Author: Inga Sibiya

Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Whole Family

As we gear up for the festive season, most of us are keeping our eyes peeled and ears perked for a hint about the perfect gift to give our loved ones. The year is ending, and as we plan to attend office parties, Secret Santa’s are being assigned accordingly. My own brother is a December baby, so every year our family weighs the option of either getting him one big present or splitting up the gifts respectively.  Finding the perfect token to show someone you care is something we can all admit to struggling with. Here are some eco-friendly...

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You Grow Gurl; Repotting Your Succulents Like a Boss

If you’re a prospective plant parent, you might think that starting out with a succulent is a safe bet because they require very little water, so they must be low maintenance. Nothing could be further from the truth. As someone who got her green fingers dirty with a few Mammillaria cacti that didn’t last longer than two months, I can admit that tending to succulents is just as demanding as tending an orchid.  You’d be better off raising a hardy snake plant of geranium.  Though, in all honesty, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your dedicated efforts in...

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Prioritise Your Health This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is International Breast Cancer Month. Not only do we celebrate those who have survived the disease, and remember our loved ones who lost the fight, but we bring awareness to affliction in a way of educating people to be better prepared if, in the future, it affects themselves or someone they know. So let’s chat a little bit about breast cancer, who might be at risk at contracting it, what treatments are available to them, and how we all might be able to take steps now to improve our breast health. *DISCLAIMER: while I have consulted a number...

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Things I Saved Money on When I Became a Minimalist Consumer

Minimalism isn’t an entirely new revolutionary idea. In fact, it originally had very little to do with getting rid of the clutter or ‘visual noise’ that an excess of belongings made. The term became popular in the 50s and 60s because design, art, music were all created with a similar streamlined/simplistic theme in mind. Superfluity was abandoned and replaced with creative artefacts that championed one or two key elements. What a lot of conscious consumers did was then transfer that idea into a lifestyle trend that has gained traction in the last decade. Minimalist living, as we understand it...

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Spring Cleaning with KonMari: 6 Key Rules

The time has come to swap out chunky coats for breathable cardigans and thick blankets with plush throws – the winter chill has begun to thaw! But as we do that, we should all consider getting rid of a few things as opposed to just storing them away until next winter. Japanese organizational guru, Marie Kondo, has completely reimagined the way many look at space and possessions. I’ve shared my personal tips and tricks to achieving a Zen life through minimalist living and feng shui, and this professional offers actionable advice that you can start on today. If you...

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