Author: Inga Sibiya

Veggie Substitutes for Everyday Use

Going vegan/vegetarian can be a shock to the system, especially if you are one who likes the taste of meat. Thankfully, there are a number of food manufacturers catering to consumers who are trying to live a more ethical and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Disclaimer: if you are partial to a lamb cutlet every so often or a hearty oxtail stew during winter, I’m not judging you – I’d just like to think you are sourcing ethically reared, organic meat. If you ever get a hankering for steak strips in your salad, there are delicious and nutritious veggie substitutes on...

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Water Wise: Even in the Rainy Seasons

In 2017, we all waited with baited breath as Cape Town dealt with a crippling water shortage. We saw videos of citizens lining up at natural springs, stockpiling water for what was promised to be a bleak few months of empty dams. Though they have managed to get their dam levels to a healthy place, the Mother City still has a way to go in ensuring that crisis doesn’t happen again. Cape Town wasn’t the first city that came close to running out of water. Johannesburg currently operates under stringent water restrictions, taps in some villages of Limpopo run...

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Eating Seasonally: The 101

It’s funny how things tend to come full circle. Would you believe me if I told you that most of our eating practices aren’t as innovative as we’d like to think? In recent years, health fundi’s and eco-friendly consumers have been raving about diets that consist of farm-to-table eating, buying locally, and even going meat- and dairy-free. The latest trend in sustainable living is seasonal eating. WHERE DOES THIS COME FROM? African history suggests that many cultures and tribes on the continent consumed a great deal of fruits and vegetables. It was, and still is, believed that livestock was...

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What’s The Deal With Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy is a relaxation and restorative technique that uses plant oils to heal the body. Quite literally, as you inhale, the molecules from the essential oils through the ‘aroma’,  begin to work on stress levels, cognitive performance and circulation – among other things. When receiving an aromatherapy massage, the masseuse or aromatherapist might typically light a few scented candles as well as massage you with essential oils. Some psychologists even utilise aromatherapy to create stress-free environments, while others’ intentions are to trigger certain memories and experiences. So where do you start? Since we’re heading into the colder months, it...

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