Be a Summer Sensation with Our Organic Self-Tan

Nothing beats stepping out to the beach, braai or summer’s night party feeling confident and gorgeous in your skin. And after a long winter spent in jerseys and jeans, you’ll want to add a little summer glow to your limbs. Now we all know that getting a little sun can work wonders for wintery skin, but it’s almost impossible to get the tan you want while staying safe in the sun. And while many people find tanning beds to be a summer colour “quick fix”, sunbeds pose the same risks to your skin as unprotected sun exposure does.

Self-tanning lotions and oils on the other hand, are an excellent way to show your skin some TLC and enjoy a beautiful sun-kissed glow – without any exposure to UV rays. Until now however, most popular self-tan brands were loaded with harsh chemicals… that’s why we’re so excited to announcce the latest addition to our body care range. TanOrganic is the world’s FIRST eco-certified self-tan brand, designed to make your summer beauty regime easier – and safer – than ever before.

Key Benefits of Organic re for sensitive skinSelf-Tan Products

  • No UV exposure means 100% safe sunless tanning
  • No artificial perfumes means no nasty “fake tan smell”
  • No harsh parabens or synthetic preservatives means no toxins sinking into your skin
  • No harsh artificial ingredients means no irritation, allergic reactions or breakouts


Did You Know? About 60% of what you put on your skin – the bad and the good alike – gets absorbed into your bloodstream. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your self-tan products are free of harsh chemicals and toxins.

What Makes The TanOrganic Range Special?

  • Certified organic by ECOCERT
  • Vegan-friendly, approved by PETA
  • Packaged in recyclable materials (read more about TanOrganic bottles here)
  • GMO-free, ethically produced
  • Formulated to care for sensitive, allergy-prone skins
  • Made with ingredients like aloe vera, to soothe & hydrate the skin
  • Expert formulation gives you streak-free salon-quality results
  • Ensures a perfect natural-looking fade

In short, TanOrganic is the best and most beautiful way to get a sunless tan that will turn heads!

Watch this handy video guide for a flawless TanOrganic application at home

If this is your first time trying out TanOrganic, we’d recommend starting off with a kit like the Tan Bag, or the Tan Bag Deluxe. These stylish product packs are the perfect introduction to organic self-tanning, with everything you need to prepare, apply and care for your tan.


Tan Bag includes: 1 x tanning lotion, 1 x moisturising oil, self-tanning application mitt & exfoliating mitt


Tan Bag Deluxe includes: 1 x tanning lotion, 1 x tanning oil, 1 x moisturising oil, self-tanning application mitt & exfoliating mitt


Be Informed: The Truth About Tanning Beds

Once seen as the “safer” alternative to sunbathing, tanning beds are now known to be just as dangerous, if not more so. Sunbeds mostly use Ultra Violet A rays and not Ultra Violet B rays, which was originally why they were considered healthier – but since then we have learned that both UVA and UVB rays have the potential to be carcinogenic. UVA rays in particular have been linked to melanoma.

Regular exposure to indoor tanning beds can seriously damage your skin – and your health.

  1. The International Agency for Research on Cancer places tanning beds in the risk category “carcinogenic to humans.”
  2. Regular use of tanning beds before the age of 35 can increase your risk of melanoma by as much as 75%.
  3. Tanning beds also increase your risk of developing melanoma; those who use them regularly are 2.5 times more vulnerable to squamous cell carcinoma and 1.5 times more susceptible to basal cell carcinoma.


Sunshine & Vitamin D

For some of us, getting a little sun is a must-have to help our bodies manufacture vitamin D, and keep the winter blues at bay; but all we need is 5-10 minutes of sun, 2-3 times a week. Getting more sun won’t increase your Vitamin D level any further!

Be smart and stay safe out there sun-worhippers – wishing you all a happy and healthy celebration of summer this year, and all the confidence that comes with gorgeous glowing skin.

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