Month 6 Getting Ready

Month 6: Getting Ready! 

Time to get all our ducks in a row. What do we need for baby? Truth be told, not a lot, especially for the 1st few weeks but if we don’t prepare now, we won’t have time once baby is here. So, let’s do this!

Lists, lists, lists and don’t forget to open a baby registry. Baby essentials, décor and some adorable clothes too – remember to wash everything before the 1st use, choose a chemical-free detergent… My mind is working overtime trying to get it all done before our due date. I have to make an effort, really taking a moment every now and then, just to quiet my mind.
We have also signed up for a prenatal class. We’ve never attended one and decided we didn’t want to miss out on anything. I’m sure any tips and advice would be handy. Having 3 kids is a lot so all help is welcome.

Our monthly visits to the gynaecologist is a family affair and highlight. We count down the days until we get to see Baby C. Nothing makes me smile more than hearing how well our little person is growing and gaining weight. The girls are giving it their best, trying to charm the baby’s sex out of our doctor but, she knows we want it to be a surprise for all of us and plays along drawing their attention to all the other cute bits like baby’s tiny toes, precious thumb sucking and perfect profile. I’m feeling happy and inspired with loads of extra energy to get things done! I still exercise regularly, keeping my body strong. Thus far trimester two seems to be a breeze and we are loving every minute.

Another important thing on our to-do list is planning our babymoon. Usually, a babymoon entails a little couples vacation time. Just the mommy and daddy-to-be going somewhere to rest and relax before stepping into their new role as parents. We did exactly that when expecting our 1st. Alec, myself and our bump exploring New York but when Lia came along we opted for a “familymoon”, taking Eliana with us and this time we want to do the same again.

Escaping for one last time as a family of 4 before we become 5 is very important to us. We know the memories we make will last forever, besides taking a break from everything we “need to do” will be good for everyone. We are thinking of going somewhere warm, tropical and all-inclusive. I don’t want to lift a finger. Mauritius would be perfect. When do we leave?



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  • Fallon meyer
    Posted at 10:59h, 21 August Reply

    Hi Mari Louise,

    Such a cute article. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in November. We are both so thrilled but also a little unsure of what to expect. We seem to both be very calm and relaxed about the whole process though, which is strange for us. We are usually so organised and I’m hoping we stay relaxed and don’t start panicking at the last minute.

    I see you have made lists to prepare and that you are already a mum to two little girls. Would you consider sharing your hospital list with us or me? I just am not sure whether we would be forgetting something or not. We live about an hour away from the hospital on a rural farm and so it wouldn’t be easy for my husband to pop home and pick-up whatever we had forgotten.

    Thank you.

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