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Month 8: Last Minute Checklist

Days have become weeks, weeks have become months and now we are just about to meet you. Why does the 1st trimester feel like an eternity and the 3rd just flies by? I am torn. We can’t wait to meet you but I’m not ready to share you with the world. It’s a precious gift having you safely tucked away right under my heart.

We have a pregnancy photoshoot planned this week. I’m actually doing two. One by myself and one with Alec and the girls. The 1st will be a milk bath (because I have a little hunch baby number 3 might be another girl and who can resist all the stunning images seen on Pinterest?) and the second will be all of us spending time in a Lavender field celebrating our new family member.

Our friends also surprised us with a beautiful boho inspired baby shower. It was completely unexpected. We had considered hosting our own but never got around to it. A baby sprinkle is customary after your 1st but we feel every baby is a blessing and deserves their own proper party. Luckily our loved ones know us well and organised the prettiest Sunday brunch for everyone to enjoy – men included. My sneaky husband had been in on it all along. Feeding information and gift ideas to my best friend, the god-mother to our kids and the lady in charge of putting the party together. It was truly something special spending the morning with friends and family that love us and are also eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new addition.

Having gained 20kg so far, my body is at its ends. In the womb, most of the development is done and for the remainder of this pregnancy baby will basically only be focused on gaining weight. I feel big and tire easily. Busy days usually end with swollen feet and Braxton Hicks is trying to get me ready for labour. Some days my body and back just ache. I go for acupuncture every 3 weeks, just to relieve the pressure building up in my spine.

I can feel my body preparing to deliver our baby even though we have a c-section planned. It won’t be long now, in fact, baby could make an earlier appearance seeing as this is our 3rd. At our last doctor’s appointed we could barely get a proper view of baby: things are getting cramped, he / she has moved into the birthing position and started making their way downtown (if you know what I mean). I’ve been told to pack my hospital bag, just in case…



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