Author: Mari Louise

Month 9: Welcome to the World Little One

We made it! 38 Weeks and 3 days. Given that I would have preferred keeping our little one snug inside my belly up until week 40, fate had other plans and today is the day we get to meet our baby boy or girl. One thing pregnancy (and kids) has taught me is to expect the unexpected and treasure the moment because things change so fast. I’ve loved every part of this (almost) 9-month journey and no matter the ups and downs we experienced, everything was worth it. I’d do it all over again. Today everyone woke up early....

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Month 8: Last Minute Checklist

Days have become weeks, weeks have become months and now we are just about to meet you. Why does the 1st trimester feel like an eternity and the 3rd just flies by? I am torn. We can’t wait to meet you but I’m not ready to share you with the world. It’s a precious gift having you safely tucked away right under my heart. We have a pregnancy photoshoot planned this week. I’m actually doing two. One by myself and one with Alec and the girls. The 1st will be a milk bath (because I have a little hunch baby...

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Month 7: Time for all the Fun

We are just shy of 30 weeks and I can’t believe how time has flown by. We are all set for our babymoon in Mauritius and we’ve also started on the nursery. Actually, it’s not a nursery but rather a baby nook in the corner of our room. Two other babies have taught us that the best place for our new little one is right there, next to us. Newborns feed a lot and need loads of love and cuddles. We are also expecting a winter babe so being in one room will help keep everyone warm. Not knowing...

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Month 6: Getting Ready! 

Time to get all our ducks in a row. What do we need for baby? Truth be told, not a lot, especially for the 1st few weeks but if we don’t prepare now, we won’t have time once baby is here. So, let’s do this! Lists, lists, lists and don’t forget to open a baby registry. Baby essentials, décor and some adorable clothes too – remember to wash everything before the 1st use, choose a chemical-free detergent… My mind is working overtime trying to get it all done before our due date. I have to make an effort, really...

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Month 5: Halfway (and Feeling It!)

So my body is really beginning to change. Now, let’s just be honest. No matter how hard I wiggle and squeeze there is no getting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. In fact, none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, and my underwear isn’t all that comfortable anymore either. A growing belly needs room to expand so maternity shopping, here we come! New bras, undies, tops and bottoms. Never has elastic bands in pants looked more alluring. And bigger isn’t all I’m feeling. Your little kicks have also made an appearance. At first, I was unsure but soon I got to know...

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