fashion-forward mother doesn’t have to sacrifice her sense of style because of her moral compass. Nowadays, popular clothing brands and eco-friendly celebrities are spearheading the use of natural material and products. Not only do organic materials minimize the risk of allergens but, more often than not, no animals were harmed in the making and testing of the products and some items are even biodegradable. Vegan leather bags and clothing provide animal-lovers with a conscious substitute.



Many believe that herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices have the abilities to cure illnesses and ailments. If your mother is one such a person, surprising her with a collection of essential oils would definitely be appreciated. Sandalwood has relaxing, soothing and cooling properties. It also eases swollen lymph nodes, it clears chest infections and combats insomnia. Frankincense has rejuvenating properties that help dry skin.

Perhap your mother’s favourite place is her kitchen? A healthy recipe book wouldn’t go amiss. Whether it’s a collection of gluten-free recipes, raw plant-based dishes or The Juice Lady’s Guide to Juicing for Health, helping your mother make better food choices for her vitality will definitely show her that you care.


Mothers are like superheros. Their love is unconditional – and so is their patience. They work extremely hard to make sure we are safe, warm, dry and taken care of. Mothers would take food from their own mouths if their child was hungry. Your mother has made many sacrifices for you, and although you’d love to give them the world, surprising her with just one of these gifts would make her day.

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