Author: Inga Sibiya

Fats That Improve Fitness and Vitality

Human beings are curious creatures. In the pursuit of vitality, we’ve created myths about a supposed fountain of youth; we’ve talked ourselves into drinking ‘cockroach milk’, out of eating certain fruits, and rationalised ingesting tapeworms in order to aid weight loss. One of the more contentious food groups is the Fat and Oil Group. Fat is naturally found in a number of foods. Healthy, or unsaturated, fats can be consumed through certain vegetable oils, nuts and fish. These fats protect the heart and decrease inflammation, making cardiovascular activity possible. Omega 3 Fatty Acid gives the brain and certain nerves a boost, helping you at the...

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New Year’s Realisations – Easy Swaps to Realise in 2019

“New year = new me.” That is the mantra many repeat to themselves when they transition from one year to another. Whether it’s committing to actually using that gym memberships we sign up for, promising to call our parents more, or even endeavouring to be less hostile when we get behind the wheel – we all use the new year as a refresh button. New year’s resolutions are often seen as an opportunity to improve yourself. You reflect on the life you’ve lived for 365 days to see what you can tweak in order to put your best foot forward for the coming 365...

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Christmas Gift Ideas that Won’t Hurt The Earth

So you’ve spent all month prepping your home for an eco-friendly Christmas. You’ve finally gotten your father-in-law to use the compost bin properly, and, following a tense few days and a stern lecture, your niece has agreed to keep her showers down to seven minutes. Stretching yourself thin to create a festive atmosphere has come at an expense – you’ve run out of time to buy gifts for your family. Don’t fret. Even last minute gifts can be environmentally responsible. Here is our list of some great gift ideas that will spread the Christmas and eco-friendly cheer: GIVE IN...

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Maintaining a Green Home when Hosting House-guests

It’s always fun having friends and family over. You get to catch up and spend quality time with people you might not always have a chance to see. But being the host(ess) with the most(est) comes with its fair share of frustrations, especially if you’re a dedicated eco-warrior and your guests are not. We covered zero-waste dinner parties a few weeks ago, and since we’re in the thick of the festive season, sharing tips and tricks on continuing to successfully run an environmentally responsible home when you have houseguests seems like a good idea. Here’s how we do it: GET...

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Zero Waste Travelling Tips for the Eco-Warrior

‘Tis the season for many things; reconnecting with family, giving thanks for making it through the year, and making preparations for the year to come. With all this excitement, environmentally responsible habits when travelling tend to fall by the waste side (hem hem hem, excuse the pun). Being an eco-warrior isn’t easy (which is why many are happy living negligently) but it is possible to enjoy your advent calendars and festive roasts without harming Mother Nature. Environmentalists travelling this festive season can reduce their carbon footprint by considering some of the zero-waste tips we’ve shared. Remember, zero-waste is largely...

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