Soil Frankincense Essential Oil

Soil Frankincense Essential Oil
Soil Frankincense Essential Oil
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Used for 1000’s of years as incense, Frankincense has toning and rejuvenating properties excellent for dry and mature skin.


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Directions for Use
Essential oils are the highly concentrated active ingredients of plants. They should always be diluted in a base before use and should not be taken internally without professional recommendation.

  • Baths: Add 5 - 10 drops of essential oil(s) to a warm run bath. If skin is sensitive, blend the essential oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil first. Close the door so the vapours don't escape. Soak for at least 10 minutes relaxing and breathing deeply. For added moisturising dilute the oils in 10ml of carrier before adding to the bath.
  • Massage: add 5 - 6 drops of essential oil per 10ml of carrier oil. Mix thoroughly and apply liberally to the skin.
  • Inhalations: Add 4 - 5 drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Place a towel over your head, close your eyes and lean over the bowl. Inhale the vapour for a few minutes.
  • Burners and Diffusers: Fill the bowl of the burner/vaporiser with water and then add 3 - 6 drops of essential oil. Light the candle and the oil will evaporate as the water heats up. Do not let the bowl dry out.

Caring for Your Essential Oils
SOil essential oils and carrier oils are living products that are vulnerable to heat, moisture, air and light. It is best to store them in a cool, dark place with the lids well sealed. If your fridge is the only cool place around, allow the oils to reach a cool room temperature before use (around 20 degrees C).

Boswellia rivae engler

Overall Rating
4.6 out of 5 stars from 67 reviews

64 out of 67 people would recommend this product

14/07/2019, By Lorraine
Always happy with Soil’s products.
12/07/2019, By Rick
Smells awfull and makes my eyes burn by just smelling it.
10/06/2019, By Vanessa
First time using Frankincense oil for my face as part of my moisturising routine. So far enjoying the scent and happy with the feel of my skin after application (using together with sweet almond oil and Rosehip oil). Long term results remain to be seen...
10/06/2019, By M
Incredibly versatile and useful oil
27/05/2019, By Ilse
I love this oil for my mature skin. It has a strong but clean smell and leaves my skin hydrated and rejuvenated. My skin absorbed it fast.
10/05/2019, By Lorne
Wonderful product, use it to moisturize my face. Works a treat.
18/04/2019, By Sarah
An amazing product. Love it!
11/04/2019, By Riana
I have not used this much, so cannot truly give a review of its worth, but one thing that I find upsetting, is the fact that the dropper works poorly. On carefully tilting it to get out a drop, it just runs ... Being a very expensive oil, this is very wasteful. Often one requires only one or two drops, but end up with much more, and sometimes having to wipe down spilled oil. It looks like the hole is much too big ... Is it intentional so people would buy more sooner? Or just a problem with my bottle? I found this problem with other oils in this range too.
08/04/2019, By Monica
It has a luxurious feel to it. Smells great and works very well on my skin. Non greasy.
08/04/2019, By Monica
It has a luxurious feel to it. Smells great and works very well on my skin. Non greasy.
31/03/2019, By Lebogang
The smell. O. M. G!
The smell is terrible, can't use it because of how strong it is.

Never again.
26/03/2019, By Shane
Great product , awesome smell , used in an oil burner.
15/03/2019, By Robyn
This is my first time using the Soil brand for frankincense. Great quality, will buy again.
19/02/2019, By Roxanne
I use this incredible oil in the bath and also in my nightly steam to help with my sinus and allergy issues. It works very well with lavender and not only soothes my sinuses but also helps me sleep better, too.
24/01/2019, By Lorette
Wonderful product!
15/01/2019, By Amber
I am so disappointed with this oil as it is nothing like the frankincense that I know. I have been using essential oils for the past 30 years and love frankincense. Hopefully this version will grow on me!
08/12/2018, By Ruth
Soil EO's are usually my first choice when it comes to EO's. They are affordable, locally sourced where possible and excellent quality. Soil Frankincense is no exception, and is such an important multi use oil and one I don't ever want to be without
03/12/2018, By Ashlyn
Very high quality essential oil. Love it! Beautiful scent.
18/11/2018, By Abigail
Great quality from Soil. Warm exotic ‘spicy’ kind of smell. Great for calming and balancing emotions. Have heard many people have amazing skin results. Potent.
16/10/2018, By Ilze
Great oil use in bath or pendant diffuser And is very rejuvenating
12/10/2018, By Ann
Excellent product for skin
17/09/2018, By BRASCO
Its amazing. You can see and feel the effect almost immediately! I love it!!
27/08/2018, By Kate
I use this in my Headache Relief roll on, works GREAT! Love the smell too!
17/08/2018, By Jeannie
So happy to have this treasure in my collection. Beautiful for your skin and soul :)
10/07/2018, By Malissa
Soil's essential oils are always a winner.
10/07/2018, By Malissa
Soil's essential oils are always a winner.
08/06/2018, By Carmen
Excellent oil, has made a significant difference to the quality of my skin
30/05/2018, By Karen
This oil is fabulous and worth the expense for the health benefits it provides
23/05/2018, By Sammy
This oil has been a lifesaver for my skin and hair
19/05/2018, By Leoni
My hyperpigmentation is slowly but surely fading away after adding this oil to my diy face cream
19/05/2018, By Lea
Smoothed out my skin and always leaves it supple and radiant
19/05/2018, By Liora
Faded pre-mature wrinkles on less than a month
19/05/2018, By Ana
Love the scent. Very potent oil
06/05/2018, By RED
This essential oil has a beautiful aroma . Really love it !
06/05/2018, By Kay
Quite like this essential oil. I usually use it in my body butter and it smells really nice.
05/05/2018, By RED
This is one on my favorite essential oils . It’s a Great oil with such a beautiful smell and so many benefits.
28/04/2018, By Lebogang
Smells like history in the bottle.
07/04/2018, By Claire
Love Frankinsense oil, I use it for my face, in a burner or just in the palms of my hands to inhale when I’m feeling overwhelmed.
02/04/2018, By Tracey-Lee
Excellent - am using it for cancer - orally. Great product to put into massage oil too
22/03/2018, By Tebogo
I love it. It's great for skin, hair, medicine, etc.
14/03/2018, By Zukiswa
Use it for meditation
12/03/2018, By Jackie
Excellent product, so many benefits, smells nice in the diffuser.
08/03/2018, By Delano
"Boomgom" now who would have thought to figure this out. Lovely smell. Fresh and clean. Very earthy.
23/02/2018, By Arettha
Excellent oil, use it for cancer treatment
19/02/2018, By Vonnie
Massage 5 drops on face daily for fine wrinkles, It helps tone and lift skin, reduces appearance of scars and acne, and heals wounds
15/02/2018, By mbali
I want to use it for my skin and see
10/02/2018, By Kayla-Christina
Loverly rich smelling essential oil, deeply nourishing and a fantastic addition to beeswax, shea butter & coconut oil for a whole body skin boosting moisturising balm.
15/01/2018, By Charissa
I find that using essential oils for me and my family has really improved our overall health. I am really excited to use natural rather than chemical products.
08/12/2017, By Sara
Great for sensitive skin
01/12/2017, By CHRISTINE
This frankincense is very concentrated and an excellent addition to my face cream recipes. Very good for wrinkles as it has anti-aging properties. We also use it to treat skin cancer spots with brilliant results.
23/09/2017, By Rhett
only started to use it so can not say much...but should help a lot))
21/09/2017, By Claire
I have just starting using this for breakouts and under my eyes. I use it without a carrier oil. Once applied under my eyes I then use Jojoba oil over my face.
I sometimes inhale it for a pick me upper and feel instantly uplifted!
Love the smell of frankincense... there's something very special about this oil!!!
18/08/2017, By Becks
I really love this oil. The smell on your skin settles to a beautiful, spicy citrus scent. It reminded me a little bit of the Incense smell of a church, but it was subtle and very relaxing.
11/08/2017, By Este
This is my first experience with essential oils. I have been suffering from bad hormonal breakouts and have been applying the oil for about 2 weeks now. I do see an improvement with regards to the breakouts. It does not smell very nice and it dries out my skin a bit, but it helps:) Will buy again.
01/08/2017, By Monika
One of my favourite essential oils! love the smell and amazing health benefits... Fragrance itself soothing clean and uplifting.
30/06/2017, By Kerry
Absolutely love Frankinsense, it is the favourite of my all!
29/06/2017, By Shanon
I must say it is a very weird sent that I'm not used to and only use this in the morning to try and lighten acne scars I have and prevent breakouts. Honestly, this has really work for me and I have been using this for 3 weeks and seeing amazing results. If you want to lighten acne scars and prevent breakouts I really recommend using frankincense oil in the morning as this will also not be as harsh as lemon essential oil.
09/06/2017, By Larisa
The King of essential oils! So many great uses; smells great and lasts a long time. I love this brand too! Their oils are top-notch.
29/05/2017, By Des
I have utilised this in my homemade cleansing facial oil, as well as my homemade face serum.
21/04/2017, By Liesl
Frankincense is an healing oil for acne. It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring and astringent. It helps to detox the skin and heal old scars. The best way to apply is to mix up your own skin healing facial oil. In a 30ml amber glass dropper bottle, add 4 drops of Frankincense essential oi, 3 drops of Lavender essential oil and 2 drops of Tea Tree oil. Top up with Grapeseed oil, shake vigorously and store in a cool dark place. Apply just 2 or 3 drops in the palms of your hands, rub your palms together to warm, and press the serum on your whole face and neck every night before bed.
04/04/2016, By Janine
Ive added 20 drops of frankincense and 20 drops of lavender oil to my 100ml tamanu oil for the oil cleansing method and Im happy with the scent and how relaxed I feel when breathing it in from my facecloth. Dont know of any other benefits as yet but it is early days.
20/03/2016, By Isabel
Great product - used with Grapeseed or coconut oil as massage. Uplifting and said to be helpful in cancer treatment
02/03/2016, By Candice
Recommended for many ailments this is an essential oil to have in the home. Really helps with mental peace, relaxation and satisfaction. The perfect way to end of a week, burning a few drops and enjoying the sedative effect.
27/02/2016, By Ben
We are very satisfied with the Soil Frankincense oil and prefer it. Used with Coconut Oil (one drop to a teaspoon of Coconut Oil) - it helps the immune system against cancer.
03/09/2015, By Petrha
I use this oil for steaming and inhalation. Clears the airway and lungs. Good to use when you have allergies. I also purchased the incense, wonderful smell and creates a calming atmosphere.
12/03/2015, By Chris
I read somewhere that it reduces swelling on ganglion cysts and i tried this and in less than a day it was gone on my hand :). Definately should try this
29/01/2015, By Beulah
This is a must have for your collection. Lovely smell too.

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