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Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap Rose Geranium

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Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap Rose Geranium

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Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap Rose Geranium
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  • 100g
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Why Faithful to Nature loves it:
Faithful to Nature’s Bamboo Charcoal Soap cleanses and gently exfoliates naturally without any harsh or artificial ingredients. Each bar is made with luxurious plant-based oils like hemp, olive and castor to nourish your skin with a rich lather. Rose geranium essential oil has a sweet floral fragrance that soothes and calms for a moment of serenity. Keep it clean, and go green with Faithful to Nature’s Bamboo Charcoal Soap with Rose Geranium.

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  • 100% plant, and mineral based soap
  • Gently exfoliates with bamboo charcoal
  • Biodegradable & grey water system safe
  • Boxed in our signature waste-free packaging
  • Scented naturally with essential oils
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Handmade in South Africa
  • No artificial fragrances
  • No preservatives
  • No parabens
  • No triclosan
  • No palm oil
  • Certified cruelty-free by Beauty Without Cruelty
  • Suitable for vegans & strict vegetarians

Our Zero Waste Packaging:

  • Faithful to Nature’s natural soap range is boxed in bleach-free, kraft card made from recovered fibre, certified by the FSC. Printed with biodegradable ink. Adhesive free.

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Hemp seed oil is rich in vitamin A, which helps to nourish the skin and promote cell renewal.
  • Castor oil gives this soap a luxurious lather, and conditioning powers to leave your skin soft, and supple.
  • Bamboo charcoal gives our soap its beautifully rich, dark colour. It gently exfoliates, and removes dead skin cells without over sensitizing.

Care Instructions:

  • Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
  • Store on a well-drained surface, such as a shower basket or coconut husk soap rest.
  • For external use only. In the case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Nett Weight: 100 g


Country of Origin:

  • Proudly South African.
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Overall Rating
4.7 out of 5 stars from 126 reviews

121 out of 126 people would recommend this product

01/04/2022, By Candice
Left my body feeling and smelling amazing, well done
15/03/2022, By Lona
I really love how this cleanses my face, its amazing
15/03/2022, By Anushka
Smells absolutely beautiful.
Just much smaller than expected
15/03/2022, By Judy-Lee
This soap smells beautiful and is great for sensitive skin! The only problem is that it is a lot smaller than expected.
15/03/2022, By Daphne
I love this soap. Gentle, yet effective.
15/03/2022, By Leigh
This soap smells amazing, can’t wait to try the other fragranced ones.
15/03/2022, By Fi
Smells great & lathers very well, just doesn't last very long.
15/03/2022, By ivdv
Love these soaps, they smell amazing and good for skin, will recommend!
15/03/2022, By Ll
I love that it’s a natural and clean product but I just find it goes very soft even when left on soap dish to dry and so it doesn’t last that long
15/03/2022, By Psy
The smell and feel on your skin is really good. Just wished it lasted a bit longer
15/03/2022, By Lexi
Smells amazing but the texture is a bit sandy. Not for sensitive areas.
15/03/2022, By Dore
Squeaky clean feeling!
15/03/2022, By Psy
Smells so wonderful and makes my skin feel really good!
15/03/2022, By Sylvie
Love this soap. The smell is divine and it leaves your skin feeling clean and soft. I use it with the konjac sponge and it is very gentle on my chemo attacked skin. The only product I use without reaction.
15/03/2022, By Amukelani
I love the smell of this soap it leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and has reduced my breakouts.
15/03/2022, By Bubble
Absolutely wonderful soap. The smell, the lather and the soft cleanse.
15/03/2022, By Jo
Love these natural soaps
15/03/2022, By Rachelle
Great for sensitive skin
15/03/2022, By Stef
I melt it down it's a body wash and add Shea butter. Lovely smell.
15/03/2022, By Candice
Bought as gift for my mom, she loved the smell!
15/03/2022, By Amanda
Lovely scent. Feels strange to use a black soap.
15/03/2022, By Shireen
My fave smell. Great product.
15/03/2022, By Piglet
Smells amazing, foams well, feels good. Due to the charcoal it leaves a lot of black on the basin / bath but that won't bother everyone. A really good product.
15/03/2022, By Sally
My favourite of all the soaps. I love it.....soft, fresh and natural
15/03/2022, By Sally
My favourite of all the soaps. I love it.....soft, fresh and natural
15/03/2022, By Lucia
Its not working for me.
15/03/2022, By Hanna
Use it for my body soap and smells nice. Just be careful if you use it as a face soap it really burns when it gets in your eyes!
15/03/2022, By Karabo
15/03/2022, By Eve
Love the smell and texture
15/03/2022, By V
Long lasting soap that smells wonderful! Skin feels great after using it.
15/03/2022, By Naledi
15/03/2022, By Liesl
Smells lovely and lathers like any good soap. Awesome varieties
15/03/2022, By Hannelie
Old time favourite. Order over and over again
15/03/2022, By Ari
15/03/2022, By Ahmed
Lasts Long!! Will buy again
15/03/2022, By Meaghan
Doesn't leave my skin dry or sticky like other natural soaps - even though it seems small, it lasts a whole month. Super affordable natural hygiene for a monthly budget and smells amazing.
15/03/2022, By Amy
beautiful scent
15/03/2022, By Chandre
Smells amazing
15/03/2022, By Kay
I use this as my face soap and its really good. My skin is so dry and sensitive but this doesnt dry it out as much as others. I have bought it 3 times now i think and it hasnt disapppointed yet. My only complaint is that there was a few times big pieces of charcoal in it which can scratch, so i always rub it in my hands first, then my face, so it not harsh
15/03/2022, By Pearlene
15/03/2022, By MK
We love this!
15/03/2022, By Joy
Smells lovely and lathers well
15/03/2022, By Jade
The smell of this soap takes my morning showers to a new sensory level. I absolutely love it. It lasts such a long time and it's so good to my dry skin.
15/03/2022, By Roseberry
Great smell, lathers well but too much charcoal
15/03/2022, By Lisa
this is a great range, they don't get soft and mushy, and good exfoliation
15/03/2022, By Gail
I have become a fan of the soap bar once again. I have given up my shower gels in favour of this fabulous soup. Love the smell, love the packaging. Winner all round.
15/03/2022, By Janine
The best soap! Works amazingly and lasts so long! A have very sensitive skin and this works so well! Amazing scent too.
15/03/2022, By Janine
Cleans well. Smell is good.
15/03/2022, By Margaret
Great smell and cleans well.
15/03/2022, By Tanja
Smells great, eco-friendly packaging, does the job! What's not to like!!
15/03/2022, By Tanja
This whole range is lovely! Great smell, eco-packaging, what's not to love!
15/03/2022, By Monique
Smells lovely. Not a fan of lye of how lye feels, though.
15/03/2022, By Marius
Lovely scent
15/03/2022, By Nita
Nice scent
15/03/2022, By Melissa
First time using a charcoal soap - was pleasantly surprised! Smells great and foams well, and my skin felt great after.
15/03/2022, By Daniela
I bought this product as part of a bundle. And I absolutely love it!
The Faithful to Nature Bamboo Charcoal Soap - Rose Geranium has a lovely smell and it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. It even works perfectly well for my daughters sensitive skin.

15/03/2022, By Banner
How's that
15/03/2022, By Mon
I really like the soap, but I don't like the charcoal / black. Prefer the natural ones by far.
15/03/2022, By Stash
Been trying out different natural soap bars, but this one definitely is my fave! SO FOAMY! Smells like heaven! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
15/03/2022, By Dirk
Fragrant, affordable, down to earth natural soap
15/03/2022, By THILDI
Love the smell of this and foams so well. This smell mot be for everyone, my friend hates it haha
15/03/2022, By Meg
Smells delicious and is very gentle on the skin! Cleans really well and leaves a lasting fragrance on your skin.
15/03/2022, By Maureen
Bought this for my husband as he has a sensitive slightly oily skin. Seems to be working well. I love the fragrance as well.
15/03/2022, By Poomonie
I have very sensitive skin and was advised by my dermatologist not to use soaps as the have very harsh chemicals. This product is just amazing. It makes my skin feel soft and I have not experienced any itchiness. Thank you.
15/03/2022, By T
Great smelling, gentle soap.
15/03/2022, By Catherine Lucy
Lovely smell and good quality. Very happy.
15/03/2022, By First born
Hard to find such a fragrance soap
15/03/2022, By Yvonne
Totally addicted
15/03/2022, By Cortney
Smells amazing.
15/03/2022, By Kelly
These are the kind of soaps which suit me
15/03/2022, By Susan
Lovely natural soap. Lathers nicely, smells good, cleans well. Would definitely buy again.
15/03/2022, By Teron
what a great soap! I'm currently waiting for my cleanser to arrive and this has been the greatest substitute, so calm on the face skin and has a lovely natural scent.
15/03/2022, By Candy
Smells wonderful
15/03/2022, By Wangari
This is a fragrance soap
15/03/2022, By Kate-Lynne
Love that it has essential oil in it... moisturizing and smells great
15/03/2022, By sravya
Quantity is Worth the price . Smells good
15/03/2022, By Tshego
My hubby used this for his beard and loved it
15/03/2022, By Leen
Love these soaps, fragrant and cleansing without being harmful (or drying the skin out)
15/03/2022, By Robyn-Lee
I took a risk and bought this for my face. My skin loves it. Doesn’t try it out or irritate it at all. Like with any soap, Keep it dry.
15/03/2022, By Mandie
Wow, bought this as a body soap, but I ended up using it for my face, because my face wash ran out. My skin is loving this, two days of washing with this and my face is clear. ???? Definitely recommend this, lovely smell as well.
15/03/2022, By Helper
Well done
15/03/2022, By Tania
Love this! Wonderful smell and did wonders for the 'bumps' on my upper arms. Packaging truely ecofriendly!
15/03/2022, By Pauli
FANTASTIC product - LOVE the soft foam and the lovely smell and my very sensitive skin also very happy with this - THANK YOU xxx
15/03/2022, By Connect
Good fragrance
15/03/2022, By Organic
Got the fragrance spot on
15/03/2022, By Ayesha
Great plastic free packaging. Do not be fooled by the small size (100g), this soap lasts about a month for me, 2 short showers a day. Fragrance is mild but lovely, leaves my skin soft, soothes eczema. gentle on face. Does not get 'soggy' on glass shelf in shower. Noticed it gets too 'mushy' on regular (plate-like) soap dish. Purchased a safix soap rest for this purpose, for the basin.
15/03/2022, By tanya
Fragrance could be stronger but love the ingredients, all natural and not harmful. Gentle and cleans well.
15/03/2022, By B
I love how it smells and my skin is smooth.
15/03/2022, By Sharifa
Rose geranium is one of my favourite scents. Love the fuss free packaging.
15/03/2022, By Lesley
It has a very subtle rose fragrance and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.
15/03/2022, By Warda
I really love this soap. I used it on my face, hair and body. It also removes makeup better than other soaps. It's a little grainy so it works as a mild exfoliator. At first my skin felt very tight and dry, but after a few days my skin adjusted and glowed. It lasted me about one month (as a face-wash, shampoo and body cleanser)
15/03/2022, By Sonja
The soap is nice to wash with . I would love it more if I could smell the rose geranium, too little essential oil in it for me
15/03/2022, By cc
Lovely product!
15/03/2022, By Nicole
I like the smell and feel although the soap is scratchier in some places. The red bumps on my arms which I've had my whole life immediately improved. The only reasons I probably wouldn't buy it again is the charcoal makes a mess and I have a shower in a bath situation with white tiles all around. I don't think this would be such a problem in a normal enclosed shower. It also 'melts' in the soap dish amd gets stuck.
15/03/2022, By Bernice
Such a nice soap I feel clean and refreshed after every wash . Smells so nice and I would recommend everyone to try it
15/03/2022, By Dolly
Great exfoliator. Scent is light and pleasant. Good price. Soap is solid, does not waste away.
15/03/2022, By Danielle
Doesnt leave skin feeling dry and tight after use and lathers well. Smells good!
15/03/2022, By Danielle
Leaves skin soft
15/03/2022, By Ayesha
Fantastic soap, all natural, slightly exfoliating, fantastic soft fragrance, very gentle on skin, especially soothing for eczema on hands. I feel soft and silky afterwards. Definitely needs to sit on a soap dish with drainage at base. Overall fantastic soap, lasts long if used by one person.
15/03/2022, By Su
I prefer African bliss shea butter soap o FTN, its more gentle than the FTN Charcoal.
15/03/2022, By NS
I would like to see a version without the charcoal as it is quite abrasive. I use it with the exfoliating facial sponge 1 a week and don't find it drying.
15/03/2022, By Adele
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this soap... Clean, gently exfoliated skin and the wonderful added health benefits of rose geranium. IT JUST MAKES ME HAPPY!
15/03/2022, By CManser
Not too great for sensitive skin, makes my skin dry. Also not very foamy. Smell is great though.
15/03/2022, By Bridgette
Keeps my skin clear and very smooth. Amazing smell.
15/03/2022, By Nadia
Good soap, glad it didn't smell overly 'rosey".
15/03/2022, By Helen
The tissue paper it's packaged in arrives stuck to the soap so you need to wash it off and it's quite messy. The soap itself is nice but really doesn't last long at all, and it really is the most awkward shaped block. I also don't love the fact that on a price search, low to high, this still comes up at the top even though it's not the lowest price. Seems a bit cheeky, FTN punting your own brand so much above others? Wish I hadn't bought 3 of them!
15/03/2022, By Bronwen
It smells and work just as well as the other soaps in this range.
15/03/2022, By Rowena
Wonderful scent. I love that I can use it directly on my skin, it washes and gently exfoliates at the same time. Good for the earth too!
15/03/2022, By Cari
Makes a great gift as part of a little pamper hamper.
15/03/2022, By Ashley
Lovely soap, cleans and exfoliates without leaving dry skin. Nice smell too. (Personally I prefer the Lavander and Buchu)
15/03/2022, By Selma
Smells amazing and cleans well, but a bit harsh on my very sensitive skin. I'll go back to Angelfactory.
15/03/2022, By Ruki
What a year
15/03/2022, By Lisa
Excellent soap.
15/03/2022, By Linda
I have used a few natural soaps before but this one is the best. Makes my face feel super clean and well balanced.
15/03/2022, By Jacqueline
The scent is amazing and I like the granules inside the soap helping with exfoliation
15/03/2022, By Sherillee
A lovely smelling soap with a rich and creamy lather. Does not dry out skin at all.
15/03/2022, By Max
Really lovely soap that smells pretty, lathers up well and leaves skin soft. My new favorite!
15/03/2022, By Gillian
Such a great soap, smells great and foams so well. Love the plastic free packaging
15/03/2022, By Tania
I highly recommend this soap. From the gentle exfoliation to the amazing smell that left me feeling like a princess. This is definitely worth buying again and again
15/03/2022, By Chilli
I Love this soap! I love the smell and how it lingers on my skin. I will definitely keep buying this.
15/03/2022, By Marié
Amazing smell! Has a rough texture, almost like a scrub and works lovely! Doesn't dry out skin like other conventional soaps, while still 'doing the job'.
15/03/2022, By Chanel
Great smell and I like the texture.
15/03/2022, By Ragani
Has a nice scent and cleans well
15/03/2022, By Carel
Love the texture and smell.
07/03/2022, By Rowena
Really enjoying this new product. Wonderful scent and gently on skin
21/02/2022, By Caar
Lovely soap that smells amazing and feels fantastic on the skin.

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