Author: Inga Sibiya

What’s The Deal With Essential Oils?

Aromatherapy is a relaxation and restorative technique that uses plant oils to heal the body. Quite literally, as you inhale, the molecules from the essential oils through the ‘aroma’,  begin to work on stress levels, cognitive performance and circulation – among other things. When receiving an aromatherapy massage, the masseuse or aromatherapist might typically light a few scented candles as well as massage you with essential oils. Some psychologists even utilise aromatherapy to create stress-free environments, while others’ intentions are to trigger certain memories and experiences. So where do you start? Since we’re heading into the colder months, it...

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The Hemp Report

On 18 September, 2018 the South African Constitutional Court ruled the private use of marijuana legal. This gave many Rastafarians and weed smokers a reason to rejoice, but it left a lot of citizens scratching their heads too. For many, the ‘holy herb’ and hemp are one and the same – they have been for many years, so what will the new law change, really? I’m hoping to give you some clarity. We wouldn’t want consumers with discriminating tastes to accidentally buy a product they weren’t bargaining for. What is Hemp? Hemp is the non-hallucinogenic strain of the cannabis...

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A DIY Mother’s Day

“Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.” – William Makepeace Thackeray Mothers are pretty amazing – I’m sure we can all agree. So how do we adequately show our appreciation to the brave few who’ve hazarded one of the hardest jobs out there? The answer is we can’t. But don’t let that discourage you; there are many ways for us to get incredibly close, and Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity! Gift vouchers, floral bouquets and brunch all sounds lovely, but if you want to give your mama a gift from the...

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Top 5 Wellness Foodie Spots in Jozi

Living green has become super easy. We are seeing more supermarkets stock eco-friendly produce, popular clothing, cosmetics and lifestyle brands have created ranges for eco-warriors, and even restaurants and eateries are being erected that concern themselves with wellness and sustainability. It is such a joy to walk into some of my favourite shops and cafes in Jozi and see that I’ve been catered for. Here is a list of my top 5 wellness spots in the city: Leafy Greens True farm-to-table dining has been achieved at this vegan/vegetarian restaurant. The daily breakfast and lunch buffet is a display of...

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So, What is Earth Month Really all About?

There are three dates every person should remember each year: their birthday, valentines day, and new year’s eve. Parents might include children’s birthdays, a wife their spouse, and a brother their younger sibling, but those generally seem to be locked in as the most important days of the year – or in my opinion at least. Commemoration days are all the rage right now. The amounts of pancake days, international compliment days and national Oreo days is dizzying, so I tend to give them all a miss. I do observe Earth Day and Earth Month because I’ve learned to...

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