Our greenies share their ultimate eco gift ideas

Gifting inspiration isn’t in short supply around these parts. We know what we would enjoy giving and receiving but we decided to ask the eco experts what their idea of top-notch faithful presents are. If you align yourself with any of these greenies their gift idea might just be what you’re looking for. And we don’t want to give it away – but there is certainly a trend unfolding here. Happy eco gifting.

Sarah Graham’s favourite gift ideas

For Sarah Graham, cookbook author, writer, recipe developer and TV host, there’s no such thing as just one favourite.

“Everything from our Kurobo charcoal water filter to my favourite natural beauty products such as the Everyday Lotion from Skin Creamery and the Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream; I also love the pretty bits and pieces from Love Milo and think that they make amazing pressies.”

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Zero waste advocates share their gift ideas

Khaya from Waste Less Africa thinks faithful gifting should be about inspiring others.

“One of the first things I started my zero waste journey with was a bamboo toothbrush and it’s definitely going to be a present my special ones receive this year. They aren’t a massive life change so it shows them that being more eco-friendly is easy! Also, they are the type of gift that doesn’t cost the Earth (literally) and can be used for scrubbing veggies or cleaning hard to reach surfaces when they are past their “teeth brushing” life.” – Khaya

Wellness in the City duo, Marisa and Nicole, as well as Maxine from Sugarfree Sundays, and Shannon Goodman a.ka Journey to Zero are all in unanimous favour for gifting a little item that can make a huge impact on ocean life sustainability – reusable straws.

“We love morning ocean dips and sunsets by the sea which is why we try our best to help minimise the plastic waste that is polluting our oceans and killing marine life, therefore our top Eco buys would have to be the Bamboo Straws and Stream Straws – the perfect addition to a Wellness in the City inspired hamper gift paired with yummy smoothie ingredients” Marisa & Nicole

Great gift tip: Pair your reusable straw with your friend’s favourite smoothie ingredients for a great gift hamper

“My eyes have been opened this year to not only the number of straws that are thoughtlessly handed out and used but to the fact that they don’t degrade and go on to cause serious damage to wildlife. I just think it’s such an easy thing to remedy if people started saying no thank you when they are offered them at restaurants, and whipped out a cute glass one instead. Plus, I love that this gift is both practical and affordable.” – Maxine

“These make a great zero waste/eco Christmas gift! And they’re a great introduction to zero waste/eco living. Faithful They make great stocking stuffers or stand-alone gifts. ” – Shannon

Maxine from Sugarfree Sundays had another favourite gift idea to throw into the mix for its sustainability appeal.

“Micro garden airplants! Because they are so cute, require almost no maintenance, and are obviously water-wise which is much needed with our current water situation.” – Maxine

Our main man on the vegan front, Brett Thompson, Program Manager for Beyond Carnism in Berlin, formerly from the Fry’s Family, has another great gift idea that pays the faithful festivities forward.

“The Christmas stockings this year need to include a gift that keeps on giving… so naturally, I am getting my green thumbs and hands on a Greenpop Tree Ring! I know money doesn’t grow on trees but these little fellows are priceless and will unlock some much-needed oxygen in the atmosphere.” – Brett

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We hope these gift ideas inspire you to keep this Christmas faithful and green!

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