Month 5 Halway

Month 5: Halfway (and Feeling It!)

So my body is really beginning to change. Now, let’s just be honest. No matter how hard I wiggle and squeeze there is no getting into my pre-pregnancy jeans. In fact, none of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, and my underwear isn’t all that comfortable anymore either. A growing belly needs room to expand so maternity shopping, here we come! New bras, undies, tops and bottoms. Never has elastic bands in pants looked more alluring.

And bigger isn’t all I’m feeling. Your little kicks have also made an appearance. At first, I was unsure but soon I got to know this familiar, new sensation. Bubbles are becoming real movements and dad loves getting in on the action too. With patience, Alec has also felt a faint kick against his hands. Eliana and Lia are suffering from some serious FOMO also wanting to interact with baby.

There’s nothing like it. Feeling human life from deep inside your body is something I feel blessed to have experienced three times (and counting). It’s extraordinary!

20 Weeks means we’re at the halfway mark of pregnancy. From here on out time flies and with so much fun ahead there’s a lot to look forward to. Nesting, our baby shower, thinking up names, prenatal classes, maybe even a baby moon?

The 3rd feeling you can expect… itching. Skin is incredible and seeing my own stretch as I could never image blows my mind. The female body was made to do this. It really is our super power. I apply stretchmark lotion religiously, morning, evening and anytime in between. I also like adding a few drops of bath oil to the tub from time to time. It’s like a self-pampering session, every day.

That being said, looking in the mirror isn’t always self-love and pregnancy adoration. I try to remind myself to embrace my changing body but basking in the glow of my pregnant body with all the extra weight, the added stretch mark making its unwelcome appearance, skin break-outs (and can my nose be bigger?), doesn’t always come easy but it’s worth it.

The only way to deal with it is to take the good with the bad, not letting my emotions spoil this special time.  And luckily my husband is never too far, regularly reminding me that I am still the same woman he adores, even now that there’s a little more for him to love.



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