We all want to look and feel our best during the festive holiday season; whether we're hitting the beach, living it up at our favourite night-spots or simply sharing quality time with the people we love. Treat yourself to some truly glam organic and natural goodies, to bring out your inner goddess and shine your brightest! Here are our top Organic Glamour picks for the 2014-15 festive season.


True beauty means being happy in your own skin - and when spots, blotches and patches intrude on your healthy, smooth complexion, your confidence can really take a knock. The good news is, there are plenty of natural, affordable and easy ways to prevent and treat pigmented, patchy and uneven skin conditions. Our green team has put together a list of top product picks for restoring your skin to its naturally balanced and beautiful state. First, let's find out a little more about what gives your skin its natural colouring, and get to understand the underlying causes behind those troublesome pigmentation marks.

Nothing beats stepping out to the beach, braai or summer's night party feeling confident and gorgeous in your skin. And after a long winter spent in jerseys and jeans, you'll want to add a little summer glow to your limbs. Now we all know that getting a little sun can work wonders for wintery skin, but it's almost impossible to get the tan you want while staying safe in the sun. And while many people find tanning beds to be a summer colour "quick fix", sunbeds pose the same risks to your skin as unprotected sun exposure does.

Self-tanning lotions and oils on the other hand, are an excellent way to show your skin some TLC and enjoy a beautiful sun-kissed glow - without any exposure to UV rays. Until now however, most popular self-tan brands were loaded with harsh chemicals... that's why we're so excited to announcce the latest addition to our body care range. TanOrganic is the world's FIRST eco-certified self-tan brand, designed to make your summer beauty regime easier - and safer - than ever before.


Your skin's needs change as the seasons do; that means skincare products that work moisturising magic for you in the winter may leave you feeling greasy and clogged-up when the summer months begin. Flare-ups, breakouts and allergies are common with seasonal changes, but with the right organic goodies in your beauty regime, you'll soon be ready for whatever summer might bring your way. Here's a look at our top natural and organic seasonal skincare tips for a healthy, beautiful and confident summer.

At Faithful to Nature, we know that the best-kept beauty secrets… really aren’t that secret at all! In fact, they’re all around us, supplied in abundance by that expert beauty therapist, Mother Nature herself. Here’s a look at one of the Earth’s most powerful natural beauty...