Welcome little one

Month 9: Welcome to the World Little One

We made it! 38 Weeks and 3 days. Given that I would have preferred keeping our little one snug inside my belly up until week 40, fate had other plans and today is the day we get to meet our baby boy or girl.
One thing pregnancy (and kids) has taught me is to expect the unexpected and treasure the moment because things change so fast. I’ve loved every part of this (almost) 9-month journey and no matter the ups and downs we experienced, everything was worth it. I’d do it all over again.

Today everyone woke up early. I watched Alec and the girls enjoyed breakfast as my beautiful family of 4 got ready for our big day. Soon granny arrived to take Eliana and Lia on a fun day out. As I gave them a goodbye kiss and cuddle we all felt overwhelmed by emotion and briefly shed a tear. Not because we felt sad, these were tears of joy and a little uncertainty.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel scared. Knowing exactly what to expect when having surgery didn’t put my mind at ease. In fact, my vivid imagination might have made it worse. My faith is the only thing keeping me calm.
It’s time to leave for the hospital and as Alec loads everything into the car I take one more glance around our home knowing the next time I enter our front door I’ll be carrying our baby in my arms. Once we arrive at the hospital things go fast. I’m so glad we had a birth photographer handy to document our day. Check-in, check-up, unpack, surgery prep, a quick hello from family eagerly waiting in the delivery room and next thing I know Alec is standing in scrubs and I’m being pushed into the theatre.

Our doctor reassures me all will be fine, and I suddenly feel a complete sense of calm and quiet. It’s time for our baby to be born. 7 minutes after receiving a spinal block I hear the loudest cry in the world! Everyone waiting in the ward will tell you, our little baby raised the roof.

The paediatrician didn’t make it in time, so Alec had to play cameraman. He’s so overwhelmed and doesn’t know where he can put down the camera to hold our baby for the 1st time. He can’t even tell me the gender, but I know it’s a girl. We both cry and laugh all at once. Time stops as Alec hands over our beautiful baby girl. As I take her into my arms all the crying ends and there she rested.

Welcome to the world precious Ava LoÏs Candiotes.



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