Month 8 milk bath

Month 7: Time for all the Fun

We are just shy of 30 weeks and I can’t believe how time has flown by. We are all set for our babymoon in Mauritius and we’ve also started on the nursery. Actually, it’s not a nursery but rather a baby nook in the corner of our room. Two other babies have taught us that the best place for our new little one is right there, next to us.

Newborns feed a lot and need loads of love and cuddles. We are also expecting a winter babe so being in one room will help keep everyone warm. Not knowing your gender, we are going for a neutral colour palette of greys and greens. Nothing too babyish either – a simple bassinette, changing station, rocking chair and space in the closet for your adorable clothes. We don’t mind having you as our new roomie.

Something else to look forward to is our 4D scan happening this week. The doctor advised us to do one somewhere between 28 and 32 weeks, so 30 it is. We have invited all the grandparents along so it will be a full house. Everyone secretly hopes there will be mayor slip-up and by luck your sex will be revealed but we’re sticking to our guns and have given the sonographer strict orders not to focus on anything below the belly.

A little extra we have to deal with during pregnancy is the Rhesus factor. Being an O- blood type I have to get injections from week 26. Every 4 weeks up until baby is born and has A+ blood type, I’ll need one more just to keep us all safe. Another possible Rhesus side-effect; skin outbreaks. I get spots all over my belly and arms, they itch like crazy and at times I feel like I’m losing my mind. Thankfully it usually only lasts for about 4 weeks starting sometime after 30 weeks. My usual lotions don’t help much so our gynaecologist has prescribed a special cream for me to apply as needed twice a day.

My feet have also disappeared, and those baby-kicks are quite powerful, leaving me breathless at times. Eliana and Lia think they are the BEST and they never grow tired of seeing my belly move as you tumble and turn.
You’re quite the acrobat, little baby. We have made some cool videos and I can’t wait to show them to you one day. My belly is huge and my heart is full. As you grow, so does the bond and strength of our family. What more can we ask for?



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