Tips to Avoid Over-eating These Holidays

As we spend precious time with our friends and family over the holidays, sharing great food and drink comes with the territory. It’s a time to enjoy life’s abundance, but overeating can be easy amongst all the festivities and tempting treats. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy yourself without going overboard so you’ll be left with nothing but good memories.


Be aware why you are eating what you eat – take a sec to think – do you really enjoy this food and will you regret it later? Perhaps it’s something you wouldn’t normally eat but want to indulge a little, make a choice to have less and really savour the moment.

Fuller for Longer

If you have a choice – try go for the foods that will make you feel full and also fuller for longer. We don’t mean eat so much so quickly you feel stuffed though! Low carb foods and snacks with protein and fibre can be as delicious and hit that spot, beating those cravings. Look for the fruit, veggie and meat (if not vegetarian) canapes without pastries and breads (unless of course they are made with low-carb options). Choose nutrient dense unprocessed foods as much as possible. If you are entertaining yourself or know you are going out, eat foods that will sustain you throughout the day so you won’t be craving by the time you socialise.


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Eat Slowly

Take time to chew your food, it’s important for your digestion and signals your body to release the right digestive enzymes. The best part about delicious food is when you are tasting its textures and flavours in your mouth – so enjoy it!

Stop In Time

There is a saying – tie off the sack before it’s full. It’s a wisdom followed in many cultures to stop eating just before you are full. Your stomach needs time to process and may signal that you are full a little too late for you to avoid cramming that last tasty morsel down.

Emotional Awareness

Eating is emotionally comforting and is about sharing abundance and energy with others, part of the reason we like to share food when we socialise, it has so many layers of meaning. If you have cravings, be in touch with your feelings. Is it an emotional need you have? Is there some other way you can meet that need?

Don’t Arrive Hungry

Arriving at a get-together hungry is definitely not a good idea. We’re not saying arrived stuffed so you can’t enjoy the festivities, but have a small snack before, especially if it is the kind of gathering where you don’t know when you are going to eat. Often when we arrive we are offered a drink and when we drink on an empty stomach, alcohol is more quickly absorbed and has a quicker effect. If there are snacks available, have a bite or two before you drink.


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Healthy Snacks

If you know you are going somewhere that will overwhelm you with tempting food you may regret later, or know that you may not eat for a while, sneak a healthy little snack or two in your bag, something you love so you won’t feel deprived.


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Sweet Things

If you are avoiding sugar, remember to pack your healthy low-carb sweeteners such as stevia, xylitol or erythritol when you go out. Take handy little pouches or a dispenser, or decant some into a little jar or tuppperware you can pop in your bag if necessary. Some natural sugar-free treats can also help you with a sweet craving.

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A Glass of Water

Studies have shown that having a glass of water half an hour before meals can cut your calorie intake, as it makes you feel more satiated and less likely to overindulge.

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