Faithful to nature ingredient library

Find the Ingredient, Find The Value. The Faithful to Nature Ingredient Library

Faithful to Nature was created to give shoppers like you more access to products with natural ingredients. When we aren’t familiar with their benefits, natural ingredients often go unseen and undervalued. At the same time, certain ingredients that appear on the labels of the products we sell sound complex and intimidating while they actually are 100% natural. Others again, depending on how they have been manufactured or based on the materials used to produce them, are considered to be ‘grey ingredients’.

That’s why we’re always curating our Ingredient Library – to give you the power to know more and choose better about the ingredients you put into and onto your body. You can use this library to look up an ingredient, understand why we love it, discover in-depth insights, and find products on our site that have the magic ingredient you’re searching for. Via our ingredient library, you can find information on the sourcing and manufacturing of ingredients, their effects on our health and environment, and their benefits. 

We encourage you to read labels more carefully; become a discerning consumer and create a movement in which people turn away from unnecessary toxic ingredients that have a negative impact on our health and environment and turn towards products that favour a greener, more sustainable economy, and lifestyle. 

For the time being this library includes predominantly ingredients that are present in the products we sell, over time we want to extend this to include information on the ingredients we don’t accept. Currently, you can read up on the main toxic ingredients we would never allow to be included in our products, however, there are over 2000 ingredients that we disqualify & hope to bring you more information on these ingredients as time passes. 

The ingredient library is core to our vision of realising a world where the products we consume don’t harm us, our planet, or our communities. By sharing information on ingredients, we share the knowledge that we have garnered over the years and on which our strict ingredient policy has been built. Understanding the a-z of ingredients is key to empowering you to purchase products that are kinder to us, our communities, and our planet.

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