love at first sight

Month 2: Love at First Sight

3 weeks since that wonderful positive pregnancy test. About 8 weeks along and finally time to go visit the doctor.  Today is the day we get to meet our baby for the 1st time. Everyone is excited, but the girls might be the most excited to see their little baby brother or sister.

Sitting in the waiting room, seeing all the other beautiful pregnant mommies drives the reality home; “We are pregnant, we are about to add another little person to our family – how amazing”.

The first doctor’s visit is a strange one, hard to explain. The wait seems like an eternity while the actual appointment flies by in a flash. Although excitement and happiness filled my heart I also had a little voice telling me to “wait and see what the doctor says”. Almost a sense of disbelief even though two pregnancy tests and a blood test had already confirmed that I was expecting. Blame it on the nerves or hormones but I definitely experience a sprinkle of doubt thinking “we couldn’t be this lucky”.

Finally, it was our turn. Being Round Three (four if you count our miscarriage back in 2014) our gynaecologist greeted us like a close friend. She was very happy to see us and excited too. We had a quick chat discussing my previous cycle while she had a look at my latest bloodwork. Time to hop on the bed. Things were about to get a little uncomfortable seeing as this first gyny visit usually includes an internal examination: nothing painful or harmful to the baby, just the best way to get a clear image of your tiny person at the beginning of life.

This might have been our third round, but we were blown away by what we were about to see… Our baby, in 3D! Every detail of his/her perfect entirety. Eliana and Lia may have only been 2 and 4-years-old at the time but even they knew what they were looking at; pointing to their sibling’s head, tummy, short arms and legs. And then, of course, that wonderful sound of a thumping heartbeat, faster than any other you’ll ever hear, filled the room. Words can’t describe all the emotions I felt, all at once.

“Congratulation! I can confirm you are pregnant and, two weeks further than expected.” Wait, what? More surprises. Yes, the doctor explained that my latest bloodwork combined with the size and development seen in our baby all indicated to an earlier conception date. I was 10 weeks pregnant. But what about the Gin tasting we had so much fun at 8 weeks prior? I had been pregnant without realising…



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